Sunday, February 19, 2012

Quick Note


I won a book from the Valentine's Contest that Babes in Boyland ran! And even better, I got the book I had my eye on. ;) Okay, the cover caught my attention first. Anytime I see a cute guy with a blindfold I'm there, lol. Throw some cuffs in the mix and I'm *really* there!

The blurb sounded interesting, too. Then I got the email from Piper telling me I placed, went to look to see what books were left and... the book I wanted was still available! Hot damn, what luck.

The book is called Razor's Cut by Xara X. Xanakas. And I loved it. I do wish it had been longer, but I still loved it. Liked it so much I joined the blog the author has, lol, so I can keep up with what's coming. :)

Here is the Goodreads link :