Sunday, January 20, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday - 1-20-13

Hey guys! I haven’t done Six Sentence Sunday in a while. This is taken from book #2 in The Gods series, Perfect, which will be released from Dreamspinner Jan 23rd 

Cupid’s on a mission. He’s found his mate, a human called Jeff. Now all that’s left is to claim him. But there’s a problem… in his god form Cupid looks very, very young and he knows the one he wants won’t even look at him as long as he looks like a kid. And that’s not the only problem facing him. There’s the little issue of his alter ego, Jealousy. Then there’s Jeff’s belief that love isn’t for him. Plus, the Hags of Fate keep interfering, albeit indirectly. And oh yeah, there’s Zeus, who isn’t happy with the choice Cupid has made as his mate.

Problems? LOL, oh you bet. For more of Six Sentence Sunday, go here!


Cupid shivered. He planned to assault every sense Jeff owned. He intended to light a fire in Jeff, nurse those eager little flames along until they exploded into a full-fledged inferno, and then… make him wait.

“And I will wait, no matter how much I want it.”

Jeff needed to understand there was such a thing as love—that there were risks involved, but that they were worth it. There were the pleasures of the flesh, and there were the pleasures of the heart.