Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday Briefs

Welcome to the Wednesday Briefers flash group. The short stories have a maximum of a 1000 word count plus links at the bottom to the other flashers. The prompts for this week are:

All that glitters is not gold

or use: tiger, default, thread

or use a pig in a poke

or "Coffee, tea or me?"

or use crawdads in an imaginative way

Use the element of surprise

or use a windmill 

or a google search gone bad


~I’m using the element of surprise.



All That He Desires #11

“You’ll ‘allow’, huh?” Jules’ eyes narrowed, anger crashing through him. “Allow this…” Jules flipped Anslee the bird and stood up.

Anslee’s eyes narrowed. “I know what that mean, Jules, even though I’m not human.”

“Well then, goodie.” Jules stalked to the kitchen, no real destination in mind. All he knew was he had to put some room between him and… whatever was sitting on his couch. “That’ll save a whole lot of explaining… shit!”

Jules found himself flying through space, his feet off the ground, as he was wrapped in Anslee’s arms. How the hell had Anslee moved so quickly and he not heard him? One minute Anslee was sitting on the couch and the next he was clear across the room!

Jules peeked at Anslee’s face… he didn’t look happy either. No, Anslee looked to be at the end of his preverbial rope.

For the first time, Jules felt bone-melting terror.

* * * *

A being could only take so much Anslee fumed, coming off the couch. He’d tried to be patient with Jules, he really had, but enough was enough. Time for less talking and more action.

Jules started to struggle, his momentary shock wearing off as he was carried to his bedroom. “What the fuck are you doing? Put me down!”

Anslee did as the human asked, watching as Jules bounced on the bed. He pointed a finger at Jules, who was currently staring at him with wide eyes… What more did Jules want? He put Jules down like he demanded. Now the damn human was looking at him like he was some sort of… thing to be feared. Anslee shook off the thought.

He actually had a headache brewing.

This was why his kind just took what they wanted. Once they had mated their chosen one, things tended to calm down. What the hell had he been thinking trying to do this in such a way? Humans couldn’t be reasoned with. It was best to just claim them and have done with it.

“I’m through with all this talking. The time has come for me to make you mine.” One of Anslee’s knees hit the bed, his hands reaching for Jules… a very pale Jules.

“W-w-hat?” Jules scrambled back toward the headboard. “No, no! Oh God, oh God, that’s… that’s rape. Please, please don’t do this. Anslee, please!”

Anslee froze, his hands still reaching for Jules. Maybe he’d spent too much time among humans, but that one word stopped him in his tracks. Yes, he knew what rape was, and the ugly meaning of such a word thrown at him by the one he wanted… disturbed him.

“Please… don’t.”

The frightful whisper brought Anslee’s attention back to Jules. His human was scared out of his mind, he could see that. Jules was crammed against the headboard, shaking horribly. This wasn’t what Anslee wanted, even though it’s what his kind did. He didn’t want Jules cringing in fear; no, what he wanted was for Jules to be needy, excited. There should be desire between them, not this pain and dread.

Shouldn’t there?

Anslee moved back, giving Jules room. Confusion ruled his mind. Why did he care one way or the other? Humans were weaker than his kind, their emotions all over the place. It was better to break them quickly and bring them to heel gently… later. So why did seeing Jules cringe away from him bother him so damn much?

“Jules…” Anslee settled himself on the bed, trying to be as nonthreatening as possible. “I… I apologize for scaring you.” Were those words actually coming out of his mouth? “And you’re right. If I forced you to have sex, it would be rape. I don’t wish our coming together to be tainted by such… terror on your part.”

“You—you don’t?”

Anslee ran a hand through his dark hair, the need to tug hard nearly overwhelming. Maybe the sharp pain would jar his brain back to a normal state. Problem was, he didn’t know what a normal state was any longer. Everything had gotten turned around on him.

What he once knew as right, well, it was now being examined and found lacking. How had he gotten himself in such a situation? He glanced at Jules. Right. There sat his answer… huddled in panic. The one thing he admired about Jules was his spunk, and he’d nearly destroyed that.

 Anslee sighed, completely disgusted with the whole state of affairs he found himself in. “I won’t hurt you, Jules. I won’t force you. You have my word.”

“And that’s supposed to mean something, I take it?” Jules untangled himself from the headboard, his movements slow and calculated.

Anslee’s lips twitched. His human certainly didn’t bother to censor his words. “Yes, it means a lot.”

“Yeah, well, forgive me if I don’t get all weepy-eyed over such a declaration. How can I know I can trust what you say? Hell, I’m still not even sure what you really are. You’ve been about as clear as mud on that issue.”

Anslee shook his long hair back and stared up at the ceiling. Time for some simple truths it looked like.

“I’ve told you I’m √°imear. But as to what exactly we are, none of us really knows. We aren’t myths like your vampires or werewolves. We really do exist. But how, or even why, no one knows for sure. We’ve been here since the earth was born, I do know that. We’ve watched Time march on and bring with it your species. But memory is a fleeting thing, Jules. And none of us remember now how we came to be. We just… are. We serve a purpose. We are the superior race.”

“And humble too.”

Anslee snorted. Jules was nothing if not blunt. “Facts are facts. Let’s return to the living area and I’ll try to tell you what I remember.”