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TGI Friday

      This is the rest from the Lit thread. 

~What's the problem with your current story?  

As I’m writing this I can safely say there is no problem. Right now I’m working on the sequel to Nighttime Wishes. I have it plotted out and know how I want it to end. I guess the biggest thing is making sure it isn’t like The Harvest.

~Providing strangers with orgasms - good for the world?  

I don’t know if anyone actually orgasms for my stories, but if I can cause a tingle I’m on the right track. If what is read stays with a reader, and they think about it some during the day, I’m happy, lol. So yeah, I think it’s good. ;) 

When I first started writing M/M I worried about getting the mechanics right; let’s face it, I’m not gay and I’m not a guy. I’m never going to know what a guy feels when his prostate is being worked.  

I had befriended a couple of gay male authors and asked for their opinion on the sex in my stories. *Laugh* One guy-who hasn’t been on Lit for a long time-said it got him to stroking. By the end of the chapter he had some business to take care of. I’ll never forget that! Mission accomplished, lol.

~Who knows what you write? Who do you wish knew?  

Very few people know. My hubby knows, of course, and my kids. No way to hide all the time I spend on the laptop, lol. Two real life friends know. There’s a couple of authors’ that I’m very close to who know my real name, and that’s it. 

I did tell my mom before she passed away that I was writing erotica. She even read the first chapter of Darkness Awaits when it was on Lit. I had just buried her a week before Darkness Awaits was picked up by Republica Press. I wish she had lived long enough to know that, and to see what’s going on now.

~If you had the chance to become famous as a writer of erotica, would you take it?  

Hmm, that’s a hard one. Frankly, I don’t see myself hitting the big time. I don’t know if I want the pressure of that… and I wouldn’t want my picture plastered all over the place even if I wrote mainstream fiction. Maybe I could use a symbol like the singer Prince did at one point, lol. I could be ‘The author formally known as MA Church…’ 


Okay, maybe not. It would be nice if I could make what I did from my other career though. But honestly, just making something makes me happy. J


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Quick Note


I won a book from the Valentine's Contest that Babes in Boyland ran! And even better, I got the book I had my eye on. ;) Okay, the cover caught my attention first. Anytime I see a cute guy with a blindfold I'm there, lol. Throw some cuffs in the mix and I'm *really* there!

The blurb sounded interesting, too. Then I got the email from Piper telling me I placed, went to look to see what books were left and... the book I wanted was still available! Hot damn, what luck.

The book is called Razor's Cut by Xara X. Xanakas. And I loved it. I do wish it had been longer, but I still loved it. Liked it so much I joined the blog the author has, lol, so I can keep up with what's coming. :)

Here is the Goodreads link :


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And the Poll winner is...

Dale and Keyno! Yayayayay for you two! And it's Friday night, so go celebrate boys. *wink, wink*

Here are the results:
Dale/Keyno - 33 votes
Colt/Ti - 13 votes
Cam/Jeff - 3 votes
Mo/Zygi - 11 votes

60 people voted. (wow!!!) And I want to say thank you, guys. This turned out great and I'll do another poll soon with other characters. This was the first poll I've done so I'm still feeling my way around, lol. Next poll I may make a few chances so it won't be so hard to choose. ;)

I'll leave the results up on the side bar for a few days, too.


TGI Friday

Writing Interruptus
And here I thought I had created a new word, lol. I actually Googled the title and found several posts. *sigh* But I guess that proves I’m not the only one that struggles with this.
So, what is writing interruptus? To me it’s exactly what it sounds like. I’m buzzing along there, the words are flowing, the main character is having a profound moment and… BAM. Something happens that interrupts my train of thought. 
It could be anything from the very littlest thing to something major. Kitty-Kitty is standing at my feet meowing pitifully at me for some unknown reason, I go to take a sip from my cup and there’s no more Coke, the dryer cuts off, Kitty-Kitty is sitting next to me just staring (what the hell is that about anyway???). 
My concentration is shot, and the mood is gone. Some days I start at 10am and the next time I look up its 2pm. Whoa. Now that’s a good day, lol. Other days it seems like every thirty minutes I’m being pulled away from the laptop for some reason or another. 
Those kinds of days make me nuts; I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything. Well, I did, but it doesn’t feel like it. 
Then there are times I’m my own worse enemy. I’m checking Twitter every few minutes, messing around with my blog, hopping on the Lit threads to see who’s pissing on whom, checking my email, changing my background on my phone… doing everything but writing. 
Needless to say the big things come first. My youngest needs to have a heart-to-heart talk with me, my son calls to tell me he’s broke down on the side of the road, the hubby wants to talk about ways to cut our insurance since we’re about to have two teen divers on there. A friend is having a bad day or is hung up on a plot point and needs to bounce ideas around.
What I try to do with the small things is deal with the stuff demanding my attention: fold the clothes, talk to the cat for a minute, refill my cup, get that trip to Wal-Mart over... It’s the only way I’ve found that works for me. Get the chores done so I can work and not feel guilty that a load of dishes need to be washed, lol.
The big stuff is a given of course; stuff like that can’t wait, and I’m more than willing to put writing aside. Family comes first, friends matter. I’ve found that writing can be both easy and hard, but it’s something I find I have to do… interruptus or no interruptus, lol.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

