Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Giveaway for It Takes Two to Tango ebook and print

Hey everyone! From the 16th until the 24th I'm doing a giveaway for It Takes Two to Tango print and ebook.

So, in the comments, tell me what your favorite kind of pie is for Thanksgiving. Since the hubby's d-day falls on Thanksgiving also this year, I'll pick a winner on the 25th. It'll probably be Monday before I ship anything. And that's a maybe lol,

And if you don't do Thanksgiving, then just tell me what kind of pie you like. :)

Now, I know some y'all live outside of the US, so lets do this:

Contest #1-- For those of you who do *not* live here mention in your comment what country you live in. I'm going to pick someone outside of the US to get the ebook of Tango.

Contest #2-- Another winner, who *does* live in the US, will get the print and the e-book.

So, I need two things when you comment, lol—an email addy so I can contact you and if you're in the US or not. If you're in the US be sure you're okay with giving me your address so I can ship the print book to you.  :)

As usual, I will post this on FB, my blog, and Twitter. I will also email both winners. If for some reason I don't hear back, I'll pick someone else. Oddly enough, that's usually not a problem.

~Oh, and starting December 1st I'm doing a giveaway for a Kindle Fire for Christmas. *grin* Might want to keep an eye on my blog!~