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Lust and Ice


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Lust and Ice (Razor's Edge)

By: M.A. Church
Published By: Changeling Press LLC
ISBN # 0602201932

Word Count: 14000
Heat Index
Available in: Epub, HTML, Microsoft Reader, Mobipocket (.mobi), Adobe Acrobat, Mobipocket (.prc)


About the book

Book Summary

They call him Ice. Kain's a spoiled rich man's son with money to burn. An endless parade of men through his bedroom has left him empty and wanting. When he and his friends meet at their usual nightclub and place bets on who'll score for the evening, Kain eyes a sexy stranger. Electricity jumps between them, and Ice decides the handsome man will be in his bed screaming out his pleasure before the night is through.

Dark and deadly desires are Asmodeus's calling cards. Those that fall to his wicked ways are doomed to an eternity of unfulfilled lust in the second level of Hell. This is no man to be played with... because this is no man. He's the Prince of Lust, one of the seven princes of Hell. And he's been granted the right to take a mate by his master, Lucifer. He's searched through the ages for the one that will satisfy his sinful needs, but none have made the cut.

Until now.

The Bad Boys' club has picked the wrong targets this time -- Hell's come to claim its own.

Publisher's Note: Yes! It's our first "Full Length" Razor novella. Our Twisted Sister's growing up!

Praise for Lust and Ice
"If you are looking for a quick, smoking hot, heart-racing read this is it. A dark erotica story with a good premise that got my blood pressure up and girlie parts tingling... this book was packed with man on man action that was graphic, intense, and sinfully HAWT."
-- 4 Kinks from Penelope, Kinky Book Reviews

"This is a very unique tale... anything but ordinary."
-- Gabbi, Top Two Bottom Reviews

An excerpt from the book

Lust and Ice
M.A. Church
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2012 M.A. Church

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Kain, AKA Ice, moved through the Friday night crowd on the dance floor of Night Moves, a trendy upscale bar. For VIPs, the club had a decadent, kinky side. The second level was members only and membership was awarded on the basis of money, power, and prestige. The second level was where other jaded predators like Kain roamed.

The bottom level -- the dance floor -- was where the fresh meat was kept. After all, every predator needed prey.

Kain avoided the teasing hands that reached for him. No one caught his eye, but the night was young. He nodded to the bouncer guarding the secured entrance to the second level. Of course he wasn't stopped. He was well known at the club.

Across the way he saw his childhood friends sitting at their usual table and made his way to them. Throwing his leather jacket on the back of his chair, he picked up the drink they had waiting for him. "Sorry I'm late. The old man was on my ass again."

"What about this time?" Jordan asked.

"Some kid yelling I hit his car on the way home a couple of nights ago. He threatened to call the cops -- claimed I left the scene of the accident." Kain shrugged as his eyes scanned the dance floor. "More like a mercy killing. My damn watch costs more than that heap he was driving, but he carried on like a bitch in heat over it. The old man calmed him down, as always."

"Meaning your dad had his lawyer pay him off." Allen rolled his eyes. "What's someone like that doing over here in our part of town?"

"What else," Hugh said. "Looking for a way to make easy money. Those kinds of people shouldn't be allowed over here."

"I never said it happened on our turf. I was slumming." Kain turned back to the group with a cold, emotionless grin. Actually, he'd been mindlessly screwing some nameless guy in the hopes of losing himself, if only for a little while. "If you know what I mean."

"Well, you know what they say. If you lie down with dogs..." Hugh shrugged. "On another note, boys, you owe me five thousand apiece. That sweet little thing, Chris? Yeah, I popped his cherry last night. Told you I would. Only took me two weeks, too, to convince him that we were meant to be."

"You have the devil's own luck," Jordan groaned.

"Actually, that's Kain. I'm still behind him by two virgins."

"How do you find these guys?" Allen complained. "I've only managed to find two!"

"Oh shut up. You're one ahead of me." Jordan rolled his eyes.

"Back on subject, fellows. Did I mention how sweetly he cried?" Hugh smirked. "And get this... he's thinks I'm going to keep calling him now, be his boyfriend. Seems like he was waiting for that special someone, the love of his life."

"Yeah, right. What a loser." Allen sneered. "How often did you have to tell him you loved him?"

