Friday, August 10, 2012

TGI Friday

Hey everyone and welcome to the weekend! Yay, another work week behind us. :) Hope y'all had a good week.

Check this out—did y'all know that my friend Tali is releasing a book on the 15th? It's called Captive Hearts and it's a m/f story.

I'm doing an interview on the book later so I'll go more into it then, but let me say that Tali can world build like you wouldn't believe lol. I've read the book before and I have to say, it's very good. But then, lol, all of her stuff is!

Tali is doing a giveaway for Captive Hearts released by Resplendence on August 15th on her blog Brilliant Disguise. Make sure to check that out. :)

Cool cover, huh? :)