White Satin Dreams

A intimate dinner for two at their favorite restaurant, an overnight stay at a quaint bed and breakfast down the road—the bedroom filled with dozens of red roses, soft candlelight and a bottle of Champagne chilling near the bed—and a night of hot, steamy love was what Adam had planned to give Blaine for Valentine’s Day.  
Now, thanks to his stupid transmission dying a week ago, all his sexy plans had gone up in smoke. The cost to repair the transmission was ridiculously high and now he didn’t have the money for his decadent night of pleasure. Blaine had been very understanding but Adam had still moped for days, disappointed their plans had to be cancelled.
Today was Valentine’s Day, and now Blaine had his own special treat planned for Adam. 
* * * *
Adam let himself in their apartment and immediately noticed all the lights were off. A glass candle burned on the kitchen bar, casting a soft light. The scent of roses permeated the room and wrapped around him, teasing his senses. On the bar was a red envelope addressed to him. Shrugging out of his suit jacket, Adam hurried to the bar and laid down his present.
Adam grinned as he threw his jacket over the back of the bar chair and loosened his tie. Blaine had been acting oddly for the past two days. A soft little smile had graced his lips and his icy blue eyes sparkled with mischief. When Adam questioned Blaine, all he got was a kiss on his lips and a wink.
“Trust me, you’ll love it,” Blaine had promised.
Picking up the present, he left the kitchen. Another candle set on a table in the hallway, casting enough light so Adam could follow the trail of puffy silk hearts to the bedroom door. Another red envelope was taped on the closed door. Adam, his heart thumping with excitement, opened it.
Love puts the fun in together, the sad in apart, and the joy in a heart. ~Author Unknown.
Sweet quote, huh babe? What that means to me is it doesn’t matter where we are as long as we are together, Adam.  Here, there or yonder… as long as I’m in your arms it matters not. So, come inside and be my Valentine.
A knot formed in Adam’s throat as he read the message again. Only Blaine could come up with the perfect way to dig him out of his funk about their cancelled plans. This gesture was something he would treasure for the rest of his life.
Holding the envelope in his hand he opened the door and stepped into a white satin dream of Blaine’s making. 
“Oh my god, Blaine,” Adam whispered.
The bed was covered in white satin sheets forming a perfect backdrop to Blaine’s lightly tanned skin. Several candles threw soft shadows on the ceiling and jazz music played softly. More puffy red hearts decorated the bed, surrounding Blaine’s body. 
“Happy Valentine’s Day, baby,” Blaine said as he grinned from the bed.
The white briefs with little red hearts Blaine was wearing had Adam’s mouth watering, as did the obvious bulge those skimpy briefs struggled to contain. He dropped his present by the bed and quickly stripped off the rest of his suit, his dick slapping against his stomach as he jerked off his boxers. One of Adam’s knees hit the bed then he stopped and stared down at Blaine. 
“You are…” Adam shook his head as his hand brushed across Blaine’s treasure trail. “I’m so lucky. Thank you, babe.”
Blaine smiled slightly as he grabbed Adam’s hand and pushed it against his heart-covered dick. “I’d say we’re both lucky. Now, are you going to unwrap your gift or just stare at it?”
