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Tuesday Teaser


FRIDAY ROLLED around and brought with it a rather heated argument between him and Austin. Since Austin had reacted so negatively to the idea of a spider shifter, he’d suggested Austin skip the meeting.

Kage wasn’t fond of the idea since there were hunters in San DeLain, but Austin should be safe enough at home, especially if he left Maia there.

Austin had suggested Kage check himself. Sometimes current slang baffled Kage, but he understood Austin clearly—Austin was coming with Kage.

Once they were dressed, they went downstairs. Kage took his cell phone out and sent a text message to Denisha and Maia. Both of them would be attending this meeting with him.

“Is there anything I need to know before we get there? Any rules or protocol I need to know when dealing with the other paranormals there?” Austin asked.

“For you, no.”

“What do you mean, ‘for you’?”

“Only that you’ll still be considered human by many there, even though we’re mated and you take my blood. Which, technically, is stupid since you are mated to me and you do have my blood in you. But you’re not born or turned.”

“Why do I have the feeling that I’m at the bottom of the food chain?”

“Just be yourself, babe.” Then Kage paused. “And maybe not wander off by yourself. There’s going to be a lot of people there with massive egos.”

Austin rubbed his hands over his face. “Great.”

They took the elevator to Kage’s private garage where Denisha and Maia were waiting next to one of the black armored SUVs. Maia drove them there, and Denisha sat up front with her while Kage was in the back with Austin.

Beau Monde was like any other ridiculously expensive restaurant in San DeLain—lots of windows, great location, and elegance that bordered on ostentatious.

The dark woods and low lighting, along with fireplaces, ocean views, and splurge-worthy meals gave the place a romantic feel. There were limos, sports cars, and SUVs parked all along the street. Maia got as close as she could and parked.

Austin reached for the door handle.

Kage rested his hand on Austin’s knee. “Wait.”


“Let Denisha open the door.”

“Um, why?”

“Because, trust me, there are many eyes on us, and appearances are everything, especially dealing with powerful paranormals. Also, let Maia make sure the coast is clear.”

“I feel like I’m in a bad mafia movie.”

Kage snorted. “Just like with the human mafia, swagger is everything in our world.”

Denisha opened the passenger door for them. As soon as they stepped out, Kage buttoned his jacket as he waited on Austin to join him. He made sure to wipe all amusement and affection from his face, leaving only haughty indifference.

To the outside world, he was Elder Kage Dargan, leader of the daemons of San DeLain clan. Maia and Denisha also wore the same expression.

Then Austin stepped out.

Kage barely suppressed his grimace. No haughty indifference there. A blind person could see the purity and goodness in Austin. Kage was fully aware there were certain paranormals inside that restaurant who’d want to corrupt such loveliness… or terrorize it.

Fuck him running. Before the night was through, someone was going to step out of line and end up in the middle of Antarctica, weren’t they?

Resting his hand on the small of Austin’s back, they followed Denisha inside. Maia brought up the rear. Isadora had darkened the smart windows for privacy. Round tables were set up for the paranormal leaders of San DeLain.

One of the two werewolf packs was already in attendance. Kage tentatively used the mind link he shared with Austin. Austin?

Austin jerked slightly as they walked but didn’t react otherwise. Holy moly, that never gets old! What’s up?

I thought I would give you a who’s who.


See the lovely Asian lady? She’s the alpha of the Cross River pack. Their territory is located on the eastern side of San DeLain. I’ve never met the alpha, but I’ve heard good things about her.

The alpha is a woman?


They were considered a progressive pack, especially since their alpha was female. Alpha Li Li Kim and her mate, Jerome Benton, were already seated. Two wolves were with them. Kage assumed they were the alpha’s enforcers. All of them were dressed in suits.

Kage didn’t see anyone at a table for the Crimson Fangs pack, and he breathed a sigh of relief. If anyone was going to cause trouble, it would be them. They were considered nothing more than thugs by the San DeLain paranormal community. Their territory was to the south of the city.

