Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Tuesday Teaser

Okay, since Destiny: A Prequel to Bound By Destiny done and about to be published, I thought I'd start something else.

Some of y'all might remember Darkness Awaits. This was actually the first book I had published, but the publisher went under about six months after the book was released.

For the longest I didn't do anything with it, but I've decided to overhaul it. It was originally written in first person, but I'm changing it to third... which is going to be a nightmare! My writing style has also changed significantly since then too, so I'm trying to put my voice back in it. The original editor pretty much stripped that out, and with me being new, I didn't know any better, so I let it happen.

Live and learn. Believe me when I say that wouldn't happen now. Anyway, I just started on this. As I get into it, I'll probably change some of the plot points too. We'll see how it goes.

LOL, when I wrote this, I thought 30K was soooo long. *snort* How things have changed.

Chapter One

The silky weight of the blindfold might obscure Michael’s vision, but it did nothing to stop the heavy breathing behind him. A chill raced up his back, his muscles tightening because this wasn’t the first time he’d dreamed this and knew what was coming. A sharp pull at his hair jerked his head back, his dream lover kissing the side of his neck. Sharp, pointed teeth nipped along his jugular.

“Fuck,” Michael gasped, shivering at the implied threat from those teeth.

Secured against a broad chest, his mysterious lover lightly ran his hand down the front of Michael’s shirt, torturing his pierced nipple through the thin material before moving on to the next. Michael moaned.

“Don’t move until I tell you,” he whispered.

“W-who are you?”

“The wait is almost over, Michael. Soon we’ll be together. I’ll give you what you need, what you’ve yet to admit you crave.”

The fact his question wasn’t answered, along with the possessiveness, should’ve sent up a million red flags. But instead of scaring him, the words resonated deeply within. Instinct long buried insisted there was nothing to fear, even when rational thought said otherwise. He leaned his head back, his breath stalling out as cool fingers brushed his skin as each shirt button was undone. When the folds parted, Michael tensed.

“Remember to breathe, beautiful.”

Michael exhaled noisily. Who knew breathing was required in a dream? That thought was derailed when the hoops in his nipples were twisted. The sharp, brief pain faded when the touch turned gentle.

“Ah, shit.” Michael clenched his fists. The temptation to explore all that flesh pressed against him was nearly overwhelming. But something warned him he shouldn’t.

The shirt slid off his body, pooling at his feet. Slowly his arms were pulled behind him, and cold, hard metal enclosed his wrists. The loud click startled Michael, and a small tentacle of fear wiggled through the mist of pleasure blanketing his mind.

“Trust me, Michael. I won’t harm you.”

Michael knew that. This was, after all, a dream. Michael whined when a hard cock ground against his ass. Jeez, someone was hung like a jury. Michael’s cock strained against the front of his jeans, wetting his boxers, and quickly becoming uncomfortable.

“Touch me. Please. I need to feel your hands on me.” Michael shook in his lover’s arms.

He wiggled his hips—determined to force the issue since asking wasn’t getting him anywhere—then jumped when several hard slaps rained down on his ass. Heat snaked straight to his cock, making him harder.

His balls pulled up tight to his body, and he groaned. Just a few slaps and he was in jeopardy of coming. It was ridiculous, and thrilling, and so over the top that the shock of being spanked almost outweighed the shock of how much he liked it. How could a simple slap to the ass ignited such a desperate yearning?  

“More. Please, more.”

“Easy, now. We’re going to take this nice and slow. I’m going make you scream when I finally claim you, then I’m going to make you beg for more,” the dream lover hissed in Michael’s ear.

           “Fuck.” Could words alone make a person come? 

Friday, August 24, 2018

Reese's Stuffed Rice Krispies Treats - Finicky Friday


Cooking spray, for pan

5 tbsp. butter

1 (10-oz.) bag marshmallows

1/2 c. smooth peanut butter

Pinch kosher salt

6 c. Rice Krispies Cereal

12 Reese's cups

1/4 c. melted peanut butter, for garnish

1/4 c. melted chocolate, for garnish


Line a 9”-x-13” pan with parchment paper and grease with cooking spray. In a large pot over medium-low heat, melt butter. Stir in marshmallows, peanut butter, and salt and stir until mixture is melted. Remove from heat.

Immediately add Rice Krispies and stir with a rubber spatula until combined. Working quickly, press half of mixture into an even layer in pan, then top with a layer of Reese’s. Press remaining mixture over Reese’s.

Drizzle with melted chocolate and peanut butter, then refrigerate until cool, about 30 minutes.
Slice into squares and serve.

link: https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/a20268441/reeses-stuffed-rice-krispies-treats-recipe/

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Tuesday Teaser

Okay, so Destiny: A Prequel to Bound by Destiny (The Harvest Young) is on the 2nd round of edits. Right now it's around 16Kish. It basically shows Raiden and Dayo from birth to age eighteen, when they mate. 

I hadn't planned to write the early years (so to speak lol) but an abundance of disappointed comments made me rethink that. 

What I'm posting below are cut scenes that won't be in the book. Why? Well, the book is about Raiden and Dayo... and Szin was figuring too prominently lol. 

When I have a better idea when this will be out, I'll post on social media platforms. 


