Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Briefs

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Wednesday Briefers flash group. The short stories have a maximum of a 1000 word count plus links at the bottom to the other flashers. The prompt for this week is: "Yesterday, you said..." or use the alternate prompts:

Use: blessing, blacksmith, blunder or

"When did you become such a ....?" or

use some sort of dance in your story or

use: trail, whisper, divine or

"Maybe next time we can...."

I’m using: “Yesterday, you said…”


The Waiting Game-Part 1

“You’re on your way home? Oh, thank God!”

Mac smiled into his cell as he drove one-handed down their street. “Yes, babe. Actually, I’m about to pull in the drive.”

Hal Franks ran a hand through his hair and looked out the bedroom window. Sure enough, there was a flash of lights in the driveway. “Oh jeez, really? But yesterday you said…”

“I know, but things wrapped up early.” Mac turned off the vehicle and opened the driver’s door. “Remember what I said I wanted as my coming home gift?”

Hal blushed to his knees. Oh, he knew that tone. “Yes, sir.”

“You have thirty minutes.”

Hal hung up his phone and hurried to accomplish the task they’d talked about last night. Stripping, he opened the toy chest. He slipped a blindfold around his neck and grabbed a gag, then hunted for the plug Mac had wanted him to use. He set the vibrating butt plug on low, lubed it up, and eased it into his ass. He grunted as the widest part stretched his ring before sliding inside. He should’ve taken the time to loosen his hole, but time wasn’t something he had much of at present.

He really didn’t want to start the night off with a spanking because he hadn’t obeyed orders. Playful spanking was one thing—punishment spanking was quite another. The bright flare of pain passed finally and he moved on to the next thing on his ‘to do’ list. He picked up the cock ring and slid it on his dick.

“Oh shit,” Hal closed his eyes and fought down his body’s  urges.

Just the thought of what tonight would bring had his balls churning. Once he had things under control, he opened his eyes. Taking a deep breath, he picked up the nipple chain and clamped his nipples and positioned himself on the bed. The sting from his clamped nipples had him swallowing a moan. He hoped his master, Mac, was in a generous mood or there was a good chance he’d come without permission tonight. He was that needful.

He picked up the rope that always stayed under the bed, his hands trembling. There were hooks attached to both sides of the bed frame and the rope was already secured to the hooks. It was the perfect set-up to tie his legs open. Hal sat with his knees pointing up to the ceiling and looped first one pre-knotted noose around his knee, then the other pre-knotted noose around his other knee. Ropes around his ankles attached to the ropes around his knees. Hal finished up the knots holding him hostage and tested the give. Perfect.

There would be no closing his legs now, no matter how much he struggled. His cock throbbed harder at the thought. Panting slightly, he removed the gag from the night table. Hal stared at it, then slipped the ball into his mouth and buckled it around his head. The firm, red ball rested on his tongue—now his ability to speak was taken from him. Tingles raced from his head to his toes, and he still wasn’t done with all he needed to do.

Hal lay back on the bed and pulled the blindfold that rested around his neck over his eyes. Darkness surrounded him. Now sight was taken from him. His excited whimpers sounded against the gag as his dick throbbed. Fear and pleasure crashed through his body, sending him into overdrive. Hal took a minute to settle his nerves, then reached for the cuff attached to the center bedpost. With a click, one wrist was secured.

Now, this was the hard part—in more ways than one way. He rested his free wrist in the other cuff. There was only one thing left to do. Could he do it? Could he purposely bind himself—make himself helpless until his partner came inside and release him? Heart pounding, he fumbled around until he heard the click of the other cuff.

Once again he whimpered against the gag, fear battling to overcome excitement. Oh God, he was tied opened, helpless, clamped, gagged, blindfolded, and plugged. The cock ring tightened even more. He might be afraid, but his dick was hard as a brick. The low-level buzzing from the plug buried deep within his ass had precome leaking from his dick. Now… he waited.

* * * *

Jay Mackinnon, known as Mac, checked his watch one last time. There were still ten minutes to go. Mac rubbed his hand over his stiff cock while he imagined what was taking place upstairs. He tried to focus on the gentle waves and soft light from his in-ground pool in front of him, but couldn’t. He grinned. The day before he left, he had chained Hal to the handrail in the shallow end of the pool and teased him unmercifully for several hours before fucking him. That end of the pool was shaded, so he hadn’t had to worry about Hal’s fair skin burning.

He checked his watch once more. Thirty minutes had finally passed. He unlocked the door to his home and entered. After his five days at a work conference, they were both ready for him to get home. And he’d told Hal, his submissive, just what exactly he wanted to come home to.

Of course, if Hal ever tied himself up like this without him there to protect him, Mac would beat his ass until he couldn’t sit for a week. Which was why he sat on the back porch while Hal got ready. Never would he let his sub take such a risk. Anything could happen, and while tied, Hal was helpless.

Mac looked up the stairs and grinned. His sub was up... helpless and waiting. The least he could do was let Hal know he was in the house. Mac walked up the stairs slowly. But that didn’t mean the game was about to start.

Part #2 will be next week. :)