See the man with long black hair that’s parted in the middle?


That’s the Master of the City, Raven St. Clair. He took over the position about one hundred years ago. He’s based downtown—not far from us, actually. He’s a vampire.

Whoa. A vamp!

Master Raven was hard to miss since he and his three vampires looked as if they were attending a goth/Victorian/steampunk ball. As far as Kage knew, Raven was not mated.

Kage was actually surprised to see someone sitting at the table reserved for the gargoyles. They rarely interacted with other paranormals. Okay, see the two men sitting alone at a table? They’re gargoyles.

Oh my God, gargoyles?

Yes, babe. The slender one is their king. His name is King Hereward Tywyll. I don’t know who that big brute of a gargoyle is with him. Probably protection. They lived north of the city, and their land butts up against Hudson’s. Both dragons and gargoyles like the mountains.

Finally, there were the merfolk, who again, Kage was surprised to see in attendance. Generally speaking, mers did not concern themselves with the matters of land dwellers, but the hunters had kidnapped mers too, so this did directly affect them.

See the guy with long blond hair? That’s Fenton Moss. He’s the current chieftain of the Golden Reef colony. He’s a merman. I don’t know who the other three.

Holy moly, merpeople! This is every paranormal author’s dream, you know that, right?

The mers territory was located in the ocean, which was west of the city. A mer community was called a colony, and was led by a merchieftain or merchieftainess.

Is this everyone?

It’s everyone who agreed to meet. There’s a witch’s coven in San DeLain, but they claim they’re not in the targeted group, so they refused to get involved. Which is stupid and short-sighted. Hunters kill witches too because they aren’t human.

There was only one more empty table, and that had a place card with Kage’s last name on it. Denisha led them to their table. Sure enough, several heads turned as they made their way. One or two paranormals lifted their head and inhaled as they passed—they were sniffing Austin.

As much as it annoyed him, it wasn’t an unusual reaction, especially since Austin was the only one there who wasn’t fully paranormal. Still, he was tempted to bear his teeth at them.

Right next to them was the Fire Court. The dragons were all dressed in black leather pants, black knee-high boots, and black shirts. Hudson’s hair was left long, except for the one single braid beside his face.

Once they were seated, a waiter brought them each a glass of water then disappeared.

Kage‘s gaze swept the room. He made eye contact with the dominant personality of each group. Each one of them returned his gaze steadily. As a leader, no one could afford to be seen as weak. Or scared.

Every last paranormal in that room might be uncomfortable around him simply because of who Kage was, but they also wouldn’t back down. Like he’d told Austin earlier, there was a whole lot of egos in that room.

“We seem to be missing a group,” Maia said, nodding her head toward the empty table.

“Just as well,” Kage said. “We don’t need the chaos they’d bring.”

Denisha snorted.

“Who are we missing?” Austin asked, glancing at the empty table.

“Crimson Fangs pack,” Kage answered. He picked up his water, took a sip, and then set it down. “They are—”

“Thugs,” Denisha said, scowling. “The make their money by selling drugs and running guns. And that’s just what we know of. They’re probably into more stuff. They’re a werewolf pack, but they act more like a gang.”

“More like a biker gang, but instead of humans running it, it’s wolves,” Maia added. “They’re one of the two packs based in San DeLain, and they are trouble.”

“Gotcha,” Austin said.

Through the mating bond Kage could sense that Austin was a little self-conscious with the attention focused on him, but he didn’t seem overly nervous.

In fact, Kage could see the curiosity shining in Austin’s eyes as he looked around. His lovely mate’s inquisitive nature was beginning to peek out.

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Pucker Up Monday

Welcome to Pucker Up Monday. It’s not what you think, lol. Since Mondays do tend to suck, I thought I’d try to start the week off right for y’all.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Tuesday Teaser


~Excerpt from Shadow's Embrace. We're at Hudson's home and about to meet some of his dragon's.

“Now, come on, you two. I want to introduce you to some of my people, Austin.”

