Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Interview with Dale from The Harvest Pt 1

~What are some of the things the children do with Keyno? I know he likes to throw them up in the air but is there something that just the three of them like to do without you around?

Oh, he makes sure he has plenty of play time with them. Keyno and the twins fish for tuort at the waterfall and he’s showing them how to use a spear like his ancestors used. He also is working with both on their tracking and stalking abilities.

And, god help me, he’s trying to get them interested in restoring this old flyer he found at a local space junk yard. I have to say Szin has shown more interested in that than Raiden. But then Raiden likes stalking more than Szin. Not a big surprise, either.

~I was thinking along the line of how you were such a help to John when he first came on board. Though the new Earthlings had the opportunity to choose to come, have you thought of possibly starting a support group for any who are having a hard adjustment?

Soon after we landed I checked into that very thing. Even though they had volunteered to come, it stood to reason there might be problems adjusting. The very first thing I did was arrange several doctors to come speak to these guys about the DNA mutating process. Doc was one.

I wanted the new mates to clearly understand what would happen then, and what would happen down the road. Human males do not grow up thinking about having children, not in this way at least, and it can play havoc with your mind. One of the things I screamed at Keyno in the beginning was that he was taking my manhood from me. 

Then I found mates who were willing to be… I guess mentors. This way the new mates had access to someone they could talk to and also, build a friendship with. Chad, John, and I all did this. The great thing is I made a new friend. This is all new territory for us, but I think it’s going good. *Laugh* we’re working the bugs out as we go, I guess you could say.

~What feature of the society in which you now live is the most unlike Earth, and which have you found it most difficult to adjust to?

Everything is different here. If I wanted a diamond tennis bracelet I reduplicated it, if I wanted a Coke… same thing. *laugh* Of course diamonds are nothing more than rocks here. Maybe that’s the hardest thing to adjust to. What was important on Earth has little meaning here.  

~Has having a baby changed you fundamentally? Has it made you feel less human?

Oh you bet having young changed me. I mean, I never dreamed I would give birth. What man does? Biology speaking, Earth men dodged that bullet. Then… I’m altered to have young. That’s hard enough to adjust to, but I had to go and have twins and do it the old fashioned way.

I’d have to say I don’t feel human anymore. I’m not, really. Earth isn’t ‘home’ to me now. I told Keyno once that if given the chance to return I wouldn’t take it. 

~It must have been quite a culture shock to go back to Earth after having submersed yourself so completely in a completely alien society. Was there anything that you had already forgotten about life on Earth, anything that shocked you on your return?

Ta’Nar is ruled by one person. It was strange to return to Earth and see so many countries fighting for things like oil, land, religious beliefs. There are so many governments and no one can seem to agree. Hell, look at the U.S. government. I guess I had forgotten how split Earth is as far as having so many different ruling bodies and their inability to get along.

I guess the other thing would be that same-sex relationships are still frowned upon by so many.  If I want to hold Keyno’s hand while we’re out, then I do. I don’t worry about someone freaking out, getting upset and calling me names. It’s disappointing Earth hasn’t progressed past this. 

~How are the kids? Are they still in the public eye for being twins? Are most people curious or hostile? Are the children aware they're different to other children? If so how do they cope? How do they respond to curiosity/violence?

They are doing well! Yes, there’s still a lot of curiosity about them, but I guess that’s normal, considering. Raiden takes it in stride, but Szin is beginning to notice he’s considered different. Some would say… less. But if Keyno hears them, well…

I don’t know yet how Szin will react to that later on; it may be a problem for him. Szin becomes  quiet when it’s mentioned he looks human, and Raiden wants to stomp on anyone that makes fun of Szin for it.

I worry about Szin sometimes. He’s the deep thinker of the family. Yeah, they know they’re different. Not much getting around that, you know? Just the fact they are part of the royal family makes them different, then throw in this.  

~Are you happy?

Oh, I am very happy. That’s not to say I don’t miss my family; I do. It’s not like I can hop on a plane and go see them, you know? Or pick up a phone and call my mom for advice. Family is very important to me as most of you guys know. But I have another family here, and we’re close. 

~Are you psychic now and if so does that make the kids psychic?

After Szin and Raiden were born I lost the connection I shared with them. No one knows why; for that matter, no one knows why I had it to begin with. But there are times I think they are able to communicate with each other psychically. There’s this look they get, usually right before they sneak off to plan something. *laugh* I really can’t explain it. 

~You and Keyno are very close to Cielo (Colt) and Ti. Have you thought about living together?

Naw. We are close but we all live different lives and have different responsibilities. Ti is still very involved with his home planet just as Keyno is. Just living close to each other is enough. 

~Hello Dale how are you, I have enjoyed your travels with Keyno. Just curious of the activities that you do with the other bearers on the ship? It’s a big ship and the crew members and their mates are quite extensive.

Hey! I’m doing good! Hmm, I guess it depends on the mission. Sometimes we hang out in Ten Forward, that’s a good place to unwind, have a light meal, talk, play some games or whatever. Then there’s the Holo Deck. That’s cool. There are shops that offer all kinds of stuff. Sometimes we go to the nursery area and play with the young. 

~How often do you visit other planets?

Pretty often. We go to Onfre some, and of course Aploi. There’re a few planets the Ta’Narians have treaties with that we may be able to visit later. That’s still up in the air right now.

*Part 2 of the Interview will be up very soon, guys.