Friday, March 3, 2017

Finicky Friday - Drunken JELLO Snow Cone

Ooops! Lost track of the days! Seriously, it was just Tuesday a minute ago, lol. So, time for Finicky Friday again... just a tab bit late. ;)

Are you ready to have your adult mind blown? Here you go, the Drunken JELLO Snow Cone.

1C Boiling Water

2C Sprite

1C Vanilla Vodka

2oz. JELLO Mix

Now just put it in the freezer over night and enjoy the next day.

*I noticed that the JELLO packages comes in 3oz, so increased everything by 50% - 1.5 c water, 3 c Sprite (which is 2 12 oz cans, so that's easier anyway), 1.5 c vodka, and a 3 oz pkg of jello. Also, you can experiment: Cherry Vodka and cherry jello. Or Chocolate Vodka and cherry jello.