Friday, February 3, 2012

TGI Friday

Are Ya Ready For Some Football??? 

So the Super Bowl is this Sunday, and yes, I’m a huge football fan. Unfortunately, my Steelers didn’t make it this year. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers, right? There are still hot guys in tight pants hitting each other hard and ending up in interesting positions.
Okay, that’s not the only reason I watch football. But it’s sure as heck a nice benefit!
I do actually know the game; I’ve watched it for many, many years. I’ve yelled at the TV and threatened bodily harm to anyone that got between me and the screen. No kidding. Friends have learned not to call me, come by, and even sit next to me during game time.
So, bring on Sunday! If you’re a Giants or Patriots fan I wish you the best of luck. Let’s hope the TV commercials are worth a damn this year, too. Those are nearly as good as the game. No comment on the half-time show, lol.  
*I may have to revisit this pic at a later date for a short story. It’s damn hot, lol, and many things came to mind! *Wink*