Friday, March 16, 2012

TGI Friday

Say hello to my little friend!

LOL. Okay, sorry! I was in a Scarface type of mood there for a minute. This is my writing buddy, Kitty-Kitty. Or also known as Diesel from Nighttime Wishes.Yes, Kitty-Litty is really his name. The short version of the story is he showed up in our garage Halloween night. I have an idea he was dumped in our neighborhood, and of course he found his way to us.
Of course.
Within two weeks the hubby is sneaking the cat inside. *snort* Like I’m not going to notice this. So why is this a big deal? Oh man, I am *very* allergic. I’m talking ‘had to take shots as a kid’ allergic. Well, we called him kitty-kitty in the beginning and the name stuck. He actually answers to that now. Or I should say he turns his head and graces us with a look when the mood strikes. Other times he actually does come when called; or so he lets us believe. Walk in the kitchen and he’s your best friend, lol.
Most times he sits next to me on the couch if I’m writing. Now this couch is big enough to sit three people. I tend to sit in the middle and he sits to the left of me. As time goes by he will move a little closer. Okay, no big deal. Then he rolls over so he’s plastered right next to me.
Alrighty then. 
Next thing I know he’s using his hind legs and is pushing on my arm. Now we got trouble. But that’s just the beginning. If I stop and say something he takes that as the go-ahead to climb up on me and, ah, help type. Seriously, the last thing I need is that kind of ‘help’ typing. Oh yes, he likes watching the laptop screen and seeing the curser moving around if I’m on Google.
Or Lord forbid, if I stop and just stare off in space he will meow at me. Meow at me, y’all hear me??? Why do I feel like I’m being told to get back to work? So we, the Kitty-Kitty and I that is, have this conversation where I tell him I am working, that I’m working out a scene in my head.
Can a cat smirk? Oh yes, yes they can. Trust me on this. I’m waiting for the day he rolls his eyes at me. Damn cat.