"Too many times." Hugh's disgust was clear as he raised his glass and winked. "Like I'd be caught dead outside of a bedroom with someone like that."

"Goes without saying." Kain sprawled in his chair. "So, how's it looking down there? Fill me in."

"Jordan and I have a bet going about who's going to do that redhead on the dance floor first," Allen said. "He's the one with the green shirt, there in the middle."

"Why not do him together?" Hugh asked.

"We plan to." Allen winked. "I said I'd do him first. We'll tag team him later. Been awhile since Jordan and I got to do a double penetration."

Kain's hearty laugh boomed out, drawing attention from those around them. "I almost feel sorry for the guy." Kain glanced around the group; several pairs of disbelieving eyes stared back at him. "Okay, no I don't."

"The legendary Ice feels sorry?" Hugh's lips twisted. "That'll be a cold day in hell."

"Hell wouldn't have me."

"Oh yeah, it would. Personally, I think we'd end up ruling hell." Allen smirked at Kain.

"Ah, someone has that position, remember?" Jordan shrugged.

"We could be kings, or lords."

"There's supposed to be seven princes of hell. One for each deadly sin." Hugh rolled his eyes as his friends stared at him. "What?"

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Perfect ready for pre-order

Hey everyone! Perfect is now on the Coming Soon page at DSP and is available for pre-order

*Throws glitter everywhere*

Okay, now that I've got that out of my system, lol. Release date is Jan 23rd. Pure, the last book in The God series, is due to be released in June/July.


Jaded billionaire Jeff Mayfield loves only what his money and power can buy, but the Fates have plans for him. First a player in Jeff’s casino hits a huge jackpot and things turn hectic.Then, in the middle of the chaos, Jeff lays eyes on the unbelievably sexy Cam Smith—Cupid in his human form.

Seized by lust, Jeff makes a move, only to find himself on the receiving end of a blistering wave of sexual intent. Cam disassembles Jeff’s self-image and puts it back together upside down. But Jeff isn’t the only one struggling with control. Cam’s alter ego is Jealousy, and if he loses his composure, the consequences will be deadly.

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Wednesday Briefs

Welcome to the Wednesday Briefers flash group. The short stories have a maximum of a 1000 word count plus links at the bottom to the other flashers. The prompts for this week are:
Line Prompts:
Dear Baby New Year, …

Word prompts:
Toast, kiss, hangover
Night, chance, fireworks 

A sparkly hat worn at a jaunty angle
A piece of paper with a single sentence on it 

~I’m using a piece of paper with a single sentence on it.

All That He Desires 

Jules sat behind the counter, rereading the same damn paragraph. It was eleven forty-five on December 31st. That’s right—New Year Eve’s. Was he out, snuggling with a guy, while counting down to the New Year? Maybe holding a glass of Champagne while streamers fell around him, singing “Auld Lang Syne?”

Not hardly.

He, poor sap that he was, was working at a gas station out in the middle of nowhere. What a way to ring in the New Year. But he couldn’t complain, he’d asked to work tonight. He needed the money.

He had one semester left and he’d graduate… which was all well and good, except he was paying for it on his own. His parents found out he was gay his sophomore year and cut him off. His dad, in particular, had reacted badly, ranting ‘no son of his was gay.’ He’d honestly thought his dad was going to hit him. The things they’d said to him still made him cringe, even after all this time. He just didn’t get it.

He liked men, so what?

As far as his parents were concerned, he’d committed the ultimate atrocity and was dead to them. Trying to work two jobs and carry a full schedule just might make their wish come true—these hours were killing him. But if he could get through the next few months, graduate, and get a job, he might make it.

“Bastards,” he mumbled and viciously bit into a chip. He was gay, not a mass murderer.

Jules stared out at the night. It was late, cold, and not a soul around. He wasn’t overly worried about being robbed; this was the good part of town and the cops were always about. Even as he watched, a patrol car cruised by. Officer Mitchell would stop by for coffee before his shift was done. He always did. They’d gotten to be friends; Officer Mitchell had a gay teen and he couldn’t understand Jules’s parent’s reaction, either.

A trash bag blew by the door—looked like the wind was picking up. Jules sighed. God, he hoped it didn’t storm. That was the last thing he needed. The night was dreary enough, that would just top it.

