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Grand Tour
by Etienne

This book was rejected by two publishers for the same reason: it deals with first cousins falling in love and having sex.  I don’t understand the objection to cousins having relationships.  In fact, it was once quite common.  If my gr-gr-gr-gr-grandfather hadn’t married his first cousin in late 18th century Virginia, I wouldn’t be here.  Of course, that wasn’t too good for the children. 
My gr-gr-gr-grandfather had 13 children by two wives, only four or five of which survived infancy.  Of course, with male/male cousins, the issue of flawed offspring, is moot.  One of the publishers wanted me to change the story and make the cousins merely good friends, but I declined.  The whole point of the story was to address the effect on cousins from two of Boston’s most Brahmin of Brahmin families having a relationship.



William and Henry are cousins, sons of identical twin brothers, and members of two well known Boston Brahmin families. They've roomed together through prep school, Harvard, and Harvard Law, and dated some of Boston's most eligible young women.  In fact, social-climbing mothers often threw their allegedly virginal daughters at them, in hopes of obtaining a match.

Instead of taking a grand tour of Europe, they opt to go backpacking around the US, and are taken prisoner and sexually assaulted in a small southern city. The assaults make them realize how they've always felt about each other, but first, they have to escape.

After their escape they plan and execute an elaborate trap and ultimately catch their attackers red handed. After their attackers are tried and convicted, they settle down to practice law together on Beacon Hill.


Excerpt: (the cousins, having graduated from Harvard Law School, have decided to backpack around the country rather than take the grand tour of Europe their families had offered them.  In a small town in South Carolina, a policeman offers them shelter from the rain and takes them to the police station.  In a holding room Henry is brutally raped by a cop.  The other cop had expressed a desire for a blow job, so William offers to give him one, and gets revenge for his cousin by doing maximum damage to the cop’s erection with his teeth in the process.) 

Henry is narrating.


“William,” I said.


“I have something to say to you.  Something clicked inside of me while I was being raped and later when I watched Starling knock you out.”

“I’ve got something to say to you as well,” he said, “but you go first.”

“I love you, William.  I’ve always loved you, but I never realized until now how much I love you.  I’m not talking about brotherly love here you understand.  I love you in exactly the same way that my father loves my mother.”

Having said that, I lay down full length on top of him and kissed him thoroughly.  He began to kiss me back and we kissed for a while, then he broke the connection.  We had both become erect during the kissing.

“Henry,” he said, “when I saw that bastard raping you, I had a sudden realization that I love you, too.  I can’t believe I never realized it before.”

“Shut up and fuck me,” I said.

“Say what?”

“Those guys are going to come back here sooner or later and kill us,” I said.  “Think about it—they don’t dare leave any witnesses to what they did.  And if I’m going to die, I want to die knowing that at least once I had an opportunity to show you just how much I love you.”

“Aren’t you worried that I’ll hurt you just like he did?”

“I remember the pain of that guy raping me,” I said, “how could I possibly forget that.  But If I’m going to die with a memory of pain, I’d much rather that memory be a part of the process of giving you pleasure.  Now shut up and fuck me.  I don’t know how much time we have, but we’re wasting it with all this talk.”

“Okay,” he said.  “Roll over on your stomach.”

“No,” I said, “not that way.”


“I want to be on my back, with my legs in the air, so I can see the pleasure on your face.”  I rolled off him and over onto my back.  “Hurry, we don’t have a lot of time.”

He didn’t say anything else; he just got on his knees between my legs and raised my heels to his shoulders.  He spat on his hand and used the spit to lubricate his erection as best he could.  As he began to slowly insert it into me, I winced at the intrusion.

“I knew this was a bad idea,” he said.  “I’m hurting you.”

“Hopefully it will pass,” I said, “in any case, shut up and fuck me.”

As he began to slowly thrust in and out of me, the pain was replaced by a feeling that I couldn’t describe.

“You don’t know how good this feels,” he said.

“Yes, I do,” I said.  “Go faster and deeper.”

He complied and began to thrust deeply into me.  At the bottom of every stroke he must have found my prostate, because my erection began to twitch with every thrust.  He noticed this and, bending double, took my erection into his mouth and began to suck it.

“What are you doing?”  I said.

He took his mouth off of my erection long enough to say, “The same thing you are and for the same reason, that is, writing a good memory over the top of a bad one.”  He put his mouth back where it had been and continued to fellate me.

After a few minutes, he grunted, and I actually felt him spurt inside me.  Mere seconds later I erupted into his mouth.  Eventually he pulled out of me and placed my legs back on the floor before climbing back on top of me and kissing me.

