Monday, January 21, 2013

Dreamspinner Spins Me A Dream

OMG, I have wonderful news! I signed the contract Sunday night with DsP for Shadows in the Night. The release date is July/August. Guys, this will be put out in eBook *and* in print… OMG, in print! *Squeeeee* I can’t tell you how excited I am about this, lol. I screamed so loud when I got the email I scared Kitty-Kitty and the hubby.

This is one of the books I wanted to take to GRL this October, and I hope The Harvest: Taken (book 1) will be the other. I’m giddy, lol. This is something I can actually hold in my hand!

So, as of now I have something come from DsP May/June, June/July, and now July/August. What’s below isn’t the blurb or the excerpt DsP will probably use, but this way you guys will get a feel for the story.

I have to say, this week is looking to be a very good week, lol. ;) Don't forget Perfect will be released by DsP on the 23rd. I'll do a giveaway for that. Plus, the 25th is my birthday, so I'm making this release a birthday bash kinda thing, lol.


Shadows in the Night

Can love and trust take root in soil strewn with half-truths and secrets? As a young child, Chip Riley is ignored and neglected by his wealthy parents. Summers and vacations are spent with his granny, Eva, in a small picturesque town. But there are things he’s not told—like his granny’s gift of sight and the secrets that revolve around the Native American culture…which are withheld from him by the one person he trusts most—his granny. Time marches on and his Granny passes away, leaving Chip her money, home, land… and an Native American shifter that intends to claim Chip as his mate.

Jason Sky has lived since the land was free and buffalo roamed the land. Part of the Original Children of Wha-tay, Jason has watched as some of The Children left the Original Tribe and spread out across the land, thus starting many of the Indian Nations there are today. Little does Jason know that one act of faith, done long ago, will bring him to his mate—a modern man with modern ideas.

But Jason isn’t the only one that has taken note of Jason’s good fortune. There is another that has taken notice, another shifter from Jason’s past that harbors a deep hate.

Chip finds myth is reality, history isn’t what’s been taught in school, and a man who loves him more than life itself.



“Dammit, I should’ve stopped by the grocery store while I was in town.”

There was plenty to eat in the kitchen, but none of the things he liked… fast and easy. Taking a quick shower he dressed and, grabbing his keys, walked outside. The late evening sky reminded Chip of a healing bruise—dark angry blues, violent purples, and sickly greens. Clearly it was going to storm tonight, and from the looks of the sky, it was going to be bad.

“Lord, let me get back before this breaks loose.” Chip backed up, and as he turned his truck around, his lights flashed across an animal at the edge of the woods. Eyes stared at him, then disappeared.

“Huh, wonder what that was? Deer, maybe?” He drove down the gravel driveway to the main road, eyes searching. Last thing he needed was to hit a damn animal.

* * * *

A silhouette moved closer to the house. Greenish-yellow eyes tracked the taillights of the truck until they were gone from sight. A nimble leap, and the creature padded across the front porch. His sensitive nose picked up the new scent of the human male.

Hmm, from the looks of the work he’s done, he plans on staying. Good.

The creature huffed fondly. The young boy had grown into a man and had a lithe, graceful body. His hair, no longer the bright red it had once been, had darkened through the years. A bolt of lightning raced across the evening sky, catching his attention. He glanced up at the darkening skies and frowned.

 Hope he hurries. This storm’s going to be bad.

He nosed around a bit more, taking note of the outside improvements Chip had done. The front of the house looked good, but one thing was missing. With a twitch of his tail, he backed up to the pillar on the front porch and marked his territory, loudly proclaiming his intent.

This human was his.