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PAS Presents Salty Aftertaste by Jason Lloyd and a Giveaway!

Boys, beaches and bad decisions…

In this nonfiction tale, Jason and his hilarious and crude motley cast of friends leave their mundane suburban jungles and flock to the mecca that is Rehoboth Beach, Delaware for vacation. They are in search of a little rest and relaxation; aka beach, bars and boys, lots of hot boys.

Jason is just looking for a little attention. He just wants to feel wanted, and a little summer passion would not hurt either. Jason is the self-proclaimed hopeless romantic of the group. Will he find his summer love or is romance really scarce?

Kevin is the complete opposite of Jason. He feels that romance is only alive in stories. Kevin's love for a teenage drama goes too far, and his obsession turns into more than he expected. Did Kevin finally stumble upon some romance or does his fascination finally get the better of him?

Bobby is looking for a connection. Any kind of connection. He meets a new guy every night and shares his bed with him. What is really going on behind Bobby's bedroom door? Will he ever be able to fill this insatiable void for closeness?

Benjamin sneaks out every night. He disappears into the night and reemerges the next morning as if nothing had happened. He is quiet about his extracurricular activities. Where does Benjamin go? What is he doing?

In this beach oasis, where there is an endless sea of sexy men with perfect bodies, will Jason and his friends actually find love or just one night stands? One thing is for certain, it is an epic vacation that none of them will forget.

Sandy Cracks – A Look into Salty Aftertaste

Our daily routine on vacation was always wake up, have some coffee or some Bloody Mary’s (my personal favorite), snack on the pizza from the night before, lather up with sunblock and head down to the beach.
I’ve seen many interesting things on Poodle Beach, a small gay beach next to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Once there were men dressed as nuns playing volleyball and a drag queen dressed as Little Bo Peep whose lost sheep just happened to be a hot Latin man wearing a speedo. I’ve seen a few porn stars and some leather daddies. You would think leather would be a “no” on the beach, but the daddies pull it off in their leather speedos and harnesses. There is never a shortage of eye candy. Every single type of man is represented.

The gay beach is about a 10-minute walk from our beach house and this scene from my book Salty Aftertaste is what you would normally run into while walking.


The closer we got to Poodle Beach, the gayer our surroundings got. Families turned into muscular bears, silver-haired foxes, hairless twinks with two percent body fat (lucky fucks), and homos that were somewhere in the middle. Too old to be considered a twink, not hairy enough to be a bear; a twank, perhaps?
A huge tan hairy bear walked past us. He was wearing a black leather harness across his hairy chest and a black speedo. He had each nipple pierced, and silver aviator glasses adorned his face. They matched his nipple jewelry. As he strolled by, Haley and I stopped, looked at each other and then proceeded to check out the leather daddy’s backside. His back was as hairy as the front and hair protruded out from the band of his speedo. He reminded me of a porn star I saw in a fetish porn about fisting.
“Only in Rehoboth would we see Jon and Kate Plus Eight styled families and a hairy leather daddy ready to punish some poor hairless sub,” I said.
“It is rather eclectic,” Haley expressed as she ran her fingers through her golden locks. “See anything you like Jason?”
“Lots! I’ve been basket shopping this entire time!” I exclaimed.
“Basket shopping?” Haley inquired.
“You know when you stare at hot guys’ packages and try to figure out how big they are.”
“That’s funny,” Haley laughed.
“Yeah, it’s like swaying pork sword heaven here! I just want some balls in my face.” Haley just rolled her eyes at me.
“That’s too much info, Jason!”

When Haley and I finally arrived at where our boys were, they had everything already set up. I set my towel on the hot sand and glanced around a little. The weather was nice, and the beach was not crowded at all. A salty breeze went up my nose, and I let nature sink in.
Kevin got up out of his beach chair that he placed under the umbrella he brought and ran down to the water with his arms flailing. I watched him splash around as if he was a little kid. He looked so happy and innocent. Haley and I watched him as he rode the waves to shore. He went back and forth without a care in the world.
“Look at him go!” Haley exclaimed.
“Awe, he looks like he is twelve,” I laughed.
“It’s cute.”
As a wave came crashing in, it knocked Kevin over and made his swim trunks fall a little. As he rolled onto shore, I saw a sandy ass crack roll in our direction. All Haley and I heard was Kevin yelling “Ouchie.” He then pulled his swim trunks up and got right back into the water like nothing happened.
Benjamin was lounging in a beach chair reading a book. He was completely disregarding everyone and everything. When I said hello, he did not even flinch until he finished a chapter. Then he glared up from his book and winked at me. Benjamin had his chair completely in the sun, and although he had not been on the beach long, I could tell he was already getting color.
Bobby was laying on a tribal print rug. His long body barely fit on the oversized rug. He was flat on his back directly in the sun. His body glistened in the sunlight as if he was just at a bukkake orgy. The ocean breeze could not budge his perfectly coiffed hair. Only Bobby would come to the beach with his hair styled to perfection.
Haley sprawled out on a towel next to me. She applied sunblock and laid down. I positioned myself down on my stomach with my head propped up so I could look at the ocean. I wanted to watch Kevin to assure that he did not drown, or a shark would not snatch him up. By shark, I meant the older men that were trolling around. They treated every pretty thing as if it were their prey.
The gay beach amused me. You see all different types of bodies. Some big, some small, some average, some fit and every gay man has a different kind of swimsuit on, from board shorts to barely there speedos in every color and pattern you could think of. Men flaunting their bulging packages in banana hammocks and army square cut swim trunks accentuated every ass. I spotted a few hardons and got glimpses of a lot of crack from board short wearers that were going commando.
The big men looked all tough and rugged running on the beach as if they were straight out of an episode of Baywatch. However, when they hit that water their arms flailed out and when they went to speak glittery rainbow purses came flying out of their mouths.
I heard many guys screaming “Hey girl, hey!”
One tight and toned guy ran down into the water and then he squealed with the gayest voice he could muster, “Oh my god it feels fabulous!”
It just goes to show never judge a book by its cover. Just because he appeared macho does not mean there is not an inner queen dying to get out when your fun noodle hits the cool water.
Kevin clambered back to our towel setup. He looked exhausted from the waves tossing him around. He grabbed his Power Ranger beach towel, toweled off and then plopped down in his beach chair.
Kevin let out a sigh of relief, “Well, that was fun, but my boy taint is sandy!”
“Yeah, I saw. How many times did you pee in the ocean?” I inquired.
“Two times,” Kevin answered. “The world is my urinal.”


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Jason Lloyd is the author of hilarious m/m romance featuring an array of interesting characters. Salty Aftertaste (Ginge Publishing, 2013) was his first creative non-fiction novel. It reached Smashwords Top Best Seller list in Gay & Lesbian Fiction and was the #5 best seller in the New Adult genre on All Romance eBooks (ARe).

His second book, Queer Dirty Laundry (Ginge Publishing, 2014), is a creative non-fiction novella and is based on his popular blog by the same name. In 2011, QueerDirtyLaundry.com was nominated for The Best of Gay Philadelphia under Best Gay Website/Blog. Jason’s blog was also in the top ten numerous times on Best Male Blogs.

Jason is currently working on an m/m romance and mystery/suspense fictional novelette series called Filthy Fibbers. Filthy Fibbers is centered on five friends and the scandalous secrets they keep. The book takes place in a small Pennsylvania town called New Hope.

Jason grew up in a small town in Bucks County, Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia. A majority of his writing takes place in Eastern Pennsylvania including Philadelphia. He currently resides in a small town in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

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