Monday, July 22, 2013

Winner of the Shadows print giveaway...

Guys, let me say first off I wish I could give every last one of you a copy. :) Thank you all.

And the winner is... MommaB. I'll be emailing you shortly. :)

And hang on to you hats, I have something coming early August to celebrate hitting the 300,000 view mark on my blog, lol. I also have a month packed full of guest blogs and a possible giveaway for a Wednesday Briefer. I'm just waiting for her to confirm the dates. :)

Busy, busy month lol. September I have Faded Love being released from Storm Moon. That's the story in the Carved in Flesh anthology. :) Then October will be here! And y'all know what happens in October, right? Hehehe, Book 1 in The Harvest series comes out. ;) If you're curious as to why I broke the series up... all together the story was close to 200,000 words. That's just too long for most publishers. So it had to be two books.

Also, I'll be in the Atlanta area the middle of October for GRL.

Love you guys!