Saturday, August 18, 2012

Goodreads chat for Priceless

Hey y'all! I'm doing a chat at Goodreads today at 3 Eastern. Stop by and join the fun! There will be a giveaway involved lol! And if you already have a copy of Priceless, we'll do something else!



  1. That's about 8 pm UK time, I'll be there! Probably won't be able to think of any good questions, but I'll be there lol :D

    Mo x

  2. I'll be able to drop in, say hi, and run off to a celebratory dinner. But something tells me you'll have plenty of company! :)

  3. hey girl, next time give us more notice~~ you know I'm on here all the time, but I didn't see this. :( well it's a good thing I know you fairly well or i'd be very jealous lol wish i coulda been there to support ya.