“Right, and my mood has nothing to do with it.” He sipped his drink. He’d show his parents. He didn’t need them and, when he had a good job, he’d know he’d done it on his own.

His own… God, he was tired of being on his own.

Jules wadded up the chip bag and threw it in the trash. Maybe one day he’d come across someone whom he could call his own… but until then, all he had was work, work, and more work. And school.

The glare of headlights caught his attention. Jules sat on his stool, eyes locked on the expensive car that pulled up. “What a beauty.”

Someone certainly had good taste. A tall man with shoulder length dark hair stepped out of the vehicle, and Jules swallowed. A long black leather coat hugged a nice frame, giving him an air of… mystery. The breeze teased the long locks, whipping them around the stranger’s head as he approached the store. A vibrant green scarf wrapped around the man’s throat. Even from here, Jules could see the guy was well over six feet.

“Welcome to Stop-N-Go,” Jules said as the man entered the store.

“Hello.” The stranger stopped and brushed his hair back from his face. “Damn, it’s cold out there. Looks to be a bad night, huh?”

Not so much now. Jules glanced outside and shrugged. The wind was really whipping now. He looked back at the man and noticed the scarf matched the green of the man’s eyes. “I’ve seen worse.”

The stranger smiled, white teeth gleaming against dark skin. “Haven’t we all? I’m just going to use the restroom and get a drink.”

“Through there.” Jules pointed to the back of the store.

When the customer was no longer in sight, Jules allowed a small sigh to escape. Now that was what he was talking about. Why couldn’t he find a guy like that? Jesus, his mouth was watering. Frankly he didn’t give a rat’s ass if the dude was gay or not, he’d make for some good jerk-off material later.

Besides, a hunky man like that wouldn’t look twice at a small guy like him, even if he was gay. On a good day, he might top five nine. While he had a toned build, there wasn’t a spare ounce of fat on him. No, he had to work to keep weight on his frame.

A moment later his customer walked out of the restroom and helped himself to a bottle of water. When he got to the register, Jules took a deep breath. Whatever aftershave the man wore smelled really good. Jules rung him up, plus a scratch lotto ticket the man asked for.

“What do you know, it’s midnight,” the guy remarked, glancing at his watch. “Happy New Year. May this year be all you could desire.”

“Same to you.” Jules grinned.

“Oh, I think it just might.”

Jules waited until the man left before fanning himself. “Yeah, primo jerk-off material. Shit, I’m hard.”

* * * *

Two hours later, Jules walked out to his old beat up car. At lease the damn wind had stopped blowing.

“What the hell?”

Under his windshield wiper was an envelope. Quickly, he opened it… and inside was a scratch lotto ticket—a winning lotto ticket. A fifty thousand dollar winning lotto ticket. Jules staggered against his car, staring at the damn thing. “Oh my…! Oh my fucking God!”

A piece of paper fell out of the envelope and drifted to the ground. He picked it up, hand trembling, and read the one sentence—

Maybe this will help your year be all you desire. 


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Silver Bells and Red Ribbon


Tanner enjoyed the tree lights reflecting off his boy’s dark skin. He idly traced the scroll work of the tattoo that started near the base of his neck. The tattoo traveled down the left side of his back and over one ass cheek. Not long ago Rusty had brought the tattoo over one shoulder and down to his pec. There was nothing he loved more than tracing that tattoo and watching Rusty squirm. Tanner looked down at his boy. Rusty’s feet were under him, his ass resting against his heels, head slightly bowed… waiting. Jesus, he was sexy in his submission. That red ribbon around his throat was sinful.

“Look at me.” Tanner waited until those dark eyes of Rusty’s were on him, then slowly slipped his night pants down, edging them past his hip, taking his sweet time before allowing his hard cock to spring free and slap against his stomach.

Rusty whined, loudly.

“I know what you want.” Tanner grinned as he kicked off his slippers and flung the pants off to the side. His boy’s eyes were huge in his face, and trained on his groin. “I want your mouth, too, but don’t make me come.”

He settled on the couch, away from Rusty, and spread his knees. Holding his cock at the base, he held up the thick shaft and looked at his boy. He knew Rusty wouldn’t come to him until he was told, but oh, oh how those eyes begged. “Come on,” Tanner said softly.

