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Welcome Alicia Nordwell and a giveaway!

Hey everyone! Today I have the wonderful Cia on Decadent Delights, and lol, she's talking about delightful things. ;) She also has a contest from now to the 17th. I'll announce the winner here, Twitter, and FB on the 18th. :)

Okay, so y'all pay real close attention to what Cia has to say while I stand over here by these goodies. No, no, no, those are for after Cia gets done talking... Huh? What am I doing? Me? *wipes mouth* Um, I'm ah... Hey! You guys are supposed to be paying attention Cia!!!! *swipes the chocolatly looking thingy and runs*

So, what’s my new eBook about? Cooking! No, not really. It’s a contemporary romance with a paranormal element, which is one of my favorite cross-genres to write. Okay, one of the main characters in Needing You is a chef-in-training though and that plays a lot into how Chris and Niel meet.

If I were to have a job, outside of Mom Extraordinaire, Author, GA Admin, Hubby Go-for, and general awesome Cianess … I’d love to be a pastry chef. There’s just something about creating desserts that look beautiful and dance along your taste buds that appeals to me.


That sensuality is something I also try to bring into my writing as much as possible. I want to engage your senses. I want you to see, smell … taste the story. Well, when that applies. I step into a story when I read one that is well written, so much so that I could swear I was within the character, and I always strive to share that experience with my readers too.

So what do I have for my readers today? I picked this section specifically to share with you in honor of the senses, and no … it won’t be a dinner scene. If you like what you read, share your thoughts in a comment here. I’ll be giving away a copy of my eBook to one lucky winner!



He reached over to tweak Niel's ear; the small blue stone earring the only truly unusual thing about Niel, aside from his beauty. The gentle flick Chris gave him couldn’t have hurt but the small sound Niel made as his eyes closed intrigued him. Slipping out of the chair, he knelt in front of Niel. His fingers caressed the outer curve of one pale ear as Chris watched the pleasure send a shudder down Niel's spine.

"Feel good?" Chris' voice was heated, low and possessive. He loved making the smaller man react to him. He’d wanted to respond to Niel for weeks after they met but forced himself to ignore him to keep his secret safe. He was no longer interested in ignoring him; Chris wanted to make Niel gasp and squirm.

He leaned down and started kissing Niel's neck, soft caresses with his lips interspersed with gentle nibbles. He worked his way up the slender column, noticing several thin ridges, like scars, across Niel’s neck but ignored them in favor of working his way up to ear, to that spot seemed to turn Niel on so much. With the tip of his tongue Chris traced all around the edge of his ear before latching on and sucking on Niel's earlobe.

Niel gasped and shuddered. Chris wrapped one hand in his hair, pulling Niel tight to his body, and held his head still as he undulated and writhed against him. Pulling back, he chuckled at the way Niel moaned in protest.

Niel blinked. "Why'd you stop?" he asked breathily.

His eyes were half-shut and he was panting, his arousal obvious as a bulge pressed against the front of his pants. Chris couldn't resist those barely parted lips. He tilted Niel's head back with the hand still wrapped in his hair and swept in to steal a kiss. Thrusting his tongue inside, he savored the flavors of the bitter coffee they’d had with their sweet cake combined with the unique taste that was Niel alone. Niel slid off the bed and straddled his lap, wrapping his arms around Chris as they greedily tasted each other, oblivious to the minutes as they passed. Their bodies moved, hips rocking against each other; gasps and moans stifled by their kisses as their movements became more and more urgent.

Chris ran his hands down Niel's back to cup his ass and pulled him off the bed to straddle his lap. Their cocks rubbed together, each hard ridge covered by too many layers. He restrained himself from opening Niel’s pants. If the day before had been Niel’s first kiss then he’d definitely never done anything like this.

He contented himself with dipping his fingers just inside the waistband of Niel’s pants, stroking the soft skin just above his ass.


*Whew* Hands out and fans. I know, right? Short, but intense. Do you want to see what happens? Remember, if you want to win a copy of my eBook, comment here and don’t forget your email addy. If you just can’t wait, lol, you can use the buy links below.

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  1. I'm definitely looking forward to reading this! I'm a huge fan of Cia's work. I've been stalking her blog for as long as I can remember *not in a creepy way I swear* just shamelessly enjoying all her free reads ;)

    I would've loved to have some baking skills lol I think the extent of my baking ability is making a cake from the just add water and egg boxes. Even then they turn out lopsided and burnt, my boyfriend is the only one who eats an obligatory slice. After that the sad cake loiters on the counter until its expiry lol sooo I'm definitely lining up at the treat table behind MA Church.

  2. Phew, that was hot and sweet... Just like a chocolate lava cake, decadent and rich. Can't wait to read it. :)

  3. Loved the excerpt! I love Cia's stories and can't wait to read this one too.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  4. Hope I win! :)

  5. Daaannnggg Cia!!!... Hot flashes in the morning! :) I can't wait to read the rest •pick me• lol I'm reading it either way. I wish I could be a pastry chef too!.. I mean I'm decent in the kitchen but I'm more of a semi home cooked person and I wish it was a from scratch kind of deal.. Anyway, thanks god the excerpt and giveaway.. Have a great week.. •pick me• ;)
    Majorsqueenbee at yahoo dot com

  6. LOL! So many great comments already! I'm *blushing* Thank you all so much! TO be fair, the winner will be chosen through ... cause I could never pick from all of you. Keep an eye on my blog and twitter, because I plan to have more contests!

    Thank you so much, M, for hosting me here on your blog today! I can never say enough how much I appreciate all the support I've received from you and a few others as I move, ever so slowly, into publishing.

  7. I want to know what the paranormal element is! Can't wait to read!!

  8. Can wait to read it. It sounds so good so far.

  9. I'm a fan of Cia's writing too, and would love to win her latest release.

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  10. I have to say that I love both of your stories. You two were my first favorites on Lit and the top two blogs in my bookmarks! I am always looking forward to new works from each of you. :D

    1. And of course I forgot my email. *facepalm*

  11. I've always wanted to be a pastry chef, too--I love baking! But then I think about getting up super-early (and about how stressed I'd get cooking for restaurant crowds), and I rethink it. Sigh! The book looks great!


  12. Dang! And wow. Just wow.
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  13. Wow, that was a teaser. I hope I win.

  14. That was some excerpt! The story sounds very hot and heavy. I would love to read it.

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  18. I know the paranormal twist, and I'm not telling. Would love to win a copy of the book, though so I can download it to my kindle. Keep writing Cia, and I'll keep reading.

  19. "...I want to engage your senses. I want you to see, smell … taste the story. Well, when that applies. I step into a story when I read one that is well written, so much so that I could swear I was within the character, and I always strive to share that experience with my readers too."

    Well, just from that short excerpt, I'd say you succeeded rather well. Damn, that was hot and intense. I actually felt like I was a fly on the wall, so to speak, in that scene.


  20. Loved the excerpt! Please count me in! Thanks!!!


  21. ooohh~ Thanks for the excerpt.
    Please count me in on the contest! \^o^/ haha... and enjoyed the post. ;)


  22. Your work is new to me, but I enjoyed that excerpt. Thanks for sharing!

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  23. You make me think I should work on my story that involves my sommelier - the one that was supposed to go along with Belgian Chocolate in an anthology, but at the rate I was writing, I couldn't wait and sold it lol

    I still intend to write that Paradise Lost/Chopped crossover, just you wait and see!

    Would love to read this - I love everything you write. Count me in!