They followed Hudson to what could only be described as a communal living area/game room. There were several black leather couches set in front of a big screen TV, and on the other side of the room was a pool table.

Several men and women crowded around the TV playing video games, and two more were at the pool table.

People were snarling and hissing—either at the TV or at the balls on the pool table—while others egged them on or laughed good-naturedly at the jokes flying around the room.

The hissing reminded Austin of the noise a snake made in warning—low and mean. The hair on the back of his neck stood up. The primitive side of his brain warned that there was danger and to back away. He clutched Kage’s hand.

He knew there wasn’t a threat, but good God, that sound. Kage squeezed his hand. The comforting gesture helped. Some. Okay, not really, considering there were at least six dragons in the room, and Austin was the only human there—kind of human, at least. Sort of.

Shit, was it too late to take a rain check? He was on the verge of dragging Kage out of here.

Hudson cleared his throat. “Everyone, Kage and Austin are here.”

“Hudson.” Kage’s voice was low when he spoke Hudson’s name—low and a tad bit growly.

Had Kage picked up on Austin’s unease? Of course he had. Several heads turned toward him suddenly, and holy moly, the timing on that was horror movie worthy. A few dragons eyed Kage.

The intimidating hissing and snarling came to an abrupt stop. Thank God. Now that his hind brain had calmed down, two things jumped out at Austin immediately.

Everybody had some shade of red hair—which was a trait of the Fire Court—and they were all breathtakingly sexy.

One dragon set his pool stick down on the table. “Sorry about that. If you’re not used to us, we can sound a bit daunting.”

Austin didn’t know what to say without sounding like a smart ass, so he just nodded. It was scary, but he was in their house. In their territory. He really didn’t have a right to complain, even if it did freak him out. Jeez, he could live forever without ever hearing that sound again.

Yeah, he’d take daemons over dragons any day of the week.

A dragon walked around the pool table and toward them. “Hey there. My name is Conrad Turner, and I’m Hudson’s assistant.” Conrad held out his hand. “Welcome to the Redmond Compound, base of the Fire Court.”

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Pucker Up Monday

Welcome to Pucker Up Monday. It’s not what you think, lol. Since Mondays do tend to suck, I thought I’d try to start the week off right for y’all.

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Thursday Book Recommendation


Thursday Book Recommendation 

These are books I’ve read and really enjoyed. Most of what I talk about will probably be paranormal/scifi but not always. Although it’s rare, I do read some contemporary. 

This week is: Demon Season (The Demonborn Series Book 1) by Elizabeth James



Being a demonborn on the eve of his first demon season can be stressful, especially for Taylor, who's never quite fit in. After a troubled youth marred by abuse, he's finally set off on his own for a fresh start at college. So far things are going well, but soon demon season will start and he'll have three nights to lure a demon to him so that they can bond. The demon will feed off him for the rest of his life and in exchange, he'll gain the demon's protection. But every demon is different, and his fate is out of his hands. 

On his first night, he finds himself in an unusual situation and before he can think, he's bound to a demon he knows almost nothing about. When the demon reveals himself to be the prince of demons and an incubus, Taylor is forced to confront his own past and his repressed sexuality in order to give his lustful demon what he needs to survive.

 Trying to fit in on campus while bonded to the prince of demons is difficult, and being with an incubus is even harder. Taylor must find the courage to move on from his traumatic past, handle his dangerous present, and embrace his uncertain future if he and his demon want to survive. 

Content Warning: explicit MM sexual content, past sexual trauma


Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07W9DJ6SK?

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Tuesday Teaser


~excerpt from Shadow's Embrace. #2 in the Daemons of San DeLain

The drive was no more annoying than usual. Meaning that the traffic was bad in the city and on the Interstate. They were heading toward the northwestern side of San DeLain, which was the more mountainous part of the city. Hudson actually lived on the outskirts.

The radio played, but it was more of a background noise because Austin, of course, was full of questions about Hudson’s dragons.

“I read this book about dragons that said—”

Kage groaned.

