Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I saw this on a Lit thread, found it interesting and thought I’d give it a try. There’s two parts of this. I’ll try to get the next part later.  

~Why do you write erotica?
Whoa boy, how to answer that? Better yet is why write m/m erotica? Let’s see, November of 2009 I ran across Literotica’s GM category. The first person I read was Pelaam. OMG I was hooked. I mean totally hooked, guys. I read everything she wrote in a matter of days and drooled all over the computer the whole time.

That’s when the erotica bug bit me, lol. I *had* to try to write something like that. 
I’ve always had stories kicking around in my head that were a bit kinky. Thanks to Lit I’d found a market for it, then later led to eBooks. I knew writing m/m erotica was what I had to do. 
By the way, she’s still one of my all time fav’s. 

~What purpose, if any, do you think YOUR erotica serves? 
I don’t know that it actually ‘serves’ a purpose, but I’ve had some touching emails from Lit feedback since I started. Just knowing I inspired someone, or made someone’s day better… Well, that’s special and brings such a feeling of joy. 
I don’t consider my stuff stroke-well, not including the short stories on my blog. There’s a plot hidden in all the sex, lol, and usually a meaning. But some of the emails have moved me to tears and *that’s* what drives me. 
Being told I transported someone to another world… and for a while they believed in happy ever after is… I can’t put it in words. But I know how they feel because there are books that transport me. And for a while reality recedes; I can relax and have fun.

~From where does that plot bunny run?
Oh good Lord, lol. A plot bunny can come from anywhere. This is what the Urban Dictionary calls a plot bunny: An idea for a story (usually used to refer to fanfic) that gnaws at the brain until written.
That pretty much sums it up, lol. They come from TV, dreams, listening to people talk, seeing things around me… just anything. The Harvest came from overloading on SG1 one night. Cupid (Cam) wasn’t a plot bunny, he as an imp that refused to go away, lol. 
Jude, my vampire from Kiss Me Deadly, hit me one night while cooking dinner. Yes, there was lots of religious ref’s in that story; but I’ve always wondered where things like silver burning them, sunlight killing them, why they need blood came from… and I ended up providing answers for my vamp from the bible. 
I got hit with a plot bunny Monday night. I took my cat to the vet and then worried the rest of the day about how he acted after. He was sluggish and off his feed. God, I felt so bad, so guilty. 
Now this is the cat that adapted us not long ago as some of you know. Well, woke up Tuesday morning with an idea for a story about a cat who adopts a human. Note the word ‘human’… big hint there. ;) God, I couldn’t get out of bed fast enough to write it down. 
Bingo… plot bunny. LOL.