Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday Briefs

Welcome to the Wednesday Briefers flash group. The short stories have a maximum of a 1000 word count plus links at the bottom to the other flashers. The prompts for this week are: 

"Ready or not, here I come..."

or use first time sex between a couple

or "Off with her head!"

or use a French tickler

or have a character ride a horse for the first time

or "I never felt like that before..."

or have a character create a new pet name for his or her SO

or use "the winds of fortune..." 

~Remember, I plan to finish this up at the end of June and start Nighttime Promises.


All That He Desires #24

Jules leaned back so he could see Anslee’s face. “I could have died without… without ever…”

“Without ever what?”

Jules gazed into Anslee’s eyes. “Without ever knowing you.”

Anslee froze. “What…what are you saying, Jules?”

Jules pushed his rain-soaked hair out of his face. God, he was so cold. He shivered in the air-conditioned house as the wind howled outside. The storm battered the house while his emotions raged inside. “I—” Jules gasped as the lights went out. “Shit, there went the electricity.”

“Fuck the electricity! Tell me what you were going to say.” Anslee tightened his grip on the man in front of him. “Jules, I need to know. Finish what you were saying… please.”

Jules stared into those dark eyes of Anslee’s. The tempest outside had nothing on the storm of emotions he saw swirling in Anslee’s eyes. “I’m ready. No more waiting. I want you… Make love to me, Anslee. Life is too short to screw around and miss out on things.”

Anslee lifted Jules in his arms. “I think I’ve waited a lifetime to hear you say that.”

Jules shivered again.

“But first, let’s get cleaned up.” Anslee carried Jules to his monstrous bathroom.

Jules would drop dead before admitting it, but being carried was kinda sexy. He stood quietly once Anslee set his on his feet then hunted up a candle for light while they showered. Anslee stripped him, taking time to touch each patch of skin that was uncovered, sending more tremors through him. Once he was naked, Anslee ran his hands over Jules’ body. Jules trembled again, but this time it was from need, not cold or fear.

Anslee turned on the water. “In you go, little one.”

Jules stepped in the shower then turned to look back at Anslee. “Aren’t you coming too?”

“Oh yes.” Anslee stripped off his wet clothes, flinging them aside and crowding close to Jules. “Absolutely.”

Jules reached for a loofah, only to have Anslee take it away from him. “Let me.”

Jules let Anslee move him under the warm spray. God, that felt good on his cold body. “Oh, um… okay. You just want me to stand here?”

Anslee soaped the loofah and reached for Jules. “I want you to just enjoy.” 

Jules relaxed as Anslee soaped him from top to bottom, and everywhere in between. Jules moaned softly as Anslee took his time and made sure the sponge lingered on hard nipples, on his jutting cock. Anslee’s touch was gentle, as though Jules was made from spun glass. Where Jules had been expecting rushed touches and frantic gropes, instead he got tender care and loving caresses. Never had he been treated as though his body was a treasure.

Anslee washed his hair, being ever careful to keep the shampoo from his eyes. After Anslee had washed Jules, he cleaned himself up too.

“I would like to… Will you stay in the shower? Give me fifteen minutes? There’s something I would like to do before I take you to bed.”

Jules touched Anslee’s face. “You plotting again?”

Anslee grinned from ear to ear. “When am I not?”

The laugh that bubbled out of Jules surprised both of them. “Truer words. Okay, I can stay here and enjoy the warm water a little longer. No problem.”

“Thank you.” Anslee left the shower and dried off.

Jules noticed Anslee didn’t leave the bathroom immediately. Anslee just stood, staring at him through the steam. Grinning, he pointed to his wrist. Anslee’s laughter followed him from the bathroom.

Moments later, Anslee stuck his head in the bathroom and told Jules to come out. After Jules dried off, he wrapped the towel around himself and opened the door to the bedroom.

“My God,” Jules whispered.

There were candles all over. The soft light lent a glow to the room that shrieked seduction and romance. The bedspread was turned back, and white satin sheets now graced the bed. Jules knew they were satin because that was all Anslee slept on. And he knew the sheets had been changed because they’d been sleeping on black. Low, soft music played in the background. 

But the best thing in the room was the man who stood by the bed, a slight smile on his face, and black boxers riding low on his hips. He outshone everything else in the room. Jules had to swallow twice before he could speak. “This is beautiful. Just simply beautiful. Thank you, Anslee.”

“This night is special, so I wanted that to be reflected. I’m going to make love to you, Jules, slowly the first time. I’m going to savor every inch of you.” Anslee stepped closer and held out his hand. “Join me? Know that once I have you, there’s no going back… for either of us. I won’t let you go.”

“I know that.” Jules put his hand in Anslee’s. “I’m no longer afraid.”

“Good.” Anslee pulled the towel around Jules’s waist off and dropped it on the floor. “Then… after I make slow love to you, I’m going to fuck you through the mattress. I won’t stop until you scream my name for all to hear. I’m going to fuck your ass so hard, Jules, and you’ll beg for more. You, little one, are mine.”

Jules body reacted, a full body shiver racing through him. “Jesus God, yes.” The room tilted, then spun and Jules found himself on his back amidst the cool sheets. Above him, Anslee stood, staring down, his eyes slowly tracing Jules’s body. Every place Anslee’s eyes lingered, Jules burned.

“You are perfect.”

Jules just held his arms up, even though he disagreed. Anslee was the perfect one. “Make love to me.”