Friday, April 13, 2012

TGI Friday

TGI Friday

Hey y’all! Welcome to TGI Friday. Another work week is done, and we survived. Or maybe some of you are thinking everyone else at work survived, LOL!!! God knows, I’ve had weeks like that. And speaking of the work place… I thought I’d do something a tad different today.

A buddy on Twitter said today he just got hired, and it was his dream job. That got me to thinking. Yeah, yeah, yeah… now we know where all that smoke is coming from, lol. But seriously, isn’t that what we all want? To work at our dream job; and to get paid to work at our dream job, lol?

My twitter buddy is now a store manager at a men’s shoe store. Another FB buddy said hers would be to own a craft store. She likes to make stuff. Another FB buddy said her dream would be to own a book store, she likes books. Someone else said they would like to be a junior high librarian.

And every author I have spoken to has said the same thing—writing is their dream job... Even when they feel like screaming when their Muse is being coy or flat out gone on vacation! So many said they wish they could quit their ‘day’ job and write full time.

My daughter is in choir, has been since 4th grade. Next year she graduates, and she is still saying she wants to be a high school music teacher after all these years. The hubby said he’d love to get paid to fish! Okay, that didn’t come as a big shock to me, lol. Kitty-Kitty has his dream job already… keeping me on track. *Wink*

And me? Well, I guess I’m lucky. I’ve had one dream job already. I loved teaching the little guys. Seeing their face’s light up when they finally got a concept that had been troubling them—well, I felt complete. Like I had done something worthwhile. And I’ve been lucky enough, twice now in my life, to have that feeling again with writing. As I’ve said before—when one door closes, another opens.

LOL. I just love that. ;) Make it Coke instead of coffee, and that’s me all the way! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!