Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday Briefs

Welcome to the Wednesday Briefers flash group. The short stories have a maximum of a 1000 word count plus links at the bottom to the other flashers. The prompts for this week are:

“He's staying with...”

or show one of your MC’s as disappointed  

or use: pizza, frigid, date 

or: sex on a carousel

or use a key party

or use leftovers in an interesting way.

use a cardinal - either the bird or the cleric

All That He Desires #19

“Indeed you do, so I will… How did you say it? Behave, dammit.”

Jules slowly lay back down, Anslee’s arm coming around him once more. Satisfied he’d made his point, he tried to go to sleep… again.

He was just drifting off when Anslee whispered in his ear, “For now.”

Yup, he was in big, big trouble.

* * * *

As disappointed as he was, Anslee reined himself in. Now was not the time to let his dick rule him. He’d actually made some strides with Jules tonight and didn’t want to ruin that progress, even as tempted as he was to push. He was in bed with his human, Jules wasn’t trying to brain him with something, and Anslee had learned a very important lesson—when stressed, Jules resorted to sarcasm as a defense. The kid had a naturally smart mouth on him, but it was worse when Jules felt threatened; and he threatened Jules, of that Anslee had little doubt.

The soft snores brought a smile to Anslee’s lips. Jules had finally gone to sleep, it seemed. Anslee smoothed Jules’ hair back from his neck. Too bad he was wide-awake. Anslee snorted… Maybe he should count sheep. Of course, that made him remember his comment about counting orgasms, and Anslee found himself wishing Jules would wake up. Not that it would change a damn thing. Jules wasn’t ready to be sexually… well, anything… and Anslee found himself puzzled as to why he cared one way or the other.

“Damn humans,” he whispered. They did nothing but stir up trouble and had from the very beginning. Okay, that wasn’t historically correct. A certain female had been tempted.

Anslee shifted closer, and the fragrance he was coming to recognize as Jules’ own unique scent wafted up to him. His cock hardened and he tightened his grip. The urge to thrust against Jules’ ass was driving him crazy. Even with several layers of clothes between them, his human’s body gave off enough heat to scorch Anslee… and make him yearn.

Anslee buried his nose against the soft skin at the back of Jules’ neck and inhaled deeply. He was driving himself slowly insane, but he couldn’t help it. He wanted this human in a way he’d never wanted another. And, of course, the one he desired was busy holding him at arm’s length. That simply must change. Anslee kissed the back of Jules’ neck, silently promising that it would change.

By all that was holy or not, Jules would need like he did.

A soft murmur sounded from Jules and he shifted backwards, his ass rubbing against Anslee’s groin. Anslee closed his eyes, soundlessly praying for patience as he tried not to thrust against that firm ass snuggled so temptingly against him. A displeased grunt from Jules drifted back to Anslee. Anslee exhaled slowly and opened his eyes. At least when he was asleep, Jules sought him out… and wanted him. Now all Anslee had to do was find a way to make Jules lower his guard while awake.

“I’d better be getting points for good behavior, little one,” Anslee whispered, slightly amused at himself. Jules had told him to behave and he was—astounding as that seemed. “What would my fellow Lords think if they could see me now?”

They’d think he’d lost his mind, that’s what they’d damn well think. With dawn approaching, he contemplated his situation. Thing was, he wasn’t sure he could argue with them. None of them would understand why he didn’t just take what he wanted. They wouldn’t understand why this small human was any different from all the others. He wasn’t sure, either; he just knew Jules was. This fragile being played an important role in his life. Now he had to figure out what that role was, dammit. He’d been told this was his last chance and not to mess it up. Dire words, certainly.

Anslee closed his eyes again. Enough of this, dammit. I’m tired, daylight is coming, and I need to rest. God knows I need my wits around me to deal with Jules. Tomorrow is a new day and we will start off on a new foot. Or is it we got off on the wrong foot? Maybe I’d better go to sleep so I won’t be so tired tomorrow I stick my foot in my mouth. Ah God, listen to me. I’m giddy from lack of sleep.

Anslee yawned and stopped thinking.

* * * *

Jules lay in the dark, not moving, and barely breathing. Anslee’s talking to himself had woke him up. He’d felt the erection nestled against him, and the insane urge to do something about it had nearly gotten the better of him. Things were changing… no, no, that wasn’t right. Anslee was changing, and what was he going to do about that?

As he lay in the dark, listening to Anslee, one thing became clear to Jules—Anslee needed him. Anslee, his dear Fallen Angel, needed to learn the meaning of love and somehow, someway, he’d been chosen as the one to show Anslee. Jules let sleep take him over again now that Anslee had settled down. He was going to teach a Fallen Angel to love… to love him.

No problem.

While he was at it, he’d solve the conflict in the Middle East, end world hunger, and bring about world peace. Those would probably be easier than what he was about to undertake.