Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pure has been released!

Yay! Pure, the final book in The Gods series, is now out.
Zygi Wyatt is an intimidating dom, but he yearns for love just like the next man. However, finding a partner who isn’t scared of his size is no easy task. The easygoing Mo seems like the answer to his prayers.
Love is the stuff of dreams. Ask the god Morpheus—he knows all about it. Mo wants Zygi in a forever kind of way, but he has to be sure of Zygi’s love before he claims him for his mate and reveals his true self.
Unfortunately, Zeus is growing increasingly unhappy with Morpheus, and Ares is determined to throw a monkey wrench into everything. Zygi and Mo will have to brave the wrath of the gods to make their dreams come true.
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“Zygi.” Mo was breathing heavily. “Can we go, please?”
“Where do you want to go?”
Heavy-eyed and breathless, Mo struggled to speak. “My place, your place—I don’t care. I just want to go… somewhere private. Can we go to your home? Can we do that?”
“Look at me,” Zygi demanded, his voice low. “What exactly are you saying? I need to be absolutely sure I know what you want. Are you asking me to take you to bed?”
“I—I… can we just play? Explore some more? Please?”
“But not go all the way, right? You’re not ready to fuck.”
Mo wanted to beat his head against the thick ice table. He couldn’t go to bed with Zygi until the man knew who Mo was. He wouldn’t give his virginity to anyone but his mate. Zygi had to know, to understand that, before Mo went to bed with him. Zygi would need to claim him when he made love to him that first time. He needed Zygi to look in his eyes and say the words “mine” as his dick traveled up his channel.
“I’m sorry, Zygi, I’m not—I’m not ready, yet. But I want you to take me to bed, that awesome bed of yours, and play.”
Zygi set a new record getting their heavy coats off and pulling Mo out of the bar. Mo was impressed. He had no idea such a big man could move so fast. In no time flat, Zygi had him in his truck, buckled in, and on the way to the casino. The drive was silent except for a few moans from Mo. Once Zygi parked, Mo scrambled out of the truck. Zygi waited for him, and they walked to the elevator together. As soon as the door slid shut, Zygi pulled the remote from his pocket and held it up for Mo to see. Zygi made Mo watch as the remote was switched on low again. With a soft gasp, Mo grabbed hold of the railing and shot Zygi a desperate look.
Zygi kept the vibrations on low so Mo could handle it, but Mo still watched the floors change with an urgency that had Zygi chuckling. After a few seconds, he shut the plug off, and Mo sighed. As soon as they were through the front door of his penthouse, Zygi guided Mo straight back to the bedroom with a persistent hand to his back. As they walked through the bedroom door, Zygi turned the plug on to a higher setting.
“You remember your safewords?”
“Aaah, yes. ‘Yellow’ to slow down and ‘red’ to stop.” Mo jerked from the vibrations.
“Right. Use them only if you need to.” Zygi laid the remote on a nearby table. “Strip, now.”