Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Briefs

*For this month my flashes will be about brothers. If that doesn’t appeal, you might want to skip this round. Welcome to the Wednesday Briefers flash group. The short stories have a maximum of a 1000 word count plus links at the bottom to the other flashers. Either the word prompts or pic prompts can be used.

The word prompts for this week are: "You make a better door than a window"

or use: spice, intense, cargo

or "Falling in love again is like..."

or use: secret, balance, radiation

or "Look into my eyes..."

I’m using “Look into my eyes...”

Choices #4

Relief flooded though Sandler and he wrapped his arms around Cooper’s shoulders. “That’s all I ask.”

“Come morning, you won’t be a virgin any longer.”

“Thank God.” Sandler, still flat on his back, grinned up as Cooper.

Cooper suddenly sat up, pulling Sandler with him. He stared into those sexy eyes of his brother’seyes so much like his own. “Are you absolutely sure?”

Sandler ran his fingers through Cooper’s hair. “I’m sure. You can stop asking me that, Cooper. I know what I want, otherwise I wouldn’t be here.”

Cooper caught Sandler’s fingers and, bringing them to his lips, nipped them. His mouth kicked up slightly when he heard Sandler soft gasp. Oh yeah, this was going to work out perfectly. “Okay then, stand up. We’re going to start this over and do it the right way. Go stand in the middle of the room. Don’t question me, either, just do what I say. Since you’re new to this I’ll explain what I’m doing.”

A flush spread through Sandler’s body, and his groin tightened at the change in his brother’s voice. How could a command get to him like this? He stood and walked to the middle of the room, not easy to do with a hard-on kicking between his legs.

Cooper sat on the edge of the bed, watching every move Sandler made. “Good. Now… kneel.”

Sandler dropped to his knees immediately, his breathing picking up as tremors ran through his body. Oh God, he was slightly scared, but this felt so right.

“Mmm, very nice.” Cooper was tempted to readjust his dick. Seeing his little brother before him on his knees was one of the sexist things he’d ever seen. Well, almost. If Sandler was naked and cuffed would’ve been better, but they’d get to that.

“Now put your hands behind your head and keep your eyes on the floor. Don’t lift them until I give you permission to look at me.”

Sandler didn’t hesitate. Even though his hands shook, he did what he was told.

“Excellent.” Cooper stood and walked around Sandler, using his foot to open Sandler’s legs a bit more. “Tell me what you’re feeling, pet.”

Sandler quivered.

“You like that name?” Cooper stopped in front of Sandler, his heart pounding with excitement. Oh yeah, Sandler was a natural.

“Yes,” Sandler whispered, eyes still on the floor. All he could see were those black biker boots.

Cooper grinned, the smile predatory. “I’m very gladyou’ll probably be hearing it a lot. Now, tell me what you’re feeling.”

Sandler opened his mouth, but nothing came out. Clearing his throat, he tried again. “A little shaky, sorta nervous… excited. I can tell this could get uncomfortable after a while… and…” Sandler bit his lip. “I’m also afraid I’ll mess this up by doing something stupid.”

“You’re learning, so making mistakes isn’t unusual. Just listen to what I tell you, pet.” Cooper ran his hand over Sandler’s hair. “You won’t mess this up. You couldn’t, little bro. We’ll learn together, okay.”

“Okay, yes.” Sandler wanted to look at Cooper, but he did what he was told and kept his eyes down. It was harder than he thought. Who knew? A few more minutes passed and he fought the need to squirm. What was Cooper doing? Just staring at him?

“Sandler, look up… look into my eyes.” Cooper nudged Sandler’s chin up.

Sandler raised his head and… wow, the emotions that swirled in Cooper’s eyes left him breathless.

“You did good. Now, stand up.”

Sandler came to his feet gracefully, words backing up in his throat.

“One more thingand this is very important. Do you know what a safe word is?” Copper stepped closer to Sandler, close enough to brush his hard bulge against the one Sandler sported.

“Um, not really; but I can kinda guess.” Sandler wanted to reach for Cooperto touch and taste, but he stayed where he was. Cooper had said this was important.

“No, no guessing with something like this. A safe word is a word or words used for your protection. If you need to slow down, or even stop, you use your safe word. This is how I know you’re serious. Understand so far?”


“We can either use ‘yellow’ for slow down and ‘red’ for stop, or you pick a word you wouldn’t normally use while we’re in a scene or having sex.” Cooper ran his finger down Sandler’s cheek. So smooth.

“Just any ole word? Like what?” Sandler was proud he could string together words to make a sentence.

“Anything. It could be something like ‘picture’, but either way, once those words are used things either slow down or halt until I find out what’s wrong or what you need. And Sandler, those are the only words to stop things.” Cooper’s fingers trailed behind Sandler’s’ neck, the touch feather light.

Sandler shivered. God, his neck so was sensitive. “Ah, what does that mean?”

“It means no matter how much you say no, or beg me to stop—plead for me to stop… I won’t. I won’t stop unless you use those words. That’s the point of them.” Cooper’s fingers threaded through Sandler’s hair.

“Oh… wow. I, ah… I, ah… think I like the yellow and red type words best. They’d be easy to remember.” Sandler swallowed hard as those fingers tightened more in his hair.

“Then there we go. Those are the words you use only if you need to slow down or stop. I won’t get mad if you use them, but I damn sure will be pissed if I find out you needed them and didn’t use them. Understand?” Cooper jerked Sandler’s head back, baring his throat.

“Y-yeah. Oh God, Cooper…” Sandler moaned as Cooper leaned closer, their lips inches apart. “I understand.”

“Thank fuck.” Cooper’s mouth crashed down on Sandler’s.

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