“Hey! I know it’s probably all bull, but you never know. The books say dragons live in dank caves, deep pools, wild mountain reaches—oh look, Hudson lives in a mountainous region—sea bottoms, or haunted forests. You know, primitive places fraught with danger.”

“Primitive.” Kage snickered. “That’s funny. Just wait until we arrive. You’ll see just how primitive Hudson’s place is.”

“No dank caves for Hudson, huh?”          

Kage laughed loudly. “The man loves his luxuries just like the rest of us. No dank caves for him.”

“Having met him, I agree. I can’t see the man roughing it.” Austin rubbed his hands together. “I love this subject. Okay, so, did you know that dragons are reputed to be reptile-like creatures. At least, they are in the folklore of many cultures.”

“Beliefs about dragons vary considerably through regions,” Kage said, smoothly shifting lanes. “But dragons in western cultures have often been depicted as winged, horned, four-legged, and capable of breathing fire. Sounds like the Fire Court, doesn’t it?”

“Well, considering I haven’t seen someone in dragon form, I wouldn’t know,” Austin pointed out. “I’d love to change that.”

Kage nodded slowly. “That’s right, you haven’t seen Hudson in his natural form—just partially shifted. On day you might be allowed to witness it.”

“That would be fabulous. And probably terrifying.”

Kage checked the rearview mirror before speaking. “I’ve seen Hudson in his natural form. They are intimidating. The partial shift you saw that night you were almost kidnapped was just that, a partial. And honestly, hardly even a partial. They have another humanoid form with even more dragon-like features. That one is almost as scary as the dragon itself.”

“Another form? Right. Right. Yeah, I remember Hudson’s eyes that night looked like a cat’s—the pupil was slitted.” Austin sighed fondly. “That was certainly a night to remember.”

“I agree.”

“I mean, I almost got kidnapped, I finally got to meet you, I found out what you were, you almost kissed me while yelling at me, and I learned dragons exist.” Austin ticked off each one on his fingers.

“I think you were more excited about finding out dragons exist than meeting me.”

Austin poked Kage in the shoulder. “Don’t be ridiculous. The whole reason I was almost kidnapped was because I was trying to get information about you. Finding out about dragons was just a happy coincidence.”

Kage chuckled. “Please make sure you tell Hudson he was a happy coincidence. I’d pay good money to see the look on his face.”

“Yeah, no. Do I look stupid? He’s a dragon.”

“Overgrown lizard, you mean.”

Austin snorted, choked, and spluttered out a laugh. “Oh my God.”

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Pucker Up Monday

Welcome to Pucker Up Monday. It’s not what you think, lol. Since Mondays do tend to suck, I thought I’d try to start the week off right for y’all.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Thursday Book Recommendation


These are books I’ve read and really enjoyed. Most of what I talk about will probably be paranormal/scifi but not always. Although it’s rare, I do read some contemporary. 

This week is: Best Served Cold by E.M. Denning



Jeremy Jenkins’ mother was a drug addict, his foster families abusive. The man he thought the love of his life had just betrayed him in the most catastrophic way possible.

He stabbed him. 

On the night of his death, he cries out. Jeremy doesn’t seek help or forgiveness, he craves revenge. In answer to his plea, Ozark appears before him with the promise of a future he never could have imagined. 

Oz is a demon older than time. Feeding off revenge, he’s spent millennia reaping and selling souls. The contracts are simple: Oz helps someone achieve revenge, then hell gains another soul.

Jeremy takes the deal, but when the time comes, Oz releasing him to join the faceless ranks of hell’s ghouls is one more betrayal in a long line. He yearns to join the gorgeous demon for eternity; by his side and in his bed. Desperately searching for a loophole, he’s running out of time. Can Jeremy outwit those who fight against him and bend the laws of hell to keep the dangerous demon who’s captured his heart? Or is he destined to die as he lived? 

Betrayed and alone.

 Best Served Cold is a Dark Gay Romance. Please see the look inside or the authors website for the content warnings.


Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0BG3FK1W6

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Tuesday Teaser


~excerpt from book #2 of the Daemons of San DeLain

Kage returned to his seat, and Austin tried to think unsexy thoughts so his cock would go down.

The shirt he was modeling wasn’t helping matter. He had no idea what the material was, but it felt incredibly soft and silky against his skin. Goose bumps rose as he ran his hand across his chest. Wow, that felt nice, especially since he’d caught the edge of his nipple.  

Kage growled.

Blushing, Austin jerked his hand away. Lord, he was so horny it was ridiculous. Tonight couldn’t get here fast enough. His reflection caught his eye, and he turned back to the mirror. His face was flushed, and his pupils were slightly dilated. Hardly any blue was left.

He hurried into the dressing room and changed out of the lovely blue shirt. Even though he hadn’t planned to buy clothes, he still ended up with that one and another one in dark brown.

Since they still had to furniture shop, Cain offered to send the clothes by currier to their penthouse.

Hand in hand they walked down the street, the sun warm on their skin and palm trees swaying in the breeze. As they strolled along, they noticed several well-known movie stars who were also out and about.

Austin’s mouth fell open when he noticed one in particular. “Holy moly, that’s… that’s….”

“Yes.” Kage waved at the actress.

Austin nearly swallowed his tongue when the famous movie star of Pretty Woman, and several more blockbusters over the years, stopped to talk to Kage, who, of course, introduced Austin.

He tried hard not to fan boy all over the woman, but he completely lost his cool when the actress mentioned how she loved his books and would he sign one for her if she sent to him?

They made arrangements, Austin gushing the entire time. After she left, he stood in the middle of the sidewalk, starstruck. “Wow. Wow, she’s heard of me.” Then he placed his hand on his heart. “Oh my God, she’s heard of me. I may need to sit down.” He did kind of feel lightheaded.

“Babe. She’s just a person, just like anyone else.” Holding Austin’s elbow, Kage nudged him along until they were walking again.

“Uh-huh. That’s like saying Niagara Falls is just a waterfall. By the way, is she…?”

Kage lowered his voice. “No.”

“That’s too bad. It’s sad to think of losing her one day.”

Austin was still riding high on the knowledge that such an actress had heard of him when Kage stopped in front of a rather large building.  “Let’s start in here, why don’t we?”

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Pucker Up Monday

 Pucker Up Monday 

Welcome to Pucker Up Monday. It’s not what you think, lol. Since Mondays do tend to suck, I thought I’d try to start the week off right for y’all.

Friday, November 4, 2022

Thursday Book Recommendation (on a Friday lol)


These are books I’ve read and really enjoyed. Most of what I talk about will probably be paranormal/scifi but not always. Although it’s rare, I do read some contemporary.

This week is: The Ostin Heir (Isle of Ostin Book 1) by Michelle Dare 



Seventy years ago, Theo Ostin witnessed his family murdering a town of humans. He also watched as stakes were driven into his parents’ chests. Since then, he’s lived on an island no one knows still exists, let alone that he survived.

 He prefers it that way. 

There’s something about Desolate Beach that calls to Paxton Huxley on a visceral level. He doesn’t understand why, but he gives in and stands on the sand every chance he gets. 

One day, a man gives him a note and a pendant before vanishing right in front of his eyes. The catch? Paxton now works for a royal vampire.

 But is it really a job when he starts to desire the man he’s helping? 

Maybe, just maybe, amid the hell they’re both in, they’ll find something more important. Something they will fight to the death to keep. Love.


The Ostin Heir is a 66K word steamy M/M paranormal romance. It features a vampire who thinks he’s too broken to deserve love and a human who’s determined to show his possessive lover that he’s in it for the long haul. There is forced proximity, tragic pasts, a brooding virgin vampire, and a HEA. The series is best enjoyed in order due to the overarching storyline. Each book revolves around a different couple.


Content warning for descriptive violence, drinking of blood, assault, anxiety, off-page rape, and off-page suicide.


Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0B9ZC4VMV/ref

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Tuesday Teaser


~excerpt from Shadow's Embrace, book #2 in the Daemons of San DeLain series

DOWNTOWN WAS a hideous snarl of traffic, as usual, but that was San DeLain for you. They made their way toward the street nicknamed Millionaire’s Row by the rest of the country.

As luck would have it, they found a parking spot right in front of the shop called House of Novak, a clothing store owned by Cain, one of Kage’s daemons.

“We need to stop by,” Austin said, joining Kage on the sidewalk.

“But I thought you hated shopping for clothes. Besides, we’re furniture shopping.”

“I know, but if we don’t stop, Cain will get his feelings hurt,” Austin said, walking toward the shop. “Especially if he sees us. We can’t just walk by his shop and not stop.”

Before Kage could come up with a response, the door to House of Novak swung open, and Cain stood in the doorway, waving.

Austin hurried toward the other man, Kage following closely behind. He didn’t know Cain very well, but he liked him.

Maybe that was because Cain had been so nice when Austin had wandered into the shop. He’d been looking for clothes for a date with Kage, and Cain had made Austin feel welcomed in his shop. It was only later Austin found out who Cain was.

Cain offered them refreshments, and while they sipped their wine, Cain talked Austin into trying on some new casual shirts he’d gotten in. After a lot of back and forth, Austin gave in.

Which was why Kage was sprawled in an overstuff leather chair, glass in hand, while Austin modeled the shirts.

Those dark eyes of Kage’s trailed over Austin’s body, lingering at certain places. Ever since their conversation earlier about getting fucked through the mattress, Austin had been half hard.

He wanted Kage’s ass.

Kage licked his lips, and Austin’s blood started to boil. Just a look was enough to turn him on, especially when his eyes turned completely black for a few seconds.

The temptation to drag Kage into the dressing room and do dirty things to that ass of his was almost more than Austin could resist. No one should look so intimidating and sexy at the same time. Austin wanted to see if he could change that look on Kage’s face to one of need. To desperation. He took a step toward Kage.

Cain cleared his throat.

Austin jumped. Seriously, his feet left the floor. Good grief, he’d been so engrossed in imagining his mate in sexy positions, he’d forgotten Cain was there. Like, right next to him. Heat flooded his face.

Cain, in turn, was fanning his face. “Whoa. The pheromones in here… wow. Should I, um, close the shop? Maybe leave too? Elder, what do you want me to do?”

Austin covered his face with his hands. “Good Lord. No, no that’s not necessary. Jesus.” Where was a hole in the ground when he needed one?

And he was not going to think about the word ‘hole’ in that sentence. He was not some horny teenager.

“Thank you, Cain, but that won’t be necessary. But could we have a moment, please? No need to close the shop, though. It’s just…. If Austin gets any redder, he may go up in flames.”

Austin, who was still has hiding behind his hands, flipped Kage the bird.

Laughing, Cain made his way up front.

Austin lowered his hands. “Well, that was embarrassing.”

Kage sat his glass down, rose to his feet, and stepped toward Austin. “Our desire for each other is never embarrassing.”

“Hey! I didn’t say it was!” Austin wrapped his arms around Kage. He pressed a quick kiss to Kage’s lips. “I meant forgetting where I was while fantasizing jumping you was embarrassing.”

“Say the word, and I can have us in our bed in a matter of seconds.”

“You are so tempting me. But no. Tonight. I swear to God, we can last until tonight. We got things to do today.” Although he was struggling to remember why those things needed to be done.

Kage buried his nose in Austin’s hair and breathed deeply. “If that’s what you want.”

Right now what he wanted was for his hard cock to do down. And having Kage breathing in his scent wasn’t helping matters, especially since Austin knew Kage could smell how needy he was.

Austin patted Kage on the ass—might as well since he planned to do more to it later on—and moved out of Kage’s arms.

Kage returned to his seat, and Austin tried to think unsexy thoughts so his cock would go down.