Friday, February 24, 2012

TGI Friday

      This is the rest from the Lit thread. 

~What's the problem with your current story?  

As I’m writing this I can safely say there is no problem. Right now I’m working on the sequel to Nighttime Wishes. I have it plotted out and know how I want it to end. I guess the biggest thing is making sure it isn’t like The Harvest.

~Providing strangers with orgasms - good for the world?  

I don’t know if anyone actually orgasms for my stories, but if I can cause a tingle I’m on the right track. If what is read stays with a reader, and they think about it some during the day, I’m happy, lol. So yeah, I think it’s good. ;) 

When I first started writing M/M I worried about getting the mechanics right; let’s face it, I’m not gay and I’m not a guy. I’m never going to know what a guy feels when his prostate is being worked.  

I had befriended a couple of gay male authors and asked for their opinion on the sex in my stories. *Laugh* One guy-who hasn’t been on Lit for a long time-said it got him to stroking. By the end of the chapter he had some business to take care of. I’ll never forget that! Mission accomplished, lol.

~Who knows what you write? Who do you wish knew?  

Very few people know. My hubby knows, of course, and my kids. No way to hide all the time I spend on the laptop, lol. Two real life friends know. There’s a couple of authors’ that I’m very close to who know my real name, and that’s it. 

I did tell my mom before she passed away that I was writing erotica. She even read the first chapter of Darkness Awaits when it was on Lit. I had just buried her a week before Darkness Awaits was picked up by Republica Press. I wish she had lived long enough to know that, and to see what’s going on now.

~If you had the chance to become famous as a writer of erotica, would you take it?  

Hmm, that’s a hard one. Frankly, I don’t see myself hitting the big time. I don’t know if I want the pressure of that… and I wouldn’t want my picture plastered all over the place even if I wrote mainstream fiction. Maybe I could use a symbol like the singer Prince did at one point, lol. I could be ‘The author formally known as MA Church…’ 


Okay, maybe not. It would be nice if I could make what I did from my other career though. But honestly, just making something makes me happy. J



  1. What is Nighttime Wishes? Is it a book cause if it is I wanna buy it. I love all of your work so much and I look forward to more. Sara

  2. Hey, and wow, thank you! Yup, it's a new ebook with Romance First Publishing! It's going through edits right now. While I'm waiting for the edits to come back to me I'm working on the sequel called Nighttime Dreams. It's a scifi/mm romance story. The aliens have tentacles. ;)

    I'll be putting much more info as it gets closer to being released. I can't wait to see the cover for this, lol!!!


  3. Mmm, me either. Such lovely imagery to choose from for their inspiration. I hope they come up with a cover worthy of the story.

    As for your stories staying with a reader, I think you've got that nailed. Well before I ever talked to you I was obsessed with your stories, checking constantly for updates on The Harvest. Thank heavens you only had 2 chapters left before the end when I first read it, lol. I think I've re-read it about 4 times now; I like it that much. Awesome imagination and funny little quirks like the alien words naming things being backwards words.

    Plus, your stories always make me smirk at some point; I love the wit you imbue your character's with. You don't have to hit the big time to be a great author! I'm pretty sure your other loyal fans would agree with me too!

  4. Thanks Cia. :) Coming from an another author I admire as much as you that means a lot.


  5. Your stories definitely stay with readers, so you can put a check mark beside that one. :) One of the things I love most about what you do is the banter, the way your characters play with each other. They always sound like they're having fun. Which I think is because you're having fun, too!

  6. Sweet! I can't wait to read another alien story from you. Your stories are awesome. I've even recommended it to another m/m reader/author and now she is hooked! I've personally reread them a few times and still they haven't lost they're awesomeness.

  7. As everybody else stated, you've definitely got nothing to worry about when it comes to your stories sticking with people. They are most definitely memorable.

    I find myself thinking about one or another of your stories sometimes, and as I remember the banter—and okay, yes, even the sex scenes—I do find myself smiling fondly.

    I honestly think you have what it takes to become a famous writer of erotica. If you ever do decide to try to take that route, I'm behind you all the way.

    I'm sorry your mom didn't get to see your Darkness Awaits get picked up and published, as well as your Nighttime Wishes.

    If it's any consolation, while I don't believe in heaven/hell or God, I DO believe in some sort of afterlife, which means I also believe she DOES, in fact, know what's going on with you and your stories. And I'll bet that she's damn proud of you.