Adam pulled off the sexy heart underwear and pulled Blaine’s body over his into a sixty-nine position. Blaine was as well-endowed as he, just a bit shorter and thicker. Adam nibbled at the head of Blaine’s dick, tasting precum. Bobbing his head up and down the thick shaft in his mouth, he listened to Blaine’s grunts of pleasure. 
Not to be outdone, Blaine sucked Adam’s dick into his mouth, determined to make Adam moan just as hard as he was. Adam trembled as Blaine wrapped his arms around Adam’s hips and urged him closer as he let Adam’s dick slip farther into his mouth. Blaine tapped Adam on the ass and finally Adam clued in to what Blaine wanted. 
Adam thrust his hips, face-fucking his lover and enjoying the gurgling noise coming from Blaine. Lost in the pleasure, his hand roamed Blaine’s ass. He jerked when his fingers brushed across something sticking out from the very hole in which he had planned to bury his fingers. 
The little minx had a butt plug buried in his ass. Delighted by the find, he wrapped his fingers around the base and slowly fucked Blaine, twisting and turning the plug, working it deeper into Blaine’s ass and rubbing his hot spot. There was so much precum from Blaine’s dick it was dribbling down Adam’s chin. 
Now the sounds coming from Blaine outdid Adam’s.
“Stop!” Adam gasped as he pulled the plug out from Blaine’s ass slowly. “I want to come in you.”
“Oh god,” Blaine hissed as he let go of Adam’s dick. “Just a little more and I would’ve” 
“Yeah, I know,” Adam said as he slapped the ass wiggling above him. “Hands and knees, you little minx. When you come, it’ll be with me in you.”
“At lease you don’t have to wait now,” Blaine smirked as he rolled to his knees.
Adam’s fingers sank into Blaine’s hips as he moved behind him. “Good thing.”
He slammed in, all the way to the root. The slickness of the lube and the heat had him biting his lip fighting not to come. The plug had loosened Blaine enough that there was no resistance as he slammed home.
Blaine, overcome by the stunning act, yelled as his channel was stretched wide and filled with hot, throbbing dick. Pleasure washed over his body as he dropped his head onto the bed, tilting his ass up higher. There was no pain, only that act of domination that made him what more. He wiggled his hips, wanting Adam to move, damn it.
Adam didn’t waste time as he rammed down into Blaine, slamming in and out as hard as he could, nailing Blaine’s prostate every time. With his ass tilted up in the air, Blaine was helpless under the onslaught of pleasure Adam forced on him. 
“Oh fuck!” Blaine cried as his hands grasped the bed. “Gonna come!”
“Yeah, come for me,” Adam said as he reached around and stroked Blaine’s swinging dick. “Scream for me...”
That did the trick. Blaine buried his face in a satin pillow and screamed his pleasure. His channel tightened up and pushed Adam into his orgasm. Both gasped as Adam’s hot seed flooded Blaine. 
“Now that’s a Valentines’ present,” Blaine said as Adam eased both of them down onto the bed.
“You nut,” Adam laughed, pulling Blaine close.
“Yup, did that too.”
Adam held Blaine as their breathing evened out. “I got you something, also.”
“Sure did. Hold on,” Adam leaned over the bed and picked up the half dozen roses he’d dropped. 
“Aww, babe!” Blaine grabbed the roses, then frowned. “What’s this?”
Blaine pulled a silk rose out. The rest were real.
“Read the card,” Adam said.
Five real roses and one fake equals six red roses. I'll love you until the last one dies. Happy Valentine's Day, my love.

