Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Welcome Rob Colton

Yup, that's me all over the place, lol. Today Rob is visiting us to talk about his release, The Ranch Foreman. Now, some of you may know him as Robcub from Literotica. I remember when his first story hit Lit. Man, I fell in love. If you don't know Rob's work, take it from me, you need to check his stuff out.

Time passed and I had to the honor of getting to know Rob. Guys, he's a sweetheart. When he emailed asking for suggestions pertaining to publishers, I was thrilled! His work deserves to be published. :) Not long ago he told me his next novella, An American Lamb in London, had been contracted by Dreamspinner. It's due out Feb/March of next year.

Having beta that, let me say, it needs to be on your TBR list. :) Okay, enough out of me, lol! Time to meet Rob...

Hey everybody! My name is Rob Colton and I’m here to preview my new novella, The Ranch Foreman, which comes out tomorrow, August 14th. This is my first professional publication and I am very excited.

Before I talk about the book, I wanted to thank M.A. for hosting me today. She has been a great friend and her advice has been invaluable throughout this entire process.

The Ranch Foreman is a contemporary western story, set on a cattle ranch in the Midwest. Young ranch hand Matty Ward finds himself attracted to his new boss, burly cowboy Baxter Hollingsworth. Usually the one being pursued, Matty finds the closeted cowboy a challenge he can’t refuse.

I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for your time!

The Ranch Foreman Blurb:

When Madison “Matty” Ward finds himself out of work and without a place to live, his cousin comes through with a job on the Gates cattle ranch. Despite not knowing anything about herding cattle or taking care of horses, Matty does his best to impress the older hunky foreman, Baxter Hollingsworth. Baxter is drawn to the new young hand, but he’s deeply closeted, and after an openly gay veterinarian shows he’s interested in Matty, Baxter’s repressed feelings lead to an explosive encounter. Baxter then withdraws—leaving Matty feeling angry and used—until an accident forces him to confront his fears.

Pages: 120

Cover Artist: Leah Kaye Suttle

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BY the end of the day, Matty wanted to crawl into a hole and die. He leaned against the horse paddock fence and groaned. Muscles he didn’t even know he had were telling him loud and clear they were not happy.

Brian leaned up against the fence next to him and laughed knowingly. “Hard day?”

“Yeah. How long did it take you to be able to muck stalls without gagging?”

Brian laughed again and elbowed him in the side. “You’ll be okay.”

“What did you do today?”

“Rode the cattle fences on the west pasture, made a couple of repairs.”

“That sounds more exciting than cleaning stalls. But I’m pretty sure the horses appreciated having somewhere clean to rest.”

“That’s the spirit. C’mon. Let’s get washed up for supper.”

Miss Ethel made meatloaf for dinner, and Matty didn’t have to be prodded to eat up. After stuffing himself, he asked Miss Ethel if she needed help, but she shooed him away with a wave of her hand. He returned to the bunkhouse with the other men.

Exhausted, he collapsed on one of the sofas and instantly fell asleep. When he woke a little over an hour later, he got up and decided to take a walk, hoping to get rid of the crick in his back and legs.

As he started on his walk, Matty saw the outline of Baxter near his house. He was crouched down in a squat, playing with the two dogs. The orange glow of a cigar lit momentarily, followed by the strong smell of smoke.

Matty saw it as a chance to get to know the boss man better. Maybe flirt a little. He walked up to the big man and smiled. “Hi.”

Baxter didn’t look up. “Matt.”

“What kind of dogs are those? They kinda look like German shepherds, but they’re not, are they?”

“Australian cattle dogs.”

Matty squatted down and held out his hands. The dogs licked his hands and let Matty pet them. Baxter stood up and watched while he puffed his cigar.

“Clyde said you did alright today.”


“You’ll be fine.”

Matty stayed squatted down, playing with the dogs, but secretly he basked in Baxter’s praise. His eyes raked up Baxter’s long body, pausing at his crotch. That big package surely hid a big dick. When he met Baxter’s gaze, he just stared. The big man’s hazel eyes were smoldering with desire. Yup, Baxter was gay without a doubt.

The way Baxter looked at Matty made his heart race. He couldn’t remember the last time a man had looked at him like that. Matty glanced back down at Baxter’s crotch, which seemed to be a little bulgier than before. He then returned his gaze to the other man’s eyes, letting the cowboy know not-so-subtly he was interested. Very interested.

Baxter turned without speaking a word. He disappeared inside his house, the door pulling shut behind him with a decided click.

Matty frowned with disappointment. He really wanted to play. It had been quite a dry spell for him, what with taking care of Aunt Martha and all.

Even though Baxter was technically his boss, Matty couldn’t bring himself to care about the consequences of fooling around with his superior. The man was just too sexy for words.

Matty clearly had his work cut out for him where Baxter was concerned. He was usually the one being chased, but he also wasn’t one to give up so easily.

Trying to ignore the uncomfortable pressure in his jeans, Matty stood and began to walk the property. He strolled along the cattle fence with the two dogs following and running circles around him.


Author Bio:
Rob Colton is a software developer by day, and avid reader of romance novels at night. A romantic at heart, he loves stories that feature big, burly men who find true love and happy endings.

Rob grew up in northern Michigan and currently lives in the Atlanta area with his very supportive husband and their very spoiled miniature schnauzer.


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