“You cheated,” I said.


“Yes, cheated,” I said.  “I didn’t get to see your face when you came.”

“Next time,” he said.  “If there is a next time.  But first, we’ve got to get out of this mess.”

We got up, removed dry clothing from our backpacks, and dressed.  Then we stowed our still wet clothes and damp towels in the packs so that we were ready for flight should the opportunity arise.  Sometime later we heard footsteps in the hallway, followed by someone fumbling with the doorknob.

“Whatever happens, William, know that I love you more than I can ever tell you.”

“I love you, too, Henry.  Just as much, perhaps more.”

The door began to open and we both stood behind it waiting to pounce.

* * * * * * * * *

Excerpt:   (It’s a couple of days later, and the cousins have escaped from their captors and made their way to a hotel in Atlanta, where they are recuperating—and exploring their new-found status)

William is narrating.


“Okay,” I said.  “While I shower why don’t you order us a snack of some sort?”

“Anything in particular?” he said

“No,” he said.  “Just something to tide us over until dinner.  Surprise me.”

I went into the bathroom, shut the door, and stood under the shower for a long time.  When I finished, I toweled myself dry and walked naked back into the room with my towel over my shoulder.  I saw that a waiter, Sam according to his name badge, was in the process of setting up a plate of cheese and fruit on the desk and pouring wine from a carafe.

Henry noted my presence and said, “William, wrap your towel around yourself.  We’re not alone.”

“I can see that,” I said as I walked to where Henry and Sam were standing, “but I don’t think Sam minds a bit.  I think he likes what he sees, don’t you, Sam?”

Sam nodded his head.

“You are gay, aren’t you, Sam?” I said.

Sam nodded again.

“I’ll bet you’re good at oral sex, too?” I said.

Sam found his voice and said, “So I’ve been told.”

I walked over to the night stand, retrieved my watch, and returned to stand in front of Sam and Henry.  “Are you a betting man, Sam?” I said.

“Sometimes,” he said.

“Good,” I said, “because I have a little bet for you.  If you can make me hard in ninety seconds, using just your mouth, you can have it any way you want it.  But if you fail, you have to do something for me.”

Sam actually licked his lips before asking, “What?”

“I can’t tell you now,” I said, “but I promise you it will not involve sex, it won’t cost you anything, and I think you’ll enjoy it.  I held my watch in front of me and looked at the second hand.  Your ninety seconds start right now.”

Sam dropped to his knees in a flash and took my penis in his mouth.  Holding on to my legs to balance himself, he began to lick and suck.  I watched the second hand of my watch, being careful to maintain a totally ‘poker face’.  It was difficult to ignore the sensations that Sam’s talented mouth and tongue were producing.  Finally I said, “Forty seconds left.”

Sam started working a little harder and I began a countdown.  It took all of my self-control to keep from sprouting wood, but eventually I said, “Time,” and stepped back from Sam, who got to his feet.

Henry was still standing beside us with a totally dumfounded look on his face, so I took his hand and placed it on my penis.  “Make it hard,” I said.

Henry squeezed it a few times and it sprang to attention.  “See,” I said to Sam, “it only works for him.”  I wrapped my towel around my waist as I said it and added, “Now about the bet.”

“What?” Sam said.

“Until a few days ago, Henry and I had always thought that we were straight, but as it turns out, we aren’t so we’ve never been out and about in gay society.  What I want to do is to go to a gay restaurant, or failing that, a gay-friendly restaurant.  Then I would like to go to a couple of gay bars just to see what it’s like.  You can be our tour guide; you can even bring a date; we’ll pay for everything.”

“Sure, why not?” Sam said.  “When?”

“When’s your next night off?” I said.

“Friday,” Sam said.

“Then Friday it is,” I said.

When the door had closed solidly behind Sam, Henry gave me a look and said,  “One of these days you’re going to give me heart failure.”

“Who, me?” I said.

“Yes, you,” he said.

“Well, lover,” I said, “to quote a well-known Harvard Law School graduate, ‘that’s what keeps life so interesting, isn’t it’?”  

* * * *

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Etienne lives in central Florida, very near the hamlet in which he grew up. He always wanted to write but didn't find his muse until a few years ago, when he started posting stories online. These days he spends most of his time battling with her, as she is a capricious bitch who, when she isn't hiding from him, often rides him mercilessly, digging her spurs into his sides and forcing the flow of words from a trickle to a flood.

He is the author of 17 novels and 2 novellas, all but two of which are available from Dreamspinner Press:


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