Tanner enjoyed the way his boy moved with such fluid grace, even with his hands bound behind him, as he shuffled into position between his knees, the bells chiming. Damn, he loved that. He ran his thumb across Rusty’s lips, reached behind his head and undid the ball gag. Tossing it on the other couch, he leaned down and kissed those lips that trembled with need. “Don’t come yet.”

“I-I won’t.” Rusty looked down at the cock in front of him. “Please, Sir?”

Tanner threaded his other hand through Rusty’s hair, bringing him closer. “Yes. Taste me.”

 A warm breath of air, a soft touch to his cockhead, then wet heat enveloped the crown of his shaft. Tanner leaned his head back against the cushions, one hand still lightly grasping Rusty’s dark hair as that talented tongue lashed the crown, teasing the slit, seeking. Tanner’s cock stiffened more, and a bead of precome leaked out, only to be licked up.

“Mmm,” Tanner sighed, glancing down. He tugged at his hair until Rusty raised his eyes. “Show me.”

Tanner watched as Rusty’s tongue flicked out, tracing the flared head, worshiping the hard dick by running it over his wet lips. Still grasping the base, he rubbed the damp head against Rusty’s cheek as, lost in the sensation, Rusty’s eyes drifted closed. Pleased sounds drifted up to Tanner as Rusty laved at his length. He honestly couldn’t remember anyone who loved to suck cock as much as Rusty did; he did it like it was his favorite thing in the world.

“Take more,” Tanner whispered, pushing his cock toward Rusty’s mouth. Rusty immediately caught the shaft and lowered his head, bobbing up and down. “Oh God, boy, yes. Jesus, your mouth is fabulous.”

Tanner’s fists clenched next to him on the couch as the warm, wet heat around his dick grew hotter, the suction up and down his shaft grew stronger. And God, that talented tongue that rubbed his shaft… as much as he wanted this to last forever, it couldn’t. Already his balls were tightening—that tingling that warned he was close. Breathing deeply, he closed his eyes as he fought his body.

He wanted this to last—not just the blowjob, but the whole thing… the whole romantic, sweet, loving thing. Tears gathered behind his lids as Rusty’s mouth drove him to Heaven and Hell at the same time. Rusty was the other half of his heart, his soul. Without him, life had no meaning. Rusty might be his sub, but he also held his master’s heart in his hands.

Tanner, eyes still closed, tightened his hands in Rusty’s hair and mumbled, “That’s enough, boy, or this lovely night is going to be over before it really gets a chance to get started. Time to stop.”

A disgruntled moan, then a soft plop greeted his ears, and Tanner opened his eyes. Rusty had stopped as he was told, but he was also rubbing his cheek against the wet shaft next to his face.

“You’re going to be the death of me.” Tanner chuckled softly as Rusty kissed his belly, then his shaft one last time. Tanner gazed into Rusty’s dark eyes, toughing the red ribbon around his neck. “I love you, Rusty.”

Rusty understood the minor shift in the scene. “I love you too, Tanner,” he said as he shifted on his knees.

Tanner caught the small movement and frowned. “Knees getting sore, boy?”

Rusty understood the brief break in scene was over. “I’m okay, Sir.”

Tanner sat up, running his hands over the broader shoulders. “I’m well aware how much power is in this body, but I didn’t ask you if you were okay. I asked if your knees were getting sore. Now, answer me.”

Rusty looked up. “I… damn. They’re a little sore, Sir. Sorry.”

“Hmm, think we need to move this to the loveseat. Might have to include a little punishment for not answering me honestly.” Tanner stood, and helped Rusty gain his feet. He pushed Rusty to the smaller couch, his knees landing on the cushions, his chest over the back.

“Yeah, perfect. Just need something to…” Tanner looked around, finally spotting what he wanted. “Ah, there we go. That will work just great.” Tanner landed on his sub’s ass. “Boy, do not move an inch.”

Rusty jerked at the slap of Tanner’s hand, but he held the position. He did turn his head, but he couldn’t see what Tanner had picked up off the floor without moving, and he had been told not to move.

“Oh God,” Rusty whispered suddenly.