Happy Valenetine's Day, guys. *Hugs* 

Monday, February 13, 2012

My Interview with Dale from The Harvest pt 2

~I would love for Dale to tell me the weirdest Ta’Narian custom that he just can’t wrap his head around and doesn’t take part in?

Long ago, in what I call their more barbaric period, Raztna Anuge was performed. It’s a tradition in which a greased Branta is suspended over water. Young Ta’Narians jump from water crafts and attempt to rip off the head of the Branta.
This competition served as a way for the young Ta’Narians to prove their strength and eligibility to probable mates. In addition to winning the adoration of a mate, the winners also got to keep the Branta.

~Before you came to Ta'Nar what was your occupation? I briefly remembered computers being mentioned but I don’t remember much else.

Man, that was so long ago. It feels like a different lifetime now. That other person is someone I barely know now. I hadn’t been out of college long and had a degree in computer science. At the time I wasn’t working, there had been major lay-offs in our town. It’s why I was living at home in my early twenties when I was harvested.

~Did you ever think about really studying botany? It seems to come natural to you, the way you turned the Ta'Narian catnip flower into a fragrance that you could control the potency is genius; the average person can’t do that.

Well thank you! I don’t know if what I did was really all that special. I mean, I have equipment that I call ‘retard resistant’. *Laugh* if it can survive Chad…

I have thought about it, maybe when the young get a little older. I’ve used the device that downloads information into the brain to explore the subject a little. Mainly I’ve stuck with the plants that are native to Ta’Nar but I did use it to study Ta’Narian Katnip. Of course I had a reason. *Laugh*

~I know that you have implemented earth customs in the Ta'Narian society. Since Ta'Nar is now mixed bearers do you think that other customs and celebratory days from the other planets could be interwoven?

What I did wasn’t done on purpose; like the young shower for example. It just kind of happened. That was supposed to be nothing more than a little party for just a few friends. And we all know how that turned out! Celebrating Christmas came as a shock to me.

But yeah, I do think our mates will now be more open to introducing new customs. I’d like to see other customs shared here on Ta’Nar. I think that would be cool. I also think it would help mates to adjust to a new life. I think it can only help Ta’Nar grow as a planet to embrace new idea’s.

~The theory or the ramifications of the “Harvest” was reconstructed to be more humane, is that just on earth or did that change on for the other planets too? Since you did such a great job at the meeting with the new applicants will be you going to more recruitment sessions?

I do believe-since the last Harvest on Earth went so well-King Duran will use that approach from now on. It was time for some changes. I said from the beginning they acted like bullies on the playground. Now they have seen what a little less fear and a little more willingness to work with other species can do.

I plan to; I really hope I can. I mean, you never know what life has around the next corner but this is something I want to do. It makes a huge difference. What I would like to do is have mates go back to their home planets and recruit. I think it would make a bigger impact coming from their own kind. Then they could also see others of us that have become mates and hear our stories.

~Do you and Keyno plan on having more children? If so what would be your reaction to having the first dual Ta'Narian? I know I’m asking for a miracle but you were double dosed and you are really special.

Okay, did Keyno slip that question in? *Laugh* I don’t know that I’ll have a choice about having more young. It depends on how my Estrus Cycle goes. But I do want more, just not right now. I have my hands full with these two. *Laugh* don’t even mention anything else odd happening to me! I’ve met my quota. I’m praying that having twins was a once in a lifetime thing.

~Have you or Keyno noticed that your children have chosen their mates from the womb? Is this normal with Ta'Narian’s or is this something new with the mutation of interspecies breeding?

I caught it first. But then, I had these little voices whispering to me. *Laugh* I didn’t say anything cause… well, look at how Chad acted when I told him he was in trouble. Ended up I was right, and don’t think I haven’t remained dumbass of it, but still.

As far as I know this isn’t normal. I’m guessing it revolves around just my circle of friends. It’s possible that my being double dose somehow did all this. Just like everything else connected with me, no one truly knows why this happened.

~Okay, I understand security for the king Duran and his mate Juan. How often do the other children interact with his new baby?

Hate to say it but it’s restricted to just our circle of friends and others that King Duran trusts. King Duran is very careful who he allows near his young, especially since it took Juan so long to get pregnant. Can you imagine what would happen if another group like the sknom went after Juan’s young?

It wouldn’t have to a group from Ta’Nar, either. What if another species that the Ta’Narians pissed off, and there were many before the war with the Onfre, decided to get revenge by killing King Duran’s young?

~Now that you know about your brother in law’s friend Hunter and his son, would there be more interaction with him and the other children? I know his dad is not part of the space crew but it seems that the new generation is just different and are somewhat closer with one another?

I think there will be. I hope so. I like Hunter; he seems like a nice guy and all the young got along very well. Even if I question Hunter’s choice in friends. *Laugh* I’m kidding, of course. Evan and I made our peace over Christmas. Or maybe I should say Evan made peace.

~Would family gatherings with your earth family occur more often? I remember when your family came over for the holidays the children were initially caught off guard because they have not seen a female before.

The Ta’Narians are just now learning to open up and trust other species, and the same can be said of other species, too. I think we’ll be going to Earth more in the future. The Earthlings will need help with their space program and that will be the perfect time for us to visit.

Keyno, and other starship captains, will be needed to help the humans train to command a ship. Plus train a crew, too. So yeah, I think there will be plenty of opportunities’ for all of us to get together.  

~Why in the hell hasn't he reduplicated a pair of tight ass jeans and gotten out of those yoga pants? I'd love to see him bare-chested and poured into a pair, all hot and yummy. Bet Keyno would too! Not while preggos of course, but any other time.

Okay, okay! *Laugh* Which one of you guys has that overgrown alley cat been talking to??? He’s been after me for that very thing. I guess, out of the goodness of my heart, I’ll make some jeans up and put a smile on his face!

