Thursday, November 15, 2012


LOL. Actually, yes. Need a little help here, guys. I need to set up a couple of promo files (should've already done this *sigh*) for Nighttime Dreams and I'd like to do an interview with the character Bryan. This is just one promo I'll be sending out to other blogs for my new release.

So, interested? *eyes everyone* Anybody got questions they want to ask Bryan? If so, hit me with them lol. I need about five to seven questions so I can work up an interview. If there are lots of questions I'll save those and maybe make two promo files and possibly do an interview for on here too. Hey, the more the better, right!?!?

Now I'm going to crawl back in my writing cave and work on Chaus, Jordan, and Allen some more lol. *head/desk*

Thanks ya'll!


I'll check back in a few hour. :)


  1. I want to know what the first thought he had when he first saw the aliens. Also, which items on the ship are most similar to earth. What about the living walls. Thats all I can think of besides asking some really personal questions about tentacle sex. LOL. This was fun. I so loved this series.

  2. Okay. How's about:
    -Does he have any regrets about leaving earth?
    -If there was one thing he wanted to accomplish or one place on Earth that he wanted to go, what was it?
    -Is he upset that he'll never be able to do those things now?
    -Though it seems like he has no one to miss or anyone that will miss him, is he concerned about the fate of the earth?
    Now that I write these down, they seem dorky. LOL

  3. Well he does have someone who will miss him. His sister and nephew correct? My question is does he regret not being able to see his family grow up more. If it were possible, did he want children in the future, which is now not likely unless they adopt or

    1. Where was I that I missed the family? I don't even want to know. :)

  4. Does he think he will be happy in his new life? Lol I better stop at that, I don't think I would be able to resist asking questions about the tentacles ;)

    It's another cracking book M, I absolutely loved it!

    Mo x

  5. Does he still bake? If so, what do the aliens think of it? *insert mental picture of alien eating a chocolate chip cookie*

  6. If there was one thing you could go back and get on earth what would it be?

  7. So Bryan's mate is an ALIEN!!! Scales, tentacles, along with human features, i would like to know what he thinks is Daroshi's sexiest feature. What does he plan on doing career wise? Security officer?

  8. I like the question above about what Daroshi's sexiest feature is.

    My question would be when did he realize he cared for Daroshi and was happy he was his mate? Was it something Daroshi said or did or did it just sneak up on him?
    I doubt he'd accept not having a job or some role to play. Would he like to work in this new world? Has he asked what he will do as Daroshi's mate?


  9. Thank you, guys! Those are some really great questions! I'll get this done up and ready to go. :)