Tanner smirked at his sub as he held the roll of red ribbon in front of Rusty. Quickly, he tied the ribbon to the cuffs at Rusty’s feet and the hooks on the chest part of his harness. The ends of the ribbon were tied around the chair legs.

“Yes, that will work just fine.” Tanner smacked Rusty’s ass again. “You aren’t going anywhere until I let you loose, boy. Now, let’s see how desperately I can make you beg.”

 * * * *

Rusty swallowed hard, fighting to relax against the couch. With the way Tanner had him tied, his ass was on display and he was helpless. And that damn plug was going to be the death of him. A strangled breath escaped when Tanner twisted the thing, sending more jolts of pleasure through him. Draped over the back of the couch, he stared at the floor, his toes curling as Tanner slowly fucked him with the plug. Every brush against his hot spot was sweet torture, and the gentle rhythm rocked him into the couch, making his cock brush against the cool leather.

“Oh, oh God, Sir,” he whined. “Feels good, but… but…”

Rusty shifted, trying to get more friction against his dick, making the bells ring as they brushed against the couch.

“Behave,” Tanner warned, hearing the bells. He knew what his boy was doing. His hand slapped down on Rusty’s ass.

Rusty groaned, heat spreading as Tanner continued to spank his ass, his hand moving across the skin, never striking in the same place, keeping Rusty off balance.

“Ah, ah… Sir…”

Riding the wave, he rocked with the hits as they landed on his ass, the backs of his legs, and the inside of his thighs. Heat bloomed and spread as he rose higher on the delightful sting, floating free… flying. Good… so good. The world retreated until there was nothing but the feelings and the thuds of a hand landing on flesh. Sounds fell around them, soft groans, breathless sighs, and the occasional yelp when a particularly good spot was struck.

“Yeah, that’s it, ride it, boy.” Tanner leaned over and kissed the cute little dip right above the cleft of Rusty’s ass. “You’re blushing very well for me. A nice rosy shade of red.”

Rusty barely heard his master, so lost in his head was he. When a hand smoothed over fiery skin, he sighed; sharp little pricks of pain wrapped in pleasure flooded through his body. The red ribbon caressed his skin, the cool slide of silk bringing chill bumps. His cock hurt, the need to come hammering him.

“Please, Sir, please. Fuck me,” Rusty begged, gasping for air. “I… I can’t… I don’t want to…”

Tanner patted Rusty’s ass. “Just a bit longer.”

Rusty didn’t think he could wait ‘a bit longer’, so he thanked God when he felt his master remove the plug. So empty, oh he was so empty. Tanner’s hands grasped his hips, his dick rubbing up and down his crack. Panting harshly, he fisted his hands in the cuffs as Tanner teased him, cock slick with lube.

“Can you take it hard?”

“Fuck… yes…Sir!”

Rusty barely finished speaking when Tanner grasped his cuffed hands and slammed home. For a moment, Rusty couldn’t speak. He was still loose from the plug, but the sheer act of possession rendered him speechless. Finally his voice unlocked and he screamed. On cue, his master began to hammer him, long strokes that filled him, owned him… gave him the pleasurable pain he craved. He managed to unclench his hands and intertwined his fingers with Tanner’s.

“Yeah, yeah, hold on, boy. Feel me take you.” The only noise in the room was the slap of flesh and hard moans. Finally Tanner reached around and pulled the cock ring off, breathing hard against Rusty’s back. “Come!”

Rusty yelled again as his body tightened and his seed spilled from him, shooting over the back of the couch. His head swam and there was a buzz in his head… followed by the sweet peace he sought. He heard his master curse, felt his strokes falter… then heat filled him. A hand on his sweaty back told him his master was just as lightheaded.

“Jesus, Rusty.” Tanner patted Rusty on the lower back, quickly undoing the cuffs that held Rusty’s hands. “God, I think I saw stars. Might ought to get you lose in case I pass out.”

Rusty snorted as his hands were released, stretching. Tanner untied his legs then flopped down on the floor, grinning up at him. “Fuck, Rusty… that was… that was… the best gift ever. I love you, babe.”

Rusty pulled off the harness and unwrapped the red ribbon from his body. He flexed his arms, and saw Tanner’s blue eyes darken. Grinning, he lay down, pulling Tanner against him, both of them staring at the tree. “Love you too. I’d hoped this was something that would blow your mind.”

