Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sexy Snippets

Hey everyone! Welcome to Sexy Snippets. This is seven sentences, taken from a work in progress, or published book, and brought to you every Sunday. For this week, I thought I’d do something from my WIP called Wrapped in Leather. This is the first book in what will be a three book series, and all will be over 60K. I'm at the 40K mark right now. Surprisingly, lol, this series is contemporary BDSM. I tend to write more scifi/nonhuman. ;)

~ ~ ~ ~

Damn, what a sound. Stopping to look, Toshi noticed a well-built man on a Harley hunting for a parking place. His helmet had a blacked-out face shield and he wore a black leather jacket. Toshi watched as the guy parked and swung a leg off the bike, jeans tightening across what looked like a fine ass.

Now that was some fantasy material. The guy stood next to the bike—oh, he was tall too. The helmet, along with the leather jacket and biker boots, gave the stranger a mysterious, dangerous look with a strong side of kinky thrown in the mix.