Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Briefs

Welcome to the Wednesday Briefers flash group. The short stories have a maximum of a 1000 word count plus links at the bottom to the other flashers. The prompt for this week is: "Suffer the little...." or use one of the alternate prompts:

Use: three, hairy, billiard ball

or "When can I see you again?"

or "He/she said what?"

Use: scales, tradition, engine

or use: dapper, dandelion, direct

or "If I were you, I'd..."

I’m using: "If I were you, I'd..."

The Waiting Game-Part 3 

“Thirty minutes to recuperate, then we start again. Is the plug still vibrating?” Mac grinned when Hal nodded his head. “Good.”

* * * *

Hal lay on the bed, pleasure ruling his body. Wave after wave washed through him as the ropes held him close. When Mac first bound him, he’d been worried he’d feel restricted—and the ropes did do that, but they also brought about a feeling of security. He could let go and trust Mac to take care of him. As they experimented, Hal found he didn’t care much for the S & M side of BDSM. A little light pain was all he could handle, and Mac hadn’t pushed him to go farther.

“Time to start.”

Hal shivered on the bed as the nipple clamps and cock ring were replaced. As soon as Mac spoke, Hal’s cock hardened completely. He heard Mac moving around the room, but couldn’t see thanks to the blindfold. What was he doing now?

“If I were you, I’d prepare myself.”

That, and the sound of something cutting through the air, was his only warning. A sharp sting on the inside of his spread thighs had him swallowing hard. The pain was by no means bad, more startling. There was edge, a bite to the pain, a warning of what could come next. The sting spread out and headed straight for his cock and his mind scrambled. What the hell was Mac wielding?

Without sight he couldn’t figure out what Mac… oh God, yes, yes, he did know what was being used. The fly swatter. This one was strictly used for their play. It was the only thing, so far, they’d found that gave him just enough pain without being too much. His cock jumped against his belly as nervousness and excitement flowed through him. Hal grunted as the muscles in his legs tightened for the next hit.

“Figured out what that was, huh, my sweet sub?”

Several more blows rained down—some were on the inside of his thighs, but a few hits were on the outside of his legs, his calves. Hal twisted in the ropes, moaning wantonly. Bits of pain mixed with the pleasure. He needed… oh, oh, yes! His body arched as another hit landed. The sweet sting circulated through him, heightening his need, before focusing on his aching cock.

“How nicely your skin reddens for me….” Mac bent down and kissed a mark. “How hard your cock is. You make me proud, Hal. So sexy in your submission.”

Hal’s hips thrust, his cock weeping his desire on his belly… frantic for relief, fighting for something… desperately fucking the air. He needed, oh God, he needed.

Mac stroked that lovely piece of meat that strained for attention. “Beautiful, just beautiful. So flushed and hard for me… wanting.”

Hal whimpered into the gag, his body going limp against the restraints… begging for what he needed.  

Mac stripped off his clothes. He knew that sound—Hal was nearing the end of his control. He eased the plug out and gently blew against Hal’s twitching hole that begged to be filled with him, not silicone. He spread the lube on himself and added a bit more to Hal. No pain would be involved in this. He’d driven Hal up to aching heights; it was now time to bring him crashing down gently.

Mac pulled off the blindfold, and Hal’s shining eyes focused on him. Quickly he released the ropes and the gag. He did not, however, undo the chain holding Hal’s wrists hostage. Mac positioned himself between Hal’s legs, bent over him, and kissed his lover. Their tongues dueled, lashing together, enforcing the bond between them.

“I love you, Hal. You are mine—my one and only. My heart. Let me see your pleasure, hear it from your lips. Give it all to me.” And with that he hooked Hal’s legs over his arms and slammed inside.

“Oh! Oh…” Hal threw his head back and yelled… not from pain, but from finally being filled with what he needed… filled by his mate. “Yours!” His legs tightened around Mac’s hips, pulling Mac closer, urging him in farther. “Oh, fuck! Yes, yes…right here! Take me! Oh God, sir…”

Mac rode Hal hard, hips snapping as he pounded his lover, their eyes locked on one another. Moans and soft, startled screams filled the air as Mac made love to the other half of his soul.

“Can I—can I come?” Hal gasped as Mac repeatedly thrust inside. “Please, sir.”

“Say… my… name,” Mac growled above Hal. His body gleamed with sweat, his hair falling in his eyes. “Say it…”

“Mac,” Hal whispered, obeying the need he heard in Mac’s voice. “Fill me, love.”

“Oh, fuck.” Mac threw his head back, teeth gritted. “Come!”

Bodies moving, writhing—sliding against each other as pleasure rushed forth claiming them—both men came together in a wild chorus of sounds.

Mac was the first to recover. Easing his body down next to Hal, he petted and stroked the trembling muscles, mumbling soft, meaningless words of comfort. Tired, but happy, whimpers reached his ears as Hal lay quietly next to him.

“Mac, unchain me, please? I want to touch you.”

Mac rolled over to the bedside table, retrieved the key to the cuffs and unlocked Hal. Immediately Hal’s hands were on him, smoothing over abs, through his hair, over his face.

“Missed you,” Hal sighed.

“Missed you too, babe. And thank you. That was worth the price of being gone.” Mac held Hal close, his eyes traveling over Hal. The red marks left by the fly swatter were already fading. “I love you so much.”

Hal snuggled in closer. “Love you too. Always.”

“Always,” Mac agreed as he turned out the lights.

The end.

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