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Like all authors, I look for opportunities to talk about my writing. So foremost, I want to thank Michelle for the chance to post some information on a story I wrote.

No matter where you live, I’m sure you’ve come across some rather interesting laws and regulations. In Alberta we have a law that states “Businesses must provide rails for tying up horses.” The fact that it may be illegal to ride a horse in most cities has not made the law disappear. Some other laws have come about because the authorities have given up trying to control poor behaviour. An example of this was when prohibition ended, many governments set up Liquor Control Boards/Commissions in the belief if they couldn’t stop people from drinking, then at least they could set up rules on how people did so.

I decided to have some fun and make up a few laws in a story called Be Careful What You Wish For. In this medieval/fairy tale story the authorities had given up on trying to stop the nasty habit of kidnapping damsels so they set up rules for the kidnapping and the treatment of the damsels.
One of regulations states: “A damsel may be kidnapped and taken against her will under the following conditions. One, the kidnapper is considered a man of honour. Two, the damsel is kidnapped for purposes of romance or lust and not financial gain. And three, the kidnapping must be done at night, and not less than a three-quarter moon.”
Of course one law led to another, such as how the damsel may be gagged. Such is bureaucracy, once they have a regulation they just want to add to it.

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Fairy Godmothers don’t always know what’s best. Or do they?

“If love is pain, I want to be hurt!”

It must have been her distress over being dumped by Sir Justin that made Princess Lilly less than precise expressing her wish to her Fairy Godmother. Otherwise, she would not have ended up the indignant prisoner of Sir Gawain, a vile knight who wouldn’t know how to properly treat a princess if the instructions whacked him upside his armored helm.

She should be angry, but she has no one to blame but herself, and no way out. The Kidnapping of Damsel Laws are very specific—once she is taken, she has no choice but to submit to his seduction. Every kiss, caress…and spanking.

Still, she’s determined not to make it easy for him. If he thinks he will bend her to his delicious…no, barbaric intentions, he has a serious flaw in his logic. Yet as he carefully executes his plan of exquisitely pain-laced pleasure, she finds her body responding quite against her will. And her mind racing with immoral thoughts that threaten her jealously guarded virtue.

Until there is a very small, tiny, remote possibility that Sir Gawain might win her hand…


“I’ll undo your ankles so you can walk. If you don’t come along nicely with me I will carry you instead.” Sir Gawain untied her ankles and then checked the ropes around her wrists. “We don’t want you to be able to escape now, do we?”

“Whatever,” she said in an exasperated princess-like tone.

He grinned. “Such an attitude.” He touched the rope around her arms and torso. “This seems to be a little loose.” He undid the knot and pulled the rope and tied it tighter than before.

Lilly made a small princess moan as her breasts slipped past the gown’s neckline.

“You look very fine indeed now, my princess. Come with me.”

Princess Lilly held her head up high and followed the despicable Sir Gawain. She knew she couldn’t escape him by running and hated the undignified thought of being carried.

She crossed the grounds and stepped inside his castle. Several servants bowed and curtsied as they went by. Lilly knew her breasts and erect nipples were exposed for all to see but being a princess she carried herself as if she was properly dressed, tied ropes not withstanding.

“Are you worried what is going to happen to you?”

“No. I cannot control what you will do with me. I hope you will feel bound by the laws you used to kidnap me and not try to impregnate me and will release me in one week.”

“Of course I will abide by those conditions. Up the stairs please.”

Lilly looked around. The small castle was well appointed with rich furnishings and decor. The thick carpet felt soft under her tender princess feet. “Well at least your castle has some pretence of civilization, unlike you.”

“Insulting me before your spanking, Princess? A bit risky I would say.”

“I am prepared for what you may do to me. I will accept your spanking as you have that right under the law. I am a kidnapped damsel and will obey the laws as I live under our laws fully. Perhaps you may have had the opportunity to have someone read them to you.”

Sir Gawain laughed. “Excellent, my princess, you do have fight in you. Your room is just to our right.”

Lilly entered the room and looked around. The bedroom had a four-poster bed in the middle with a table along one wall. She saw the silvery moon shine through the open window and then turned her attention to the far wall where an open door led to a washroom. Lilly looked inside and saw it contained a large soaking tub along with a table full of small vessels. She peered at them and concluded they contained the usual oils and soaps she had in her own bathroom. Lilly turned around and looked back along one wall where ropes, metal cuffs, chains and whips hung. Next to them was a wardrobe and she opened the doors, revealing various garments.

“They are for you to wear. I believe they will all show off your beauty and make you feel more comfortable.” He pointed to a braided rope hanging next to the head of the bed. “If you require anything, simply pull the cord and servants will come immediately.”

“Anything but my freedom, I presume.”

He smiled. “I will untie you now and then later I will give you your first spanking.”

“My first? You plan to spank me on a regular basis?”

He began to untie her ropes. “Don’t you agree as a kidnapped damsel you will need more than one discipline? I am sure you do not plan to give in easily.”

“I won’t be giving in at all. I can quite assure you.”

“If you are worth kidnapping then surely you must agree I need to do whatever is at my disposal to convince you, pleasant and otherwise.”

She sighed as she rubbed her arms and wrists. “I see your point there.”