Sunday, July 15, 2012

Signed Copies of My Ebooks

In the last interview I did on Priceless I was asked if there was a way for me to sign my ebook. After some checking around and talking to DSP, I found Kindlegraph.

Now, all this does is lets me sign the cover of the ebook and put a message if you want. I can't sign the actual ebook you have. You'll get a PDF of the cover and a note/signature from me. You don't have to have the ebook either!

With Kindlegraph, I can sign my covers basically. You have to sign in through Twitter then go to my Author Page to make the request.

For Kindle: The steps are pretty easy I'm told. I don't have a Kindle, but a friend does. She followed the steps for Kindle and got her PDF.

If you don't have a Kindle: You still make the request like normal. There is a little box in the request form... you put your email addy in that box. It does NOT have to be the Kindle address! Just any old email you use.

After you make the request-and I get the request and sign the cover-it's sent. You'll get an email that shows:
AZW version (viewable in Kindle apps)
For the PDF version

Click on the one you need.

Right now only Nighttime Wishes is shown on my author page. When Priceless is released I'll add that. I'll be honest, if you run into problems I'm not sure how much help I can be. All I can see requests. *laugh* This is new to me lol!

Evan Jacobs is the founder and this is his Twitter.  I signed a copy for Tali and she had a bit of a problem on her end. She tweeted the founder and got a response quickly... and got the problem worked out. It was a simple typo. I also did one for Julie Lyn Hayes and she had no problem. I sent one to myself, used an old email addy and got it too.

This is free also! For right now, this is the best way I can find to sign anything not in print. :)