Wednesday, December 28, 2016

ARe Closing

I'm sure everyone has heard about ARe closing on 12/31/16. Make sure to download your library before the site closes.

Per Dreamspinner:
Announcement in response to All Romance eBooks closure notice: If readers pre-ordered Dreamspinner titles on ARe then you will not be able to download them upon release. If rumors are true, ARe will also not refund pre-orders. Therefore, Dreamspinner offers to fulfill readers' pre-paid Dreamspinner pre-orders from ARe. You need to forward the ARe receipt to contactATdreamspinnerpressDOTcom and the customer service department will be sure you receive the eBook at no additional cost to you. Thank you.

So... if you pre-order In Enemy Hands from ARe then let DsP know. I know Resplendence Publishing is doing this too for their pre-ordered titles, along with several others.

My self-pubbed titles are gone from ARe, and I think all of my DsP titles are too. Please, don't buy my ARe titles. I'm not getting paid for those *at all*. That's right. ARe is going to try to keep all those profits. And for all my other titles, the are only paying 10 cents on the dollar.

So yes, first Storm Moon screwed me over and now ARe is.

Please, guys, make sure to download your libraries there. Do it quick. Authors are pulling their books as fast as they can. If the site crashes, keep trying.

As far as ARe's last minute closing, I'm not making any comments until I find out what my options are. Nothing I say would be fit for y'all's ears anyway. I'll just leave it as I'm PISSED and so damn tired of this shit.