Sunday, October 14, 2012

Drum roll please...

Are you ready to know who won? I'm creeping up on you guys... hear the stairs squeak?

What's that loud breathing?

Why are the lights out?

Damn, is it cold in here?

*Snort* Okay, I'll stop, lol. ;)

Since I had so many comments I picked two winners. :) Emails are being sent out too. Respond and let me know I have the correct email addy, then I'll send the PDF on to ya.

And the winners are:

Thanks everyone for sharing your stories. You guys always step up and share when I ask, and that means a lot to me.

Two years ago I would've said no I don't believe in ghosts. I'm not sure I really do now... but since Mom died I've smelled the body lotion she always bought from Victoria Secrets at odd times. No one, and I mean no one, in this house wears perfume or cologne--and they sure as hell don't wear what she wore.

I'm allergic to the most perfumes and the older kiddo has asthma. Candles, air fresheners... anything with a scent I'm very careful with because I never know what'll set me or the older one off. All the kiddo's friends know better than come in my home and spray perfume.

So... can't explain why sometimes I smell what Mom wore. All I can tell you is that I do. Is it memory? My brain playing tricks? Wishful thinking on my part? I don't know. And no, it doesn't freak me out. Two years later I still miss her, and if that is her in some sort of form or fashion... then I'm cool with that. :)

I want to thank everyone for taking part in the contest. I hope the winners enjoy the story. It's not the scariest thing I've ever written; I was aiming for more spooky. ;)

I will say this... If you really want dark and scary then my next Halloween release should hit the spot, lol. Lust and Ice is one of my dark stories. A very dark, sexual, and truly a lesser of two evils type story. Hehe. Yes, there will be a contest starting for that this week. Then I have the Halloween Blog Hop coming soon.