Thursday, March 16, 2017

Dragon's Hoard under contract and a small excerpt!

WHOOT!! Dragon Hoard's is under contract with Dreamspinner with a release date of October. This will be part of the new houseline, Dreamspun Beyond. I'm very excited about this novel--I've been wanting to do a dragon story for a while now, lol.

Here's a little sample of the story. It's unedited as of yet by DsP, of course.

Raised voices drifted out onto the deck, and Avery sighed. Now what?
“By all the gods, is that a—”
Avery frowned. A what? Then someone screamed, and he jumped. The increased heartbeats of his fellow pack members inside the parlor beat relentlessly at him. Okay, that was a little disconcerting.
Then the tinny stench of fear drifted on the cool breezes out to him. Fear? Forget disconcerting. Now he was flat out worried. There was very little werewolves feared. Broken pieces of conversations, anger, and waves of distress overwhelmed him. Maybe he should get back in there, although he wasn’t sure what he could do to help—not that he would be allowed anyway.
The roar hit him like a sonic boom. His knees went weak, and he grasped the deck railing to keep himself up. Power, unlike any he’d ever felt, rolled over him. Oh gods. He closed his eyes trying to rein himself in.
As he adjusted, he noticed something else. That roar—so masculine, low and growly. It sank into his very bones. His cock perked up and his claws came out, digging into the wood of the railing he so desperately held. He pried his eyes open.
Confusion hit him. His breathing spiked. This wasn’t a weaker wolf reacting to one more powerful. No, it was something else. Something he’d never experienced before. Didn’t matter though. He wrestled his body under control. He refused to be the weak-willed Omega everybody assumed he was.
Once his breathing leveled out, he noticed the silence. The nighttime sounds he was so familiar with was glaringly absent. There was no prey scuttling across the dead grass and decaying leaves. No predator stalked on stealthy feet. There was nothing.
A chill crept up his spine. It seemed as if everything around him had frozen. He glanced back into the parlor. Both the music and conversations had stopped. Tension rolled out through the open doors.
Avery had the perfect view of his father. Several of his betas stood behind the Alpha. Even from where he stood, Avery could see the unease on his father’s face. Avery gawked. His father was renowned for being cool under pressure.
But not this time. His mother stood off to the side and behind his father with several female werewolves clustered around her. He sister Mandy stood next to their mother, but he couldn’t see the rest of his sisters.
What in the hell was going on?
“Your time is up.”
Avery shivered again. That voice. What was it about that voice?
“Not until the stroke of midnight, it isn’t.” Alpha Montgomery growled.
For once his father didn’t sound like the authoritative werewolf Avery knew he was. Avery shifted to the side trying to see through the French doors into the parlor. Who was his father speaking with? He bit his lip, still unable to see. Slowly he inched farther to the right. Just a little more and he could finally see.
“Which is less than three hours away. You’ve made no effort to contact me nor have you made any type of payment. I have to tell you, Alpha Montgomery, this disturbs me greatly.”
Avery blinked. Who dared to speak to his father was such a disrespectful tone? More importantly, why wasn’t his father wiping the floor with them? Avery eased a few inches over. As he moved, he got a better look into the room.
His glance roamed over a male who was of average height with brown hair. His looks weren’t anything spectacular, and the black rimmed glasses he wore didn’t help. He wasn’t a paranormal, although he wasn’t quite human either. He sniffed again and finally picked up the hint of magic in the air.
Then he saw the other one.
Good gods. A man stood several feet from his father. Avery’s stomach dropped. The stranger was tall, dark and sexy beyond belief. Long black hair fell to slender hips. Avery swallowed. Whoever this man was, he wasn’t as tall as his father nor was he bulky with muscles. He had what the humans termed a swimmer’s build.
Even though Avery could only see his profile, there is no denying the stranger had a strong jaw, insanely chiseled cheekbones, and a perfectly formed nose. His light gray pinstriped suit fit him like a glove and suggested it was custom-made… and expensive, very expensive.
Who was this male? He wasn’t human, Avery knew that. He sniffed, trying to pick up the stranger’s scent. When he finally did, it hit him like a ton of bricks. It was dark, delicious… and completely unfamiliar. But he liked it, and he wanted more.
His cock, which had softened slightly, sprang up. Tingles raced through his body. Oh gods, so good. He yearned. His wolf wanted nothing more than to roll around in that scent. He sniffed again, more deeply this time.
Gods, what was that other male?
Alpha Montgomery tensed. “I’ll talk with you tomorrow. Tonight we’re celebrating my youngest coming of age.”
“No, I don’t believe so. Why don’t we adjourn to your office?”
Avery hiked an eyebrow. Whoever this guy was, he had balls the size of coconuts. The fact that he was still standing on his feet, in one piece, amazed Avery. Why was his father allowing such disrespect?
“Now!” the stranger snapped.
“Holy shit,” Avery whispered, expecting to see blood flow at any moment. No one spoke to his father that way.
The stranger whipped his head around and stared straight at Avery. Shock hit him square between the eyes. Feet glued to the floor, all Avery could do was stand there, frozen, with his mouth hanging open. Beautifully colored indigo eyes zeroed in on him. Avery had never seen such an unusual swirling mixture of blues and purples for an eye color. They were striking and quite intimidating.
For the first time ever, Avery understood how prey felt. His heart pounded, and his head spun. His mouth was so dry he couldn’t swallow. An instinct he didn’t know he possessed shouted at him to turn, run… to escape. But another yelled at him to get closer, to go belly up for his….
Shit, it can’t be. Just can’t! What was staring at him was the top predator in the paranormal community—a dragon. Nobody fucked with dragons. No one. And somehow, his father had gotten on the wrong side of one.