~I know you like to work with plants; do they have schools or universities? Do you want to do something when the boys get older?

Do you remember the device that Keyno used that transmitted knowledge into my brain? That’s what’s used. It starts at about 2 months of age. As they get older more appropriate material is fed to them. Of course, they are tested before they can move on though. If they fail they have to repeat the course.

The Ta’Narians do not have a school system like Earth. Raiden and Szin will train with other groups of boys that either have connections to the royal family or are connected to the palace three times a week from age eleven until age eighteen. That’s ages in Earth years. They learned how to use different weapons, and the skills needed to fight. There are many training type facilities based on Ta’Nar.

~Does Szin and Takeo being mates effect your and Keyno’s relationship with Cielo and Ti in anyway?

Not at all. I know M took some heat for that chapter in our lives, but it is what it is.

(I should mention that Dale was very uncomfortable about this subject, and not because of the few negative responses I got on that part. He blushed the whole time on that subject, lol. Wonder why, lol?)

That's the end of Dale's interview. Be watching for the next one!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Interview with Dale from The Harvest Pt 1

~What are some of the things the children do with Keyno? I know he likes to throw them up in the air but is there something that just the three of them like to do without you around?

Oh, he makes sure he has plenty of play time with them. Keyno and the twins fish for tuort at the waterfall and he’s showing them how to use a spear like his ancestors used. He also is working with both on their tracking and stalking abilities.

And, god help me, he’s trying to get them interested in restoring this old flyer he found at a local space junk yard. I have to say Szin has shown more interested in that than Raiden. But then Raiden likes stalking more than Szin. Not a big surprise, either.

~I was thinking along the line of how you were such a help to John when he first came on board. Though the new Earthlings had the opportunity to choose to come, have you thought of possibly starting a support group for any who are having a hard adjustment?

Soon after we landed I checked into that very thing. Even though they had volunteered to come, it stood to reason there might be problems adjusting. The very first thing I did was arrange several doctors to come speak to these guys about the DNA mutating process. Doc was one.

I wanted the new mates to clearly understand what would happen then, and what would happen down the road. Human males do not grow up thinking about having children, not in this way at least, and it can play havoc with your mind. One of the things I screamed at Keyno in the beginning was that he was taking my manhood from me. 

Then I found mates who were willing to be… I guess mentors. This way the new mates had access to someone they could talk to and also, build a friendship with. Chad, John, and I all did this. The great thing is I made a new friend. This is all new territory for us, but I think it’s going good. *Laugh* we’re working the bugs out as we go, I guess you could say.

~What feature of the society in which you now live is the most unlike Earth, and which have you found it most difficult to adjust to?

Everything is different here. If I wanted a diamond tennis bracelet I reduplicated it, if I wanted a Coke… same thing. *laugh* Of course diamonds are nothing more than rocks here. Maybe that’s the hardest thing to adjust to. What was important on Earth has little meaning here.  

~Has having a baby changed you fundamentally? Has it made you feel less human?

Oh you bet having young changed me. I mean, I never dreamed I would give birth. What man does? Biology speaking, Earth men dodged that bullet. Then… I’m altered to have young. That’s hard enough to adjust to, but I had to go and have twins and do it the old fashioned way.

I’d have to say I don’t feel human anymore. I’m not, really. Earth isn’t ‘home’ to me now. I told Keyno once that if given the chance to return I wouldn’t take it. 

~It must have been quite a culture shock to go back to Earth after having submersed yourself so completely in a completely alien society. Was there anything that you had already forgotten about life on Earth, anything that shocked you on your return?

Ta’Nar is ruled by one person. It was strange to return to Earth and see so many countries fighting for things like oil, land, religious beliefs. There are so many governments and no one can seem to agree. Hell, look at the U.S. government. I guess I had forgotten how split Earth is as far as having so many different ruling bodies and their inability to get along.

I guess the other thing would be that same-sex relationships are still frowned upon by so many.  If I want to hold Keyno’s hand while we’re out, then I do. I don’t worry about someone freaking out, getting upset and calling me names. It’s disappointing Earth hasn’t progressed past this. 

~How are the kids? Are they still in the public eye for being twins? Are most people curious or hostile? Are the children aware they're different to other children? If so how do they cope? How do they respond to curiosity/violence?

