Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop - Shadows in the Night

Happy Saturday and welcome to My Sexy Saturday! For this hop you post 7 paragraphs or 7 sentences or 7 words. It can be from a WIP or something published.

For this week, I thought I’d do something from my latest release Shadows in the Night. It’s a paranormal/shifter novel that focuses on two men raised in different times—Jason, a Native American shifter, and Chip, a modern man with modern ideas.

Time has also brought with it an enemy that harbors a deep-seated hatred for Jason; an enemy who will use whatever means necessary to bring Jason to his knees… including Jason’s own mate.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to visit the rest of Blog Hop!


Shadows in the Night - A Leap of Faith Novel

How the hell was he supposed to get this animal out of his house? Especially since it acted as if it wasn’t ready to leave. Not that it mattered; he was not opening the door right now, not with whatever else was out there. Chip rested his hand on his chin. And what was the scent? He had smelled it earlier when the big cat crowded him into the front door. It reminded him of another scent, but his scrambled mind couldn’t place where he’d smelled it.

Maybe in the morning he should take his shotgun and do a little exploring. Then again, he was really more of a city boy. As Chip sat at the kitchen table, his uninvited houseguest curled on the floor, head resting on its paws, eyes closed. Every move Chip made had the cougar’s ears twitching toward him. Nearly half an hour had passed, and Chip’s ass ached from the hard kitchen chair. To add to his discomfort, his stomach was gnawing. After a particularly loud grumble, the animal’s eyes blinked opened, and the big cat stretched its long body. Sharp claws extended from the pads of the cougar’s paws, and then it came to its feet. Chip gulped at the sight.

“Jesus, you need a trim.”

The animal looked at him and yawned, displaying long, deadly canines. Chip swallowed hard again. He had a predator sitting at his feet, eyeing him. What if he wasn’t the only one hungry? Chip gripped the table as the cat stepped closer to him, whiskers twitching. Then the creature turned and padded over to the refrigerator, rubbing against it. Chip shook his head. Talk about your not-so-subtle hints. He slowly stood, waiting to see what the big cat would do. Unconcerned, it moved into the living area and made its way around the room, stopping at each window.

“Damn thing acts like it’s checking the windows and stuff.”

Since the cougar was occupied, he grabbed the prime cut of streak he’d planned to grill for dinner later in the week. Better to sacrifice the steak than have the animal sample his prime cut. With that thought in mind, he decided steak would be the only meat he fixed. No point in tempting Fate. Turning his back, he quickly prepared a bag of prepackaged salad and dumped blue cheese dressing over it. When he turned back, he came face to face with the big cat, who was sitting on the bar.

“Sweet baby Jesus!” Chip yelped.

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