Tuesday, February 14, 2012

White Satin Dreams

A intimate dinner for two at their favorite restaurant, an overnight stay at a quaint bed and breakfast down the road—the bedroom filled with dozens of red roses, soft candlelight and a bottle of Champagne chilling near the bed—and a night of hot, steamy love was what Adam had planned to give Blaine for Valentine’s Day.  
Now, thanks to his stupid transmission dying a week ago, all his sexy plans had gone up in smoke. The cost to repair the transmission was ridiculously high and now he didn’t have the money for his decadent night of pleasure. Blaine had been very understanding but Adam had still moped for days, disappointed their plans had to be cancelled.
Today was Valentine’s Day, and now Blaine had his own special treat planned for Adam. 
* * * *
Adam let himself in their apartment and immediately noticed all the lights were off. A glass candle burned on the kitchen bar, casting a soft light. The scent of roses permeated the room and wrapped around him, teasing his senses. On the bar was a red envelope addressed to him. Shrugging out of his suit jacket, Adam hurried to the bar and laid down his present.
Adam grinned as he threw his jacket over the back of the bar chair and loosened his tie. Blaine had been acting oddly for the past two days. A soft little smile had graced his lips and his icy blue eyes sparkled with mischief. When Adam questioned Blaine, all he got was a kiss on his lips and a wink.
“Trust me, you’ll love it,” Blaine had promised.
Picking up the present, he left the kitchen. Another candle set on a table in the hallway, casting enough light so Adam could follow the trail of puffy silk hearts to the bedroom door. Another red envelope was taped on the closed door. Adam, his heart thumping with excitement, opened it.
Love puts the fun in together, the sad in apart, and the joy in a heart. ~Author Unknown.
Sweet quote, huh babe? What that means to me is it doesn’t matter where we are as long as we are together, Adam.  Here, there or yonder… as long as I’m in your arms it matters not. So, come inside and be my Valentine.
A knot formed in Adam’s throat as he read the message again. Only Blaine could come up with the perfect way to dig him out of his funk about their cancelled plans. This gesture was something he would treasure for the rest of his life.
Holding the envelope in his hand he opened the door and stepped into a white satin dream of Blaine’s making. 
“Oh my god, Blaine,” Adam whispered.
The bed was covered in white satin sheets forming a perfect backdrop to Blaine’s lightly tanned skin. Several candles threw soft shadows on the ceiling and jazz music played softly. More puffy red hearts decorated the bed, surrounding Blaine’s body. 
“Happy Valentine’s Day, baby,” Blaine said as he grinned from the bed.
The white briefs with little red hearts Blaine was wearing had Adam’s mouth watering, as did the obvious bulge those skimpy briefs struggled to contain. He dropped his present by the bed and quickly stripped off the rest of his suit, his dick slapping against his stomach as he jerked off his boxers. One of Adam’s knees hit the bed then he stopped and stared down at Blaine. 
“You are…” Adam shook his head as his hand brushed across Blaine’s treasure trail. “I’m so lucky. Thank you, babe.”
Blaine smiled slightly as he grabbed Adam’s hand and pushed it against his heart-covered dick. “I’d say we’re both lucky. Now, are you going to unwrap your gift or just stare at it?”
Adam pulled off the sexy heart underwear and pulled Blaine’s body over his into a sixty-nine position. Blaine was as well-endowed as he, just a bit shorter and thicker. Adam nibbled at the head of Blaine’s dick, tasting precum. Bobbing his head up and down the thick shaft in his mouth, he listened to Blaine’s grunts of pleasure. 
Not to be outdone, Blaine sucked Adam’s dick into his mouth, determined to make Adam moan just as hard as he was. Adam trembled as Blaine wrapped his arms around Adam’s hips and urged him closer as he let Adam’s dick slip farther into his mouth. Blaine tapped Adam on the ass and finally Adam clued in to what Blaine wanted. 
Adam thrust his hips, face-fucking his lover and enjoying the gurgling noise coming from Blaine. Lost in the pleasure, his hand roamed Blaine’s ass. He jerked when his fingers brushed across something sticking out from the very hole in which he had planned to bury his fingers. 
The little minx had a butt plug buried in his ass. Delighted by the find, he wrapped his fingers around the base and slowly fucked Blaine, twisting and turning the plug, working it deeper into Blaine’s ass and rubbing his hot spot. There was so much precum from Blaine’s dick it was dribbling down Adam’s chin. 
Now the sounds coming from Blaine outdid Adam’s.
“Stop!” Adam gasped as he pulled the plug out from Blaine’s ass slowly. “I want to come in you.”
“Oh god,” Blaine hissed as he let go of Adam’s dick. “Just a little more and I would’ve” 
“Yeah, I know,” Adam said as he slapped the ass wiggling above him. “Hands and knees, you little minx. When you come, it’ll be with me in you.”
“At lease you don’t have to wait now,” Blaine smirked as he rolled to his knees.
Adam’s fingers sank into Blaine’s hips as he moved behind him. “Good thing.”
He slammed in, all the way to the root. The slickness of the lube and the heat had him biting his lip fighting not to come. The plug had loosened Blaine enough that there was no resistance as he slammed home.
Blaine, overcome by the stunning act, yelled as his channel was stretched wide and filled with hot, throbbing dick. Pleasure washed over his body as he dropped his head onto the bed, tilting his ass up higher. There was no pain, only that act of domination that made him what more. He wiggled his hips, wanting Adam to move, damn it.
Adam didn’t waste time as he rammed down into Blaine, slamming in and out as hard as he could, nailing Blaine’s prostate every time. With his ass tilted up in the air, Blaine was helpless under the onslaught of pleasure Adam forced on him. 
“Oh fuck!” Blaine cried as his hands grasped the bed. “Gonna come!”
“Yeah, come for me,” Adam said as he reached around and stroked Blaine’s swinging dick. “Scream for me...”
That did the trick. Blaine buried his face in a satin pillow and screamed his pleasure. His channel tightened up and pushed Adam into his orgasm. Both gasped as Adam’s hot seed flooded Blaine. 
“Now that’s a Valentines’ present,” Blaine said as Adam eased both of them down onto the bed.
“You nut,” Adam laughed, pulling Blaine close.
“Yup, did that too.”
Adam held Blaine as their breathing evened out. “I got you something, also.”
“Sure did. Hold on,” Adam leaned over the bed and picked up the half dozen roses he’d dropped. 
“Aww, babe!” Blaine grabbed the roses, then frowned. “What’s this?”
Blaine pulled a silk rose out. The rest were real.
“Read the card,” Adam said.
Five real roses and one fake equals six red roses. I'll love you until the last one dies. Happy Valentine's Day, my love.

Happy Valenetine's Day, guys. *Hugs*