“Consider my mind blown.” Tanner laid his head on Rusty’s chest, tracing the tattoo on his pec and fingering the bells on his perky nipples. “I really liked the bells too. Might have you wear those more often, at home.”

“I’d be glad to.” Rusty run his hand up and down Tanner’s back. “Happy?”

“Very.” Tanner snuggled closer. “Merry Christmas, boy.”

“Merry Christmas to you… Sir.”

The end

Merry Christmas guys!
This was just a short story for Christmas, there are no earlier chapters. That’s not to say Tanner and Rusty might not show up again, lol. But I wanted to wrap this story up since it was based on a Christmas prompt.
The next set of prompts have to do with New Years.

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Fun Facts about December

December Observances & Fun Facts

~December 2012 is observed as:
 Universal Human Rights Month and Safe Toys and Gifts Month.

Turquoise & Blue Topaz
~The first artificial Christmas tree was made in Germany, fashioned out of goose feathers that are dyed green!
~December 28th is considered by some to be the unluckiest day of the year.

~Fruit & Veges for the Month of December:
Comice Pears
 Pepino melon
 Ugli fruits
 Celery Root / Celeriac
~An almanac prediction states that if snow falls on Christmas Day, Easter will be warm, green and sunny.
~Spiders and spider webs are considered good luck on Christmas.

~December Flower:
Narcissus & Holly

 ~Astrological Signs:
Sagittarius (till 21th) & Capricorn (22nd→)

~Other Notable December Dates & Events:
Dec 21-Last Day of the Mayan Calendar
 Dec 26-Jan 1 Kwanzaa
~The name December comes from the Latin decem for “ten”, as it was the 10th month in the Roman Calendar.
~The term Yuletide comes from a Norse tradition of cutting and burning a tree to bring in the Winter Solstice. This was to last through 12 days – later known as the 12 days of Christmas.
~December 12th is Poinsettia Day.
~Saint Nickolas, who would eventually be called Santa Claus, was originally the patron saint of children, thieves and pawnbrokers!

~“Jingle bells” was composed in 1857, and not for Christmas – it was meant to be a Thanksgiving song!

~Common decorations on a Christmas tree each have their specific meanings. Candles – the light of the world, the Star at the top is a reminder of the first Christmas night and Candy canes are to represent the Shepherd’s cane.