They are doing well! Yes, there’s still a lot of curiosity about them, but I guess that’s normal, considering. Raiden takes it in stride, but Szin is beginning to notice he’s considered different. Some would say… less. But if Keyno hears them, well…

I don’t know yet how Szin will react to that later on; it may be a problem for him. Szin becomes  quiet when it’s mentioned he looks human, and Raiden wants to stomp on anyone that makes fun of Szin for it.

I worry about Szin sometimes. He’s the deep thinker of the family. Yeah, they know they’re different. Not much getting around that, you know? Just the fact they are part of the royal family makes them different, then throw in this.  

~Are you happy?

Oh, I am very happy. That’s not to say I don’t miss my family; I do. It’s not like I can hop on a plane and go see them, you know? Or pick up a phone and call my mom for advice. Family is very important to me as most of you guys know. But I have another family here, and we’re close. 

~Are you psychic now and if so does that make the kids psychic?

After Szin and Raiden were born I lost the connection I shared with them. No one knows why; for that matter, no one knows why I had it to begin with. But there are times I think they are able to communicate with each other psychically. There’s this look they get, usually right before they sneak off to plan something. *laugh* I really can’t explain it. 

~You and Keyno are very close to Cielo (Colt) and Ti. Have you thought about living together?

Naw. We are close but we all live different lives and have different responsibilities. Ti is still very involved with his home planet just as Keyno is. Just living close to each other is enough. 

~Hello Dale how are you, I have enjoyed your travels with Keyno. Just curious of the activities that you do with the other bearers on the ship? It’s a big ship and the crew members and their mates are quite extensive.

Hey! I’m doing good! Hmm, I guess it depends on the mission. Sometimes we hang out in Ten Forward, that’s a good place to unwind, have a light meal, talk, play some games or whatever. Then there’s the Holo Deck. That’s cool. There are shops that offer all kinds of stuff. Sometimes we go to the nursery area and play with the young. 

~How often do you visit other planets?

Pretty often. We go to Onfre some, and of course Aploi. There’re a few planets the Ta’Narians have treaties with that we may be able to visit later. That’s still up in the air right now.

*Part 2 of the Interview will be up very soon, guys.

Friday, February 10, 2012

TGI Friday


Sweet or sexy, sweet or sexy… I couldn’t make up my mind. Y’all know what happens when I can’t make up my mind, right? Right… go for some bondage instead, lol. There’s nothing sweeter or sexier than a guy tied to a bed, lol. This pic sure made my day.

Another work week is over and the weekend is nearly here. *Laugh* for some of ya it’s here already. I’m a little bummed because football is over… 

(… stares at the picture some more…) 

Okay, I’m back, lol. With stuff like that to look at I might make it until August. ;) Hope everyone had a good week and time drags so Monday takes its sweet time getting here! 

So… here’s a little something to get the weekend off right for ya!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I saw this on a Lit thread, found it interesting and thought I’d give it a try. There’s two parts of this. I’ll try to get the next part later.  

~Why do you write erotica?
Whoa boy, how to answer that? Better yet is why write m/m erotica? Let’s see, November of 2009 I ran across Literotica’s GM category. The first person I read was Pelaam. OMG I was hooked. I mean totally hooked, guys. I read everything she wrote in a matter of days and drooled all over the computer the whole time.

That’s when the erotica bug bit me, lol. I *had* to try to write something like that. 
I’ve always had stories kicking around in my head that were a bit kinky. Thanks to Lit I’d found a market for it, then later led to eBooks. I knew writing m/m erotica was what I had to do. 
By the way, she’s still one of my all time fav’s. 

~What purpose, if any, do you think YOUR erotica serves? 
I don’t know that it actually ‘serves’ a purpose, but I’ve had some touching emails from Lit feedback since I started. Just knowing I inspired someone, or made someone’s day better… Well, that’s special and brings such a feeling of joy. 
I don’t consider my stuff stroke-well, not including the short stories on my blog. There’s a plot hidden in all the sex, lol, and usually a meaning. But some of the emails have moved me to tears and *that’s* what drives me. 
Being told I transported someone to another world… and for a while they believed in happy ever after is… I can’t put it in words. But I know how they feel because there are books that transport me. And for a while reality recedes; I can relax and have fun.

