Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Countdown to Trouble Day #15 and a surprise winner!

Surprise Winner Alert!

Kathy Clevenger

Kathy, email me at nomoretears00@hotmail.com. If you live in the states, you can pick one of the coffee mugs. They haven't come in yet, but they should be arriving soon. :)
If you're outside the US, I'll send you an Amazon CG for $5.00. Just email me and let me know. 

Hey y’all! It’s day #15 of  the Countdown to Trouble.  For each day I’m going to post about it. It may just be a pic that helped me along while writing it, or it may be more. You’ll have to keep checking, lol.

*HINT HINT* And there *will* be giveaways that folks who comment will be entered in. Just sayin' lol. Y'all just never know when the comment fairy will strike!!!

Check out the wonderful art work by August (Gus) Li.

And don't forget the Trouble Tour is still going on. There's a chance to win a free ebook of Trouble, but also each stop has individual posts or questions about me or the book.

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