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Silver Bells and Red Ribbon

A constant beep, beep, beep dragged Tanner away from the enjoyment of his sub’s tongue worshiping his cock. He desperately tried to hold on to the wispy trails of the retreating dream, with no luck. As the sexual haze cleared from his mind, the damn beeping demanded more of his attention. What is that damn noise?
Finally his eyes snapped open, glaring up at the darkened ceiling. Now that he was more awake, the beeping was louder and more distinct. That’s the damn cell phone alarm. That was annoying enough, but more so was the fact his sub wasn’t in bed with him.
He rolled over, the sheets cool where Rusty’s body should have been, and shut off the phone. “What the hell?”
Shoving his hair out of his eyes, he checked the time, his eyes widening at the early hour. Normally it took an act of Congress to get Rusty out of bed, so where was he? And more importantly, what was he up to?
Tanner sat up, his feet landing on the floor. Cool air wrapped around his bare legs, and he shivered slightly. It had snowed earlier in the evening, just a few inches, but it was enough to make it really feel like Christmas. They didn’t get much snow here, but when the white fluffy stuff did show up, life shut down.
Coming from up north, he found this highly amusing. A few inches and they rolled the sidewalks up down here, and fights were likely to break out over things like bread, milk, and toilet paper. Both he and Tanner were originally from the Chicago area, and had moved down south because of his job transfer. A few inches were nothing to them.
“Rusty?” Tanner waited, but no reply was forthcoming. “Babe?”
He lifted his pajama bottoms off the foot locker at the end of the bed, tugged them on then hunted up his slippers.
“Okay, damn, it’s cold in here.”
Rusty couldn’t sleep unless the room was chilly, and that worked for him. He couldn’t sleep unless they were both naked. Perfect excuse to snuggle. Not that he needed a reason to cuddle up to his boy, of course, but sharing body heat gave him justification to nestle his cock against Rusty’s ass through the night and drive his sub nuts with need. Some mornings he took care of that, but other times he made Rusty wait, letting desire build. His boy was magnificent when he needed.
And speaking of his boy…
Tanner made his way downstairs, the soft red lights from the Christmas tree drawing his attention. He knew he turned the tree lights off when they went upstairs, so…? Moving closer to the den, he noticed it was much warmer. He’d turned the heat down before they went to bed too, and now it was toasty warm. Tanner smiled, his lips tilting up wickedly. Hmm, looks like someone has a surprise for me.
Tanner entered the den, the warmth from the gas fireplace curling around his body, warming him. That wasn’t the only thing that sent a flash of heat spiraling up his spine.
“Oh, fuck…” Tanner’s heart thumped hard in his chest, the room blurring through a sheen of tears. “Rusty…” He had to clear his throat, his emotions choking him, and try again. “Rusty, my sweet boy.”
There, under the elegant tree was the best Christmas gift ever—his sub all wrapped up and waiting to be opened. Even from here Tanner could see the plug that filled Rusty’s ass. It was held in place by a red leather harness fitted around his sub’s body. The harness was a thing of beauty. And new. Oh my, yes, that’s new. The other ones he had were black. But this one made his mouth water, more so than usual. The deep red was incredible against his boy’s dark skin.
Tanner saw Rusty stiffen, awareness flowing through his body, but no sound came from his boy. With a grin, Tanner unstuck his feet from the floor and stalked closer to the tree and his gift. Bending down, he checked the buckle at the back of Rusty’s head. A soft whine drifted over Rusty’s shoulder to greet him. Now he saw why his sub didn’t speak. 
“Very nice, boy. I like the new harness, like it a lot. Red is your color.” He ran a finger down Rusty’s spine, watching the shivers that raced through the bound body. “Might have to warm that ass up to match.”
Another, louder whimper escaped, Rusty’s body straining.
“Hmm, something tells me there’s more going on here that just the butt plug from the way you’re acting.” Tanner tapped the base of the plug, causing his sub to jump. “Is it very big? Does it fill you up, stretching that ass for me? I can hear it, you know. You’ve got it on low, right?”
Rusty’s head nodded.
“Good. Don’t want you coming until I say. Let’s get you turned over. I want to see what else my present entails.” Tanner helped Rusty roll over to his back, and his breath caught. “You really went all out, didn’t you?”
Tanner flicked the silver bells attached to Rusty’s nipple rings, the nubs hardening. The sweet music from the bells delighted him, along with the ever-increasing moans from his boy. Tanner admired the red cuffs around Rusty’s wrists and ankles. He couldn’t wait to run chains through the D rings on the cuffs and restrain Rusty while he played with him.
His gaze traveled up Rusty’s trapped dick. The red cock ring was new too. Tanner reached down and rearranged his own hard cock that was currently trying to tear its way out of his night pants. But the red ribbon around Rusty’s neck… that hardened Tanner’s cock more than anything. His boy had such a romantic side to him.
Tanner looked at the ribbon again, an idea forming. “Beautiful,” he mumbled, touching the red band at Rusty’s throat as big chocolate brown eyes stared up at him, desire shining brightly. “Best Christmas gift, ever. Thank you, boy.”
