Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year!

Good Lord, where did 2012 get off to? Seems like I barely turned around twice and BAM! Here we are in 2013.  

Looking over the last year, I’d have to say it was a good one. I published seven books ;) with four different publishers. Priceless made DSP Best Seller list (made the top 5) which blew my mind. Perfect and Pure are under contract too. I’ve sent Shadows in the Night and The Harvest: Taken (book #1) to them. These two are novel length, so fingers crossed they’re accepted.

Nighttime Wishes, published through Romance First, was nominated for two awards. LOL, I’m not expecting to win; just being nominated is an award all its own. Nighttime Dreams has been released through RFP and the last book in the series, Nighttime Promises will be coming out in 2013.

I also went over to the dark side with Lust and Ice, published by Changeling Press. *Grin* The Bad Boys Club series isn’t my usual sweet romance. Oh no, this is truly a lesser of two evils type of series. Into the Darkness comes out in January and Haunting the Night comes out in March.

The anthology I did with Storm Moon Press was a lot of fun, and Faded Love is probably one of the sweetest stories I’ve ever done. And it’s the first thing I’ve ever had in print, so that’s cool too!

So yeah, as far as my writing career goes, I’m happy with 2012, lol.
My personal life, on the whole, went okay too. The hubby and I have been married nineteen years, and still going good.
I think he’s finally figured out that my writing is a job, not just a hobby. Seeing one of my royalty checks even made him raise an eyebrow in shock, lol. Boy, did I enjoy that!
Our oldest got in some trouble, but sometimes it takes getting the fear of God put in ya to make a person wake up. And he def got a wakeup call, but he also straightened his ass up too. So, as hard as it was seeing my kid in trouble, it was worth it. Even if I did have to spend several thousand dollars and added a few more white strands to my black hair… it was worth it. He’s doing pretty well now.
The younger kiddo is a senior in high school and doing well. She’s president of her high school choir, which means she’s in charge of four choirs, lol. It keeps her busy! She was offered a music scholarship for a university a couple of hours away.
*Beats head again keyboard* She wants to be a high school music teacher. Don’t get me wrong, she has a voice that will bring you to your knees and make you cry… in a good way, lol. But being a teacher is a low paying, often thankless job.
I know firsthand. But then again, she’s talk of being a music teacher since 4th grade. She also got a job recently. Hahaha, she works at a farm here in town that has paintball. She does paintball, guys, how wild is that??? Works with paintball guns and even ref’s the games. And her brother works at the farm too. *Snicker* they work at the same place! What a hoot!  
So come end of summer, one little birdie will fly the nest. And I am perfectly okay with that. J The older kiddo is talking about moving out too. Wasn’t it just yesterday they were babies???
Kitty-Kitty has been with us now for a year. He, ah, keeps me on track... when he isn’t trying to get between me and the laptop!
My goal for 2013 is to get ten books published. I’m half way there with five under contract, and waiting to hear on two more. That leaves just three to write. One will be Nighttime Promises, and the other is a merman story called Entangled I’ve put on hold too often. That will get done this year one way or the other. I have several WIP’s that could end up being the tenth book.  
I also have a co-authored series with Julie Lynn Hayes called Moonlit Skies.  And I plan to attend GRL in Atlanta, GA this October. If you can get over that way, please stop by and say Hi!