~From where does that plot bunny run?
Oh good Lord, lol. A plot bunny can come from anywhere. This is what the Urban Dictionary calls a plot bunny: An idea for a story (usually used to refer to fanfic) that gnaws at the brain until written.
That pretty much sums it up, lol. They come from TV, dreams, listening to people talk, seeing things around me… just anything. The Harvest came from overloading on SG1 one night. Cupid (Cam) wasn’t a plot bunny, he as an imp that refused to go away, lol. 
Jude, my vampire from Kiss Me Deadly, hit me one night while cooking dinner. Yes, there was lots of religious ref’s in that story; but I’ve always wondered where things like silver burning them, sunlight killing them, why they need blood came from… and I ended up providing answers for my vamp from the bible. 
I got hit with a plot bunny Monday night. I took my cat to the vet and then worried the rest of the day about how he acted after. He was sluggish and off his feed. God, I felt so bad, so guilty. 
Now this is the cat that adapted us not long ago as some of you know. Well, woke up Tuesday morning with an idea for a story about a cat who adopts a human. Note the word ‘human’… big hint there. ;) God, I couldn’t get out of bed fast enough to write it down. 
Bingo… plot bunny. LOL.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

His Little Tease

Greg clutched the steering wheel.
The drive up to the cabin for their weekend getaway hadn’t been bad; most of the rush hour traffic had thinned out by the time they left. No, it wasn’t the traffic that had him clutching the wheel: it was the hand down his jeans fondling his dick. After an hour of teasing, Greg was ready to explode.
“You’re asking for it,” Greg muttered as he pulled the truck back on the road yet again. He seriously reconsidered the plan he had hatched before they had left. “Swear to god, Jamie, if I get pulled over I’m telling the cop just what exactly you’ve been doing.”
“All you have to do is say stop.”
Greg didn’t say anything, but his breathing increased when Jamie squeezed his erect shaft.
“Yeah, that’s what I thought.”
“You’ve been warned,” Greg hissed as Jamie’s nimble fingers teased his balls. “Don’t make me come.”
“I’ve no intention of making you come,” Jamie said as he leaned closer and whispered in Greg’s ear. “What would be the fun in that?”
Greg was tempted to return to his plan of finding a little back road right then and fucking the little tease until he begged for mercy. That had been Plan A. He was now going with Plan B; that was, if he didn’t die from blue balls first.
“I’ll show you fun. Just wait. I’m going to have lots of fun when I yank those jeans down and paddle that ass for you. That’s just for starters, too.”
Jamie shivered in his seat. His three year relationship with Greg had been what others dreamed of. A month ago Greg had presented him with a ring and they had set a date to be married. Their relationship was equal and they made all decisions together. When they fought, they worked at the problem until they’d reached a compromise. 
But inside the bedroom… That was another thing entirely. There was no compromise in their sexual relationship. Greg ruled. His dominating personality or came out and Jamie loved it, loved that Greg understood what he needed in the bedroom and out. 
“Sounds… fun. I can see me bent over your lap, legs slightly spread open, you rubbing my ass, the sting of the slap as your hand connects . . . my skin turning pink, me begging—”
Greg’s control splintered. His hand wound in Jamie’s hair and jerked his head towards his lap. “You talk too much. Put that mouth to better use. Now.”
“But what if someone sees!” Jamie spluttered.
“Maybe they’ll give me a thumbs up,” Greg smirked. “You’ve been asking for this for a while.”
“Feeling a bit rebellious, are we?” Greg said. “I can arrange it so that you don’t cum until tomorrow.” 
“You wouldn’t!”
“Keep talking and you’re going to find out.” Greg cut his eyes at Jamie, his hand still buried in his hair. “Don’t make me tell you again.”
Jamie got as comfortable as he could, unbuttoned Greg’s jeans and inhaled the scent of aroused flesh. His mouth watering, Jamie pulled Greg’s underwear back and hard flesh slapped up to greet him. The head was slick with precum and the thick vein that ran down Greg’s shaft throbbed. 
The hand in his hair loosened and gently petted as Jamie licked the head, running his tongue through copious amounts of precum. Jamie moaned as he edged closer, he had to have that delicious piece of meat in his mouth. Jamie closed his lips over the angry head of Greg’s dick, his tongue stabbing at opening in the top. 
“Oh yeah, that’s good.” Greg grunted as a hot, wet mouth closed over him. 
The truck slowed down briefly then sped back up. The little imp was still teasing him. Greg’s breathing picked up as he imagined Jamie, hands tied to his thighs, on his knees with his ass up in the air, helpless while he fucked him. At the rate he was going, Greg was tempted to keep him bound all night. 
