Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sexy Snippets

Hey everyone! Welcome to Sexy Snippets. This is seven sentences, taken from a work in progress, or published book, and brought to you every Sunday. For this week, I thought I’d do something from my WIP Wrapped in Leather. I have about 10K more and I'll be done! Yay!

But damn, Toshi had a nice smile. Jase noticed the button up shirt Toshi was wearing was open at the throat, and what little of his chest he could see looked to be smooth.

Jase’s dick swelled more as he imagined Toshi's smoothed chest lay bare before him, and that blush of his, dear God. When Toshi blushed, it was all Jase could do not to yank Toshi upon the table, pull his jeans down, tie those slim legs open... and have him for dessert. He’d look good covered in chocolate, some cream of Jase’s making, and Toshi could supply the… ah, nuts.


Jase wrenched his mind back to the present.