Sunday, March 5, 2017

Beneath the Surface cover reveal

Okay, love this cover. Sara York created it, and she rocked the thing, lol. It may be one of my most fav covers... ever.

Beneath the Surface is going into KU. Don't have a release date yet, but it will be soon. Cia kind of acts like my publisher for my self-pub stuff. She deals with loading it and all that jazz.

This is the same book ARe published and kept 4Q royalties from. (As a side note, *any* book they published, they kept the 4th Q profits. I wasn't the only author they pulled this crap on, and not the only one who took a huge hit either.)

There are no changes. If you already bought it, no reason to get it again. Riding the Tide will follow soon. I've been thinking of doing one more in this series too, but I have a few books that have to get done first. Namely Raiden's book, lol.