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Wednesday Briefs

*Just a reminder: For this month my flashes will be about brothers. If that doesn’t appeal, you might want to skip this round. Welcome to the Wednesday Briefers flash group. The short stories have a maximum of a 1000 word count plus links at the bottom to the other flashers.

So, something new this week! The word prompts for this week are: "Between you and me..." 

or use: kitchen, flame, grimace 

or "When did I ever say..."     

Or use one of these as a picture prompt instead.


I used between you and me...
Choices #2

It was the longest week of his life. Really, time just crawled. Cooper had told him to go home and think about his choices—to be in a relationship with his brother or not. It was Saturday and Sandler wished the night would hurry the hell up and arrive already. He snorted. Did Cooper really believe he needed to think about this? He’d thought of nothing else for years. Thought about—and waited—for the day he turned eighteen.

Okay, yeah. Cooper didn’t look the same. There was a dark edge that hadn’t been there before. That boy-next-door look was gone. But Sandler was pretty sure Cooper was still the same on the inside.

Night finally came, and Sandler headed out. He’d googled the address earlier in the day and knew where the club was located. He’d told his mom he was spending the night with a friend. She was so concerned with getting ready for her date, she didn’t question him.

An hour later, he’d arrived and parked. The club was huge; huge like the size of a Walmart. There was a line of people waiting to get inside. Sandler pulled his jacket closer to his body. Just by looking at the people in line, he knew he didn’t fit in—he’d never seen so much leather, chains, long black hair, eyeliner, and piercings. Good God, he looked like a model for American Eagle or something compared to them. Remembering what Cooper said, he walked straight to the bouncer and held out the card. Or rather, held the card up. The bouncer towered over him. At nearly seven feet and three hundred pounds, he positively dwarfed Sandler.

“Ah, yes. Someone’s certainly been waiting on you.” Razor, the bouncer, rumbled as he looked at the kid standing in front of him. Fucking hell, he’s got ‘fresh meat’ stamped all over him. Now I see why Coop demanded his guest be met right inside the door. This crowd would tear such wholesomeness apart. He can’t be more than 5’8 and maybe a hundred thirty pounds—twink all the way. Wonder what the kid’s kink is? Not Coop’s usual style, this one. Cute kid with all that light brown hair parted down the middle and the sides hanging in his eyes. And those eyes! Never seen that deep a brown except on Coop.

Razor called and made sure someone could meet and escort the kid to Coop’s table. “Okay, Edge is waiting on you. He’s the blue-haired guy right inside the door. Listen, kid, stay with him—go where he says and nowhere else. All the tops are gonna shit when they see you. Stay at Coop’s table and you’ll be safe.”

“Okay, yeah.” Sandler looked down at the ground. “I know I look different.”

Razor, gruff man that he was, wanted to promise he’d knock anyone’s teeth down their throat that made fun of Sandler. Which surprised the hell out of him. He reached out and ruffled Sandler’s hair. “Anyone hassle you, let me or Edge know. We’ll take care of it.”

The smile that touched the kid’s lips made Razor’s hardcore-top heart melt. He sincerely hoped Coop knew what the hell he was doing with such innocence.

* * * *

Sandler was led to a table that was roped off from the dance floor, off to the side of an enormous stage. The lights focused on the stage were dim, and fog creeped across the dais. An air of danger, wickedness, and sex of the kinky kind surrounded Sandler. A low, sinfully enticing voice spoke the opening bars of a song, then the lights came up. Two men were strapped to Saint Andrews Crosses; others danced on the stage dressed in little to nothing. And, in the middle of it all, there was Cooper… singing about sinful desires and dark needs.

The crowds went wild as he sang and Sandler sat stunned. Cooper was dressed like he was the other night, but this time there was no mesh shirt under the vest and there were chains all over his body. There was little doubt what Cooper was into, and what kind of place Sandler found himself at. Sandler swallowed hard; he’d heard about places like this, and that kind of lifestyle, but he had zero experience with it.

Jesus, Cooper’s voice made him hard. The set finished and Cooper bounced off the stage and came straight to the table.

“You’re here.” Cooper stood over Sandler, staring at him. Panting and slightly out of breath, he fought against his natural urge to drag Sandler up to his room.

“Yes. I told you I’d be here, Coop. But between you and me… I don’t fit in.”

Cooper closed his eyes. Sandler was right, so he had to give him a chance to run. “Do you understand what I’m into, little brother? This kind of lifestyle? If you stay with me, I’m going to drape you in chains, tie you to my bed—among other things—and push every fucking boundary you have. Oh God, Sandler, I’m going to give you five minutes to get the hell out of here… then it’s too late.”

“I’m not going anywhere, Cooper. I know what you’re into. All I ask is give me a chance to adjust.”

“Four minutes. Eventually I’ll have you up there on that stage with me, bro. Helpless and waiting for me to do whatever I want as I sing.”


“Fuck. Three minutes. You’ll wear my collar.”


Fuck. Two minutes. You’ll have my name tattooed across the lower part of your back so everyone knows who you belong to.”


“Oh sweet God. One minute. Sandler, I love you. You better be damn sure about this.”

“I am. I have been.”

“Five, four, three, two… one.” Cooper jerked Sandler out of his chair. “Too late now, little bro. You’re fucking mine.”

Cooper dragged Sandler to his room.

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