Thursday, March 1, 2012


So here I am waiting for someone to come look at my furnace that gave up the ghost last night. *sigh* Why does this always happen when we have a little money put up? Never fails. And with my luck we'll need something expensive... like a whole new furnace. Just watch. That's the way my luck runs.

I'm not in the mood to write because I'm annoyed and I'd probably kill everyone off at this point, lol, or do something equally crazy. Plus they'll probably show up just as I get in the groove and that'll be the end of that. Some more writing interruptus, lol.

So I decided to download some free eBooks from Allromance and add them to my Goodreads shelf. I really need to come out of my own world more often because I found what looks like some really good books. Kim Dare is one author I really like along with SL Armstrong and Xara Xanakas.

So I wait... but at least the time will past nicely. ;)


* Oaky, so a plot bunny may hop out of this deal thanks to my twitter friends, LOL!


  1. I know exactly how you feel. A few months ago my car broke and it cost me $2000 just to fix it. Now I only have a few hundred dollars left in the bank. That money was supposed to be for my coming vacation!

  2. My mom's car broke down before Christmas, and it would cost too much to fix it. So she sent it to the auto grave, and is still currently car-less. :(

    Also, we just got a new stove. For a while now, the old stove wasn't working properly. The burners worked, but the oven rarely turned on. So we bought a new stove. When they came out to deliver and install it, the outlet sparked and caught fire for a few seconds. So they took the stove back to hhgreg until we got the electricity fixed. It was annoying. We called the landlord, he called the electrician. The electrician called us. They couldn't come out until the next morning. So, skip to when they showed up. They looked at the outlet, they messed with the breakers.... Then left. They said they'd be back later. The liars. The electrician finally called the NEXT day, and came and fixed it. Then we called hhgeg back, and the delivered it the day after, which was yesterday. So it took.... 4 days to get a new stove.

    I know, I rambled. But hey. Now, at least you know you're not the only one dealing with house problems at the moment. :)