Friday, September 14, 2012

Contest-Carved in Flesh!

Hey everyone! Storm Moon's Carved in Flesh is now for sale! In honor of this very special anthology, I'm giving away a copy.

To enter leave me a comment and that email addy! If you want to address the subject of scarsin whatever form or fashion you choosethat's cool! If not, that's also cool. Just make sure to leave some sort of comment so I can enter you in the contest. :)

I'll announce the winner Sunday.

People often say that the true perfection in the human form is in its imperfections. Scars are visceral reminders of a person's past, a sign of an event that can never fade. Whether it was gained in combat, a traumatic experience, or part of a ritual with a lover, scars are the ultimate labels. They leave a permanent mark on the body and spirit that, one way or another, change a person forever.

Faded Love-
A near-fatal car accident leaves superstar model Ashley's face permanently scarred and his career into a tailspin. Only his lover, Will, can pull him out of his depression, provided his affection hasn't turned to Faded Love.

“Will?” Ashley’s hand was gently held and pulled down. Why did Will’s voice sound so funny, like he was hoarse? “Will? What’s going on? Where am I? What’s on my face?”

“Listen to me. You’re in the hospital.”

“Hospital? Why the hell am I in the hospital?” Straining, he was finally able to make out the pale walls, and smell a scent he had always associated with hospitals: cleaners and sickness.

“You don’t remember… anything?” Will bent over Ashley, still holding his hands. God, Will’s skin was so warm, and his was so cold. “Tell me what you remember.”

“Was on my way home from that shoot. You called. I was going to call you back… Will?” Ashley’s voice rose and cracked. “Then, nothing until now. What—what… Will?”

One of Will’s strong hands managed to loosen itself from Ashley’s death grip and brushed Ashley’s hair back from his face. “You’re in the hospital. There was an accident, a bad accident. You were hit on the way home two days ago.”

“Fuck me! Two days ago?” Ashley bit his lip as pain spiked in his ribs. “How bad? Who hit me?”

“It was pretty bad. You have bruised ribs from the impact with the steering wheel, your arm is bruised—not broken—and more bruises over your body. I forgot the driver’s name. They hit you on the passenger side, slammed you into a street light. Two people in the other car died.”

“Died? Jesus.” Every time Ashley tried to lift his hand to his face, Will stopped him. “What’s wrong with my vision? Why can I only see out of one side?”

Gripping his hand, Will hesitated. “You were struck so hard your head hit the driver side window.”

Ashley gripped Will’s hand. There was more, he just knew it. What little he could make out of Will’s concerned face told him that. “And? Tell me, dammit!”

 “The window busted. There was glass everywhere. Oh God, Ashley, I’m so sorry. You were cut. On your face… and—and… there’s going to be a scar.”

“A scar?” Ashley whispered, and then his voice gained in strength as horror stabbed at him. “A scar, on my face? My face? No! Oh my God, no! How bad, Will? How fucking bad?”

Tears soaked Will’s voice. “From the hair line to under your chin. Jesus, Ashley. I’m so sorry.”
The screams from Ashley’s room brought most of the nursing staff at a dead run.



  1. Hi M! I'm looking forward to reading this, I've enjoyed reading that excerpt :D

    Mo x

  2. I loved this story! All right, I love everything you write lol

    People judge others by their scars, but scars lend character and uniqueness. They're visible reminders of our histories, what we've been through.

    Congrats on the release!


  3. I love the concept of this anthology and know the stories will be great.

    Every scar has a story. Someone with a scar (and not all of them are physical) can always point to an experience or lesson. Whatever it is, they survived it, and that means a lot.

    Tali palaistea(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. This sounds like it's going to be a great story

  5. I love the excerpt. This sounds like a very good story.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  6. Very interesting excerpt, I'm eager to read the rest of it.

  7. I pre-ordered the book so please don't include me in the contest.

    Such an intriguing premise about scars and how a person deals with them and/or how they were obtained. I'm really looking forward to reading your story.


  8. I loved the excerpt- it made me want to read the rest of the story.

    As for scars, I think acceptance depends on a lot of things. For instance, how big is it? Where is it located (especially if it can be seen by others)? How did you get it, and are the memories pleasant or painful? Mostly it would depend on your self-image. If you have a good one, almost any scar can be laughed off. But if yours is crappy, the smallest imperfection will be magnified into a huge crisis.

    1. Oh sorry. I forgot my email:

  9. Wow I can remember your first submission to Lit with Harvest and Wicked telling us we were in for a ride, what a ride it was. You have changed so much from then to n
    ow. Isn't it amazing =) I love all your stories and am eagerly waiting.....

    And OMG you actually used Kaylo's name...Whats Docs???

  10. Hey M! Let me just say that this excerpt sounds REALLY good. And interesting. :D I'm really glad you've been getting your stuff published. You're definitely talented enough. :)

    Scars... Everybody has different views on scars--as with everything else. My view is that scars lend character and and uniqueness to a person. I also think that they're hot. :/ And I agree with Cliffgirl about it depending on a lot of things.

    Yours Truly :P

  11. You always create so much mystery and enthusiasm in your works. I check your blog daily just cause...ya know. Hope you have lots more releases.
    My favorite's still harvest. And I can't believe it took Dale and Kenyo like twelves years to concieve again with his aggressive dna. But I love it no matter what!!!

  12. I really wanna read this one b/c as I mentioned before, an accident and many surgeries later, I have a ton of scarring on my back. It's hard. It really affects your sense of self-I do think about it when I think of having a new partner and wondering if it will be a turn off seeing those scars on my back. It's something also that you can't escape... a record of events/surgeries etc that won't go away. I'm no model lol, but I do know how scars can have a deep effect on you and your self-esteem, etc.
    oh you know my email lol

  13. I'm super excited to read your new book. Unfortunately I have absolutely nothing interesting to say about scars at the moment. Too early.

  14. I think scars can be fascinating but also cause hesitancy. I have friend at work with a simple scar above her heArt that I have yet to feel we were somewhere I wanted to ask about it. SusanB
    Sebrewster @ hotmail dot com

  15. I've been looking forward to this one since it was announced ;)

  16. I'm looking forward to this anthology. My favorite way to find new authors is through anthologies.

    My email is asta1999 (at) gmail . com

  17. Sounds very, very intense, but also fascinating. I watch a lot of hockey, so I don't mind a scar or two. :-)


  18. This sounds like some really good reads! And I know that I just won 3rd place last weekend but what the heck! lol

  19. Wow, I feel for Cannd, since I, too, have scars. I gained massive scarring on my right leg, plus different cuts in a few other places from a car accident that could have easily paralyzed or killed me. I've always had problems with those scars and how I feel about how the event changed my body and my life forever. It is a visceral subject for me at times, and I can only imagine the different ways the authors in the anthology took the theme. It sounds very interesting.

    Oh, and you also know my email. ;)

  20. I have been looking forward to this antology for a long time. Everybody reacts differently to scaring, and time will change the perpective of it to. My sister was attacked by a dog when she was very small, leaving many scars on her face including 17 stiches to her forhead. She went through some rough patches growing up but eventually scar fades, both emotional and physical. She even modeled in her twenties. All this to say that I'm very intrigue to see where those story go.