Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wednesday Briefs

~Hey guy. Since Perfect comes out on a Wednesday and I’m running stuff for that and my b-day for the next several day, I thought I’d post the flash a day early. Julie’s link will be at the bottom so y’all can use that to hop when the rest of the flashes come out Wednesday.

I really didn’t want to skip this, because frankly, it’s hot right now. And I’m going to keep running it as a flash instead of cutting it off. I think this could turn into something and I want to see where it goes. LOL, because I have no idea right now and you guys comments make me think about plot points. J

Welcome to the Wednesday Briefers flash group. The short stories have a maximum of a 1000 word count plus links at the bottom to the other flashers. The prompts for this week are:

"As time goes by..."

or use a winter theme

or use: snow, peeved, water

or "When did you tell me..."

or use a rainbow in your story

or use a rainbow and a unicorn 

or use: handcuffs, silver, basket

I’m using: snow, peeved, water

All That He Desires #5 

“Man, I just saw your mom. She was filling out a change of address form. They’re moving, Jules! How strange is that?”

Jules ran his hand over his bare belly, shocked at what he heard. Frowning, he looked down. On his belly were four lines; scratches really. The dream came crashing back as he dropped the cell. “Oh my God.”

He heard Miles crow into the phone. “I know, right? How weird is it that you were just saying you’d wish they move? And here they are—”

Jules snatched the cell back up. Fuck, his hand was shaking like a leaf. “Ah yeah, man. Look, I got to go. I’ll call you back later.”


Jules hung up, cutting Miles off, his hand still fiddling with the scratches. Miles probably thought he was peeved since he woke him up, but he couldn’t worry about that right now. No, he had something much bigger to worry over, like that damn dream that was bouncing around in his head. He’d put it down as a nightmare, except the proof something happened was etched across his belly. There was no way he’d scratched himself last night while asleep; his nails were nonexistent.


Fear bubbled in his chest, his heart pounded, and his vision wavered. Sweat broke across his forehead and his scalp itched. He jerked his hand back from the scratches. For a moment he thought he’d throw up; spit flooded his mouth. He grabbed the glass of water on the end table by the bed and he drank until the urge passed.

This was crazy, just plain nuts. Things like this happened in the movies or books. He glanced back down. The scratches were still there, they hadn’t miraculously disappeared like he hoped. Kinda hard to argue with that… something had been with him last night.

Oh shit.

As tempting as it was to bury his head in the sand, he didn’t have time to play deny reality right now. Whatever the thing was that visited him last night said it’d be back tonight. Jules ran his other hand through his messy hair while he sat in bed trying to think logically. Logically. He was tempted to laugh hysterically. Logic just flew out the nearest window.

What was he going to do? Find a priest? Perform an exorcism? Join a monastery? Oh wait, he couldn’t have sex if he did that, right? But then again, maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing at the moment. He could run for the hill. Buy a cross? What about a gun? Maybe never fucking sleep again?

 Oh fucking shit.

Was it panic time yet? One part of his brain was yelling there was no better time, while the other side said get a grip and think this through. Information was power. Right now he needed all the power he could get, because something intended to pay him a visit tonight.

I’m about to losing my fucking shit.

He bailed out of bed, stumbling across a pair of boxers on the floor and nearly face-planting on the carpet. Could this day get any worse? Don’t go there, Jules. He yanked them on and rushed to the computer sitting on the desk in his bedroom. What was the name his dream—man, thing, creature—used?

“Right, he said he was áimear—one of the dark lords. Okay, that sounds threatening. What the hell is a dark lord? Nothing good, I bet.” Jules booted up his laptop and went searching. It took a while because he kept misspelling the damn word, but he finally ran across something.

Jules scowled at the searches that were pulled up. “It’s Gaelic for opportunity.” Jules yanked at his hair to keep from snarling at the computer. “Deep breath, dude. Just take a deep, deep breath. Throwing the laptop across the room isn’t an option. Okay, this isn’t helping much. Whatever that thing was… it was more than a word, that’s for sure. He felt entirely too flesh-like.”

And had played his body like a violin. “Yeah, so not thinking about that right now.”

Finally he gave up. There was nothing that really applied to his situation. Jules shoved back from the desk, rubbing his neck. Man, he was stiff. His eyes were drawn to the window. It was snowing, and he hadn’t even noticed. Life altering events tended to do that. The landscape looked silent, pure, and so very white… so normal. Generally he loved when it snowed, but right now he wanted to bawl. His life had been turned on its ear, so why didn’t the world reflect that? 

Jules stood up. “Need coffee. Everything looks better with caffeine zipping through the ole system.”

Jules stalked to the kitchen and promptly goggled at the clock. He’d been at it for over two hours. No wonder he was stiff. His stomach growled now that he had his head out of the laptop. Everything he knew had been rearranged on him, but hey, his stomach didn’t give a damn. Rolling his eyes, he fixed some cereal, then got dressed.

He had class this afternoon, and then there was Miles. He most likely needed to apologize to his best friend for hanging up on him. He had to be pretty pissed since he hadn’t called back or shown up. But then again, maybe it was better Miles stayed far, far away from him. But the way his luck was running Miles would show up right of the heels of that… thing.

Jules sighed. He couldn’t risk that. And it alarmed him to no end that he accepted this was all real and happening. Just one more thing to handle before the big reveal tonight, but at least this little job made sense. Nothing else did at this point.

What was he going to do? 


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