Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cover reveal - The Yellow Rope

Hey everyone! Check out the cover for The Yellow Rope done by Angela Waters! The release date is June 16th with eXtasy.
A cranky submissive...
Luke Walker is tired. He spends long hours between his job as a teacher assistant at an elementary school and helping out his family at their restaurant. Coupled with the fact his degree is going to waste, he’s discouraged and fatigued by too much work and endless southern heat, and not enough time spent with his live-in partner.
An understanding dom...
Gage Holt has been on both sides of the fence. He believes in order to be a good dom, one has to understand being a sub. Unfortunately, he’s had some bad experiences in pursuit of that knowledge, and suffered a great deal. But that’s in the past now.
A long weekend...
Three little days... Gage is determined to see his man gets what he needs in every way. Anything to remove the dark circles from beneath his beautiful eyes. Luke will relax and have some fun, even if Gage has to tie him to whatever flat surface happens to be handy.
Luke parked in the garage and, for a moment, sat in the car. God, he hated September—nothing but hot, hot, and more hot weather. It was Friday evening, and all he wanted to do was take a nap—a very long nap in a cold room. With his partner, Gage, curled next to him. Naked. Gage wasn’t actually his partner—they weren’t married—but calling him boyfriend made him feel like a teenager. Significant other, maybe? His man? The Dom that made him scream? Luke snorted. Apparently, the heavy, soggy heat had fried his brain, even though that last one did fit.
They’d met when Gage had moved in across the hall at the apartment complex where he lived. He’d noticed this hunky guy hauling furniture across the hall. An older man and two twinky-looking guys were helping the hunk. There hadn’t been a girl in the bunch, either. After watching for a while, he noticed the two smaller guys had left. The skies were overcast and it was getting dark, so Luke offered to help move what furniture was left. After they were done, Gage had offered to buy him dinner.
Three months later, Luke’s apartment lease came due and he moved in with Gage. That had been a year ago. Time passed so fast. Luke sighed, rubbing his forehead. He sure wished this damn school year would do the same. At least it was the weekend, and this was a long weekend for him, too. He needed a break. Hell, he needed a vacation. He was more than ready for the worst of the summer heat to pass, and for the long humid days to be a thing of the past.
School had barely started and he was already sick of hearing, But, Mr. Walker... oh, Mr. Walker, can I…” from his class. He loved working with kids, but these fourth graders weren’t for him. Come on, Fall Break. He snorted. God, he sounded as bad as the kids.
He hauled himself out of the car with a sigh, opened the back door to their apartment, and walked inside. Immediately, the smell of spaghetti hit him and his mouth watered. Okay, so the food wasn’t the only reason his mouth watered.
There by the stove, wearing an apron that said Kiss This with an arrow pointing down, was the sexiest, and most important, person in his life. Every time he looked at Gage Holt, his breath caught. They were about the same height, both around five eleven, but there was something about Gage—a presence he exuded that spoke of hidden power. Gage’s hair was a lighter shade of brown than his own, and the ends brushed his collar, where Luke’s was shorter. His eyes were such a deep brown they often looked black. He had a traditional Maori tattoo on his right shoulder that ended below his elbow.
“Hey.” Luke walked into the kitchen, came up behind Gage, and hugged him.
“Hey babe, glad you’re home.” Gage turned in the arms that held him and returned the hug.
“So am I. It was a really, really long day.” Luke stepped back and loosened his tie. It’d been strangling him for the better part of the day. “Been in meetings for most of the morning, and oh joy, since this was a county wide in-service, we had to dress.”
“I know. I enjoyed listening to you bitch about that very thing this morning while I was trying to get dressed.” Gage tapped the end of Luke’s nose. “But you do look good in a suit. And I so enjoy taking it off you.”
Luke laughed, shaking his head. “You always say that, but I’d rather be in jeans. You like taking those off, too.
“You bet.”
“You know it.” Gage winked as he turned back to the stove to test the spaghetti sauce. “Was it bad?”
Luke leaned against the counter. “Well, we did get an hour lunch after we returned from the Civic Center. That was the only place big enough for the district. They made us ride a damn school bus over and back. Right after that, we got an hour to work in our room. Then the damn meetings started in the cafeteria. I hate those the worst. I swear my ass is numb from those seats, but we’re finally done with in-service for this month.”
“Poor baby.” Gage held the spoon up to let Luke taste the sauce. “Dinner’s almost ready. You hungry?”
Luke licked the spoon. “Needs a bit more salt.” He rolled his head, trying to pop his neck. His shoulders were tied in knots. “Yeah, I am hungry, but let me unwind for a few first. I’m still too much in school mode to eat right now.”
“Well, then, why don’t you go change clothes?” Gage kissed Luke’s cheek. “Go get comfortable while I finish this. No rush. We’re just going to enjoy ourselves and this weekend.”
“Think I will. Be back in a minute.” Slightly surprised and a little miffed, Luke climbed the stairs. Usually Gage attacked him when he wore a suit. As soon as Gage got it off him, he’d find himself over whatever flat surface was closest.
With a shrug, and with fatigue dragging at him, he pulled off his suit jacket as he entered their bedroom. Throwing it over the treadmill, he unbuttoned his shirt. This was the first night he’d managed to get home on time. With a grateful sigh, he untucked the shirt. He had a long weekend coming, and all he wanted to do was rest and play catch-up with his partner. From what Gage had said, they were on the same page. All he wanted to do was relax, and enjoy.
He couldn’t remember the last time they’d made love. He wasn’t talking about the quick fucks they had lately. Hell, both of them had been too tired to do much else. Luke cringed. Okay, he’d been too tired or too busy. He missed Gage’s touch on his body, the bite of ropes on his wrist, the pinch of a gag.
His body ached with need for what his lover could give him. Luke slipped off his dress shoes and pants. As he undressed, he noticed the pair of night pants on the end of the bed and a folded piece of paper on top.
As Luke read the note, his body came alive. It looked like his dry spell was over. It also explained why Gage hadn’t thrown him down on the kitchen table and ripped the suit off him. He had other plans, apparently. Following the instructions, he stripped out of his underwear, slid the cock ring on his awakening dick, and pulled the night pants up. The instructions were very clear—that was the only clothing he was to wear.