Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday Briefs

Welcome to the Wednesday Briefers flash group. The short stories have a maximum of a 1000 word count plus links at the bottom to the other flashers. The prompts for this week are:

The game is afoot!"

or "Feet don't fail me now"

or a feat of strength

or alligator, clip, residue

or use a storm in some way

or "You are the wind beneath my wings"

or "Come sail away"

or "Please pass the ..."

or find a creative use for mayonnaise

or make a My Favorite Martian reference.


All That He Desires #23

Another week passed as Anslee and Jules danced around each other. The sexual tension was thick, but Anslee kept to his promise not to force Jules. The one thing Anslee did demand was Jules’ company. So Jules was expecting an all-out fight when he reminded Anslee about his classes. Jules had invested too much in getting his degree to just drop out now. Surprisingly, there wasn’t an argument from Anslee.

Instead, Anslee had taken Jules into his multi-car garage and told him he could drive any of the vehicles to the campus. He agreed Jules needed to finish college. The only problem that cropped up was Jules couldn’t find one single vehicle to borrow that didn’t cost as much as a small house. After making Anslee tell him the cost of each vehicle, Jules settled on the cheapest one Anslee owned.

Friday evening rolled around once again and Jules found himself on the tennis court, trying to hit a small yellow ball back to Anslee. No one was more relieved than him when dark clouds moved in and halted the game. As lightning flashed, both men hurried off the court, to cover. There was a little storage building near the courts. They both ducked under the awning.

“Saved by the bell.” Jules glanced at the sky. “Well, in this case… saved by the rain.”

Anslee glanced at the darkening sky too. A strong breeze swirled around them. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you somehow planned this.”

Jules shrugged. “Hey, I managed to hit that stupid little ball a few times. What can I say? Tennis may not be my game.”

“You did well for a beginner. We’ll have to keep practicing.”

“Oh goodie.” Jules wiped his sweaty forehead, then pushed his hair out of his eyes. “The wind’s really picking up. I don’t like this funny greenish color the sky is, either. Maybe we need to make a run for the house before this gets really bad.”

The trees whipped back and forth, leaves swirling in the howling wind. Thunder boomed ominously nearby. Jules shivered. The sky had darkened so much it looked as though night had fallen.

Anslee pulled his cell out of his pocket. “Let’s just see what’s coming at us.”

“Good idea. Better yet, let’s get inside then check the radar. I don’t like this. It looks scary out here.”

Anslee frowned as lightning flashed. Both men hurried off the court to find cover. Lightning skipped from cloud to cloud in a macabre, deadly dance. “There’s a big red glob headed in our direction. Says we’re under a severe thunderstorm warning. Yes, it might be best to get indoors. I’ll be right behind you.”

No sooner than Anslee spoke, the skies opened up and the rain came down with a vengeance. Jules raced toward the house. The wind ripped at him as the rain drenched him to the skin. He wiped at his eyes as he ran, his vision blurring.

He was nearly to Anslee’s house when something heavy hit him, knocking him forward. Jules barely had time to get his hands up to break his fall. With a loud grunt, he hit the rain-soaked ground as something heavy landed on his back.

Air knocked out of him, all Jules could do was think the nasty words that rushed through his mind. Whatever was on him moved and Jules was jerked onto his back. Anslee was above him, shouting. Jules couldn’t make out much of what he was saying thanks to the shrieking wind and thunder. What few words he could catch were in another language, something he’d never heard before. Anslee’s long wet hair was plastered to his head and his eyes were bulging. For the first time ever, Anslee looked dangerous.

Before Jules could draw enough air in his lungs to ask what the hell was going on, Anslee yanked him up and Jules stumbled to his feet. It was then Jules saw the dead branch that lay so close to them. The thing was as big as his torso… and was so damn close to… him. As in, right where he had been just a moment before. Jules swayed where he stood. If Anslee hadn’t knocked him forward…

“House! Get to the house!”

Anslee grabbed Jules and propelled him the last few feet. He yanked the door open and practically threw Jules inside. The wailing wind flew through the house as Anslee battled to close the door.

Jules stood stunned, unable to move or think, as Anslee turned to look at him.

“Are you okay?” Anslee rushed to Jules. His hands moved over Jules’ body, searching. “Little one, speak to me. Are you hurt? Did I hurt you when I pushed you down? Jules!”

Jules stood trembling, partly from being wet and partly from shock. “That limb… Anslee. That thing was huge. It was as big around as me. If it had hit me…”

“Easy now.” Anslee wrapped his arms around Jules. “I know. I saw it falling. I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared. Never in my life have I felt such fear. I knew it was going to hit you. It was like everything slowed down and I could plainly see where the damn thing was going to land…. right on top of you.”

Jules’ teeth were chattering. “It… it… oh my God, it could have killed me. Anslee, it could have killed me!”

Anslee rocked Jules gently. “I know. I never want to feel such helplessness again. I was afraid I wouldn’t get to you in time.” Anslee rubbed his hands up and down Jules’ back. “Let’s get you out of these wet clothes and into something warm. Then I think a good stiff drink would be called for, don’t you?”

Jules leaned back so he could see Anslee’s face. “I could have died without… without ever…”

“Without ever what?”

Jules gazed into Anslee’s eyes. “Without ever knowing you.”

 ~ ~ ~ ~
~Remember, I plan to finish this up at the end of June and start Nighttime Promises.