Thursday, November 15, 2012


LOL. Actually, yes. Need a little help here, guys. I need to set up a couple of promo files (should've already done this *sigh*) for Nighttime Dreams and I'd like to do an interview with the character Bryan. This is just one promo I'll be sending out to other blogs for my new release.

So, interested? *eyes everyone* Anybody got questions they want to ask Bryan? If so, hit me with them lol. I need about five to seven questions so I can work up an interview. If there are lots of questions I'll save those and maybe make two promo files and possibly do an interview for on here too. Hey, the more the better, right!?!?

Now I'm going to crawl back in my writing cave and work on Chaus, Jordan, and Allen some more lol. *head/desk*

Thanks ya'll!


I'll check back in a few hour. :)