THE NEXT thing Raiden knew, there was light, and he was being lifted out of his warm, tight space. Someone blew in Raiden’s face, and impressed, he and bellowed. Loudly. Thankfully he was wrapped up and placed in a weird contraction.
Still, he screamed.
“Oh, by the great gods, he’s… he’s so… Doc? Doc! What’s wrong?” Keyno demanded.
“Nothing is wrong. Keyno… Dale… there are… there are… you have twins. Oh, gods, two young!” Doc gasped, lifting Raiden’s twin out.
“What!” Keyno shouted. “Two? There are two in there? There can’t be!”
Raiden continued to scream. They needed to get Szin to him now.
“John, we’re going to need a long-term transvector, several growth lights…. You’d best hit the hot-call button, my mate.”
Szin? Raiden’s bellow was drowned out by Keyno’s upset yowl as the emergency call for more medical personnel went off. Ow. Why is that so loud?
“The second young…. His vitals aren’t good, and he’s very small,” Doc said. “His color is off. We’ll do everything we can, of course, but
Szin? Can you hear me? Put him with me! Szin!
“No!” Keyno shouted. “Doc, please, my friend, do something. Anything, please!”
“Keyno, having twins is a miracle in itself, you know that. Having both survive….”
There was a loud thump. 
Now what?
“Doc, put him with the other young. Now. Don’t question me, just do it. His name is Szin. He’ll be fine as long as you keep him near Raiden, his brother. Trust me,” Dale said. “Someone check on Keyno; make sure he hasn’t cracked his head open or something, and wake him up. He needs to know that both will be fine. The idea of losing another young…. Just, please check on Keyno.”
Thank the gods! Raiden stopped screaming as soon as Doc placed Szin next to him. He watched as Szin’s skin lost its blue tinge, and his breathing leveled out.
Sorry I scared you. Szin reached for Raiden. Things got a little rough there for a second. So, here we are, huh?
Here we are. I told you everything would be fine. Love you, little brother. Satisfied, Raiden examined his twin.
Love you too. Man, I’m beat. Szin snuggled close, and they went to sleep.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Destiny: A Prequel to Bound by Destiny

Okay, so Destiny: A Prequel to Bound by Destiny (The Harvest Young) is finished and with the editor. This is going to be a really short book. It may end up around 14Kish, depending on edits. It basically shows Raiden and Dayo from birth to age eighteen, when they mate. 

I hadn't planned to write the early years (so to speak lol) but an abundance of disappointed comments made me rethink that. 

What I'm posting below are cut scenes that won't be in the book. Why? Well, the book is about Raiden and Dayo... and Szin was figuring too prominently lol. 

When I have a better idea when this will be out, I'll post on social media platforms. 


IT’S TIME, Raiden whispered.
Finally. Szin yawned, waking up. I can barely move.
Yeah. Raiden tried to turn, but nope, not enough room.
Hope Dad is ready.
Hope dabba is ready. Raiden laughed mentally in Szin’s head, fully aware Dad hadn’t told dabba about the surprise that would soon hit him between the eyes.
Raiden, if I don’t make it, will you—
I won’t let anything happen to you. I promise. You’ll be fine. Dad knows what to do later. Raiden grasped Szin’s hand.
He could tell Dad’s back was hurting him. Dad had even taken a bath to dampen the pain. It didn’t help, of course. Szin and Raiden moved together as Dad stepped out of the bath then gasped in pain.
“Jesus, what the hell?”
Think Dad’s figured it out, yet? Szin asked.
Probably. He’s had pains shooting across his back since last night. The pain receded. They waited for the next one to hit.
“Okay, that freaking hurt,” Dale griped.
He’s only nine weeks along.
I know, but it’s time. We’ll be okay, Szin.
I hope you’re right. There’s too much ahead of us, too much to do. Um, what’s he doing now?
Feels like he’s getting dressed and, ah, I think we’re going downstairs.
Minutes passed, then Szin and Raiden bounced as Dad walked. They listening to water filling something, then the refreshing scent of fauna filtered to them.
Seriously? He’s watering the plants? Szin snorted.
He won’t be for long.
“Keyno,” Dale suddenly yelled. “Oh God, Keyno. Keyno!”
From somewhere above them, Szin and Raiden heard the pounding of feet.
“By the gods, Dale!”
Szin startled at a loud thump near them. Holy cow, what was that?
I…. I think he jumped from upstairs.
Good grief.
“Christ. It may look like a jungle in here, but it isn’t. The stairs are there for a reason, you maniac.”
“What’s wrong? Are you okay? I heard you cry out!”
“It’s time,” Dale said.
“Time for what?”
“Time to change the jet packs on the flyer. What the fuck do you think it’s time for? I’m in labor, Keyno.”
Ohhh, bad word.
I’m sure it won’t be the last one, Raiden said.
“No. You can’t be in labor. You still have three weeks yet. Oh gods, Dale, you cannot be in labor! You’re wrong!”
Szin and Raiden tensed as another pain gripped Dad.
Raiden, did Dabba really just tell Dad he was—
Yeah. Yeah, he did.
“Did you say I’m wrong? Trust me when I say you do not want to argue with me about this. Fucking hell, that last one really hurt. I want pain medication, and I mean now, dammit, so go get my overnight bag.”
Did I say good grief yet? Szin asked.

Something tells me it’s going to get worse before it gets better.