Jamie lifted his head. “We’re barely moving, just thought I’d point that out.”
“Shit.” Greg looked at the dash. Jamie was right, he was twenty miles under the speed limit.
Jamie let a small smile cross his face as he worked Greg’s dick into his mouth. He badly wanted to fist his own dick but he knew that wasn’t allowed. Jamie bobbed his head up and down Greg’s dick then dived down and buried his nose in Greg’s pubs. A strangled cry sounded above him as he lodged Greg’s dick in his throat… then he hummed. 
The car jerked again as Greg’s body twitched.
“Mmm, suck it…” Greg threaded his hand through Jamie’s hair. “Second thought, make me come. I’ll last longer when we get to the cabin.”
Jamie knew then he was getting fucked hard as soon as they arrived. His dick ached in his jeans as he pulled up the length of Greg’s shaft, hollowing his checks as he sucked. His other hand toyed with Greg’s balls through his jeans. Greg’s dick swelled in his mouth just he as licked the head again. 
“Gonna come, Jamie. Take it all, gonna fill your mouth full… Oh yeah, babe.”
Greg fought slamming his head back against the truck seat as he exploded in Janie’s mouth. Greg had a white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel and his other hand was twisted in Jamie’s hair controlling his head. His hips thrust frantically as Jamie sucked him dry. Greg was so involved with what that hot mouth was doing to his dick he nearly missed the turn off to the cabin.
Jamie hardly noticed the change from smooth pavement to the bumpy gravel road, he was too busy trying not to choke. Cum seeped down his chin from the massive load Greg had shot, a sure sign he had pushed Greg to the very edge of his control. He went to raise his head up but the hand tangled in his hair stopped him.
“You just stay where you’re at and amuse yourself. We’ll be at the cabin in fifteen minutes and I’d better be hard again.”
Jamie licked the soft dick that now lay in a nest of jet black pubs. “Yeah? Why’s that?”
“Cause I’m going to fuck your ass as soon as we arrive. Going to fuck you so hard anyone in a mile of us will be able to hear you scream for me.”
Jamie blew against the head of Greg’s dick and kissed the head. Damn thing was perking up again and Jamie’s ass twitched. He couldn’t wait to feel his channel being stretched wide. God, he wanted to jack his dick.
“A mile, huh? How’s that going to work with us inside?”
“What makes you think I’m going to wait until we’re inside?” Greg pushed Jamie’s head towards his dick, trying not to laugh at the startled squeak from Jamie. “Now suck me back to hardness, babe.”
Greg had a small trail size packet of lube he had thrown in the truck side door pocket before they left. As Jamie sucked his dick he wondered how he would react when he saw it. He had planned to make a little side trip on their way to the cabin but Jamie’s antics had given him another idea.
He was raging hard again when he parked in front of the cabin. He barely gave Jamie time to get his mouth off his dick before he was out the door and around the truck, pulling Jamie out. Dragging Jamie by the wrist, he hauled him around the side of the cabin to where a thick blanket of trees provided cover and stripped off both their shirts. 
Greg’s hands grabbed Jamie by the throat, the tips of his fingers touching Jamie’s thick brown hair. Tilting his head back Greg closed his eyes as Jamie nibbled on his chin slowly working his way down to his neck. His jeans were sliding off his hips with the help of Jamie’s eager hands.
“Love you,” Jamie said. The cool wood of the cabin against his back and the hot man in front of him had his head spinning. 
“Love you, too,” Greg moaned as his jeans slipped lower, “my little tease.”
That was the last thing either said until Jamie’s pleasurable screams echoed through the woods.

Friday, February 3, 2012

TGI Friday

Are Ya Ready For Some Football??? 

So the Super Bowl is this Sunday, and yes, I’m a huge football fan. Unfortunately, my Steelers didn’t make it this year. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers, right? There are still hot guys in tight pants hitting each other hard and ending up in interesting positions.
Okay, that’s not the only reason I watch football. But it’s sure as heck a nice benefit!
I do actually know the game; I’ve watched it for many, many years. I’ve yelled at the TV and threatened bodily harm to anyone that got between me and the screen. No kidding. Friends have learned not to call me, come by, and even sit next to me during game time.
So, bring on Sunday! If you’re a Giants or Patriots fan I wish you the best of luck. Let’s hope the TV commercials are worth a damn this year, too. Those are nearly as good as the game. No comment on the half-time show, lol.  
*I may have to revisit this pic at a later date for a short story. It’s damn hot, lol, and many things came to mind! *Wink*