Heavy eyes smiled up at him, and Tanner sighed, a feeling of contentment flooding him. Rusty’s eyes were gorgeous—the lashes alone made many of their women friends jealous. But what he liked best was that every feeling Rusty had showed in those expressive eyes.
Right now those lovely eyes were rolling back in Rusty’s head thanks to Tanner’s hand drifting down the hairless chest, over the flat stomach, and down to the hard cock begging to be touched. He trailed a finger over Rusty’s damp cockhead, spreading the moisture and teasing the pretty little slit, encouraging more precome to drip.
“Merry Christmas, love.” Tanner leaned over and kissed the side of Rusty’s mouth, his tongue tracing the lips held open by the ball gag while his hand fastened around Rusty’s weeping cock, stroking lightly. “Now, let’s get you set up correctly.”
Tanner released Rusty’s cock, a moan of displeasure following him as he grabbed the cuffs and pulled Rusty to a sitting position. He wondered how deep that sent the plug. “I imagine you couldn’t buckle your hands without help and I want those hands behind your back. Time to enjoy my gift. By the way, how did you get all this down here? Did you carry these things, or what?”
Rusty glanced over at the duffle he’d left out.
Tanner saw the direction Rusty was looking, and got up. “Duffle, huh?” Tanner looked inside and smirked at the roll of red ribbon. “Perfect.”
* * * *
Oh God, oh God, oh God. The words chanted inside Rusty’s head as Tanner helped him stand. He knew that look, knew it quite well. He couldn’t decide whether he wanted to scream in excitement or start begging for mercy now. It was a moot point, thanks to the ball gag. Not that the gag really mattered, he wouldn’t get relief until his dom was ready for him to… and if Tanner was feeling especially toppy tonight, it would be hours yet.
A bead of precome leaked from his cock at the idea. He loved being denied, nothing pushed him into subspace faster… but… he hated being denied, nothing was worse than blue balls. And it really didn’t matter what he wanted, his dom was the one to decided what he received. He looked down at his weeping cock—his flushed, swollen, and angry-red weeping cock.
“I’ll take care of that for you… later,” Tanner said as he fastened Rusty’s hands behind his back.
Rusty’s breath stuttered out as his hands were restrained to the harness behind him. God, yes. Damn, he loved that helpless feeling. He pulled at the buckles that held him, not to get free, but to feel that he couldn’t. He liked fighting and being unable to escape. The heat from Tanner’s body soaked into him. The soft kisses that peppered his neck were good, but the sudden nip of teeth was even better. Held tightly, he looked down at Tanner’s pale hands that caressed his body. What a picture they make.
Tanner was a tall blond with baby blue eyes, a peaches and cream complexion, and classic looks. He just looked friendly. He, on the other hand, was right the opposite: smaller, dark skinned, dark eyed but more muscular and covered in tattoos… the dark to Tanner’s light. There was a hard look to him, and more than one of Tanner’s friends had raised an eyebrow went they first got together long ago. He just looked mean.
And yeah, looks were deceiving. Tanner was a chemist at a large oil factory on the Mississippi River, and the man was deadly smart… and a hardcore dom. He, on the other hand, owned his own motorcycle shop… and was submissive down to the bone. Not many men took the time to figure that out—they, instead, went by his looks. Tanner hadn’t, though. No, the man took one look at him at a BDSM club and had known. It was like he could see inside me. No one before ever took the time to do that.
Suddenly his dick was squeezed, the grip right at the thin line of pain. “You with me, boy?”
Rusty gasped around the gag and nodded his head.
“Good. I want your focus right here,” Tanner whispered softly, “Is grass green, babe?”
Rusty nodded his head yes, shivering from the warm tongue that caressed his ear while Tanner asked the question.
Tanner pulled back. “Good. You faded on me for a second.”
That was their way of checking if all was well when he couldn’t speak. Green meant he was good to go. If he’d shaken his head no, Tanner would have removed the gag so Rusty could speak. Due to his past, they’d learned to take precautions just in case… So not going there.
“Then let’s continue.”
Rusty grunted with anticipation when Tanner brought the ribbon out, unrolled it, and threaded it through the cuffs on his wrists and ankles. From there, Tanner wrapped the ribbon around his limbs, working his way to the harness and, finally, tying the ribbon to various rings at his waist. The cool, silken ribbon kissed his skin, leaving little sparks of pleasure where it rubbed against his legs or arms.
It hadn’t taken Tanner long to figure out he had a thing for how the ribbon felt against him. There was something about the smooth slide of the silky material next to his skin that turned him into an even bigger submissive ball of goo. The first time they slept together on Tanner’s silken sheets had been a major clue. He’d been beguiled by the damn sheets. Now all they slept on was silk.
“Like that, don’t you?” Tanner asked, tapping the plug again.
Rusty whimpered when the vibration in his ass strengthened. Tanner hadn’t just tapped the plug; he’d turn it up to a higher setting.
“Yeah, you like that. Now, where to put you? Ah, yes, I think I know just the place.”
Rusty obediently followed Tanner to the couch, and went to his knees when Tanner gently pushed him down. God, what did his dom have planned now?
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