Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Harvest: Journey's End is out! All buy links are below

Happy New Year everyone!

Hey guys! The Harvest: Journey's End is officially out now! YAY!!! Here are the links:

Amazon eBook:



Create Space book:

I'll probably do a contest shortly. The hubby, the kids, and I did our Christmas over the past two days. With all the noise, running in and out, friends and respective boyfriends/girlfriends here, cooking... well, I've ended up having one of my 'dizzy every damn time I get up' spells. Part of that is the med's I take for the stroke and well... just a side effect of of the actual stroke itself. Stress (both good and bad kinds) gets the better of me, still.

The kids have gone home and the hubby is on days. It'll be nice and quite tomorrow-just me and Kitty. :)



  1. Got it, Read it, Loved it. What more can I say? Except what's next?

  2. Delivered to the kindle this morning, next on the reading list. Soooooo excited!

  3. Is it going to be in the Barnes and Noble store? I just got a new nook glow light and it will only let me buy a book from there :(

    1. I'm having the same problem! We're you able to get or not at all?

  4. Is this going viral? I can't find the book and I can't buy it besides on my nook. I bought trouble comes in threes but I can't find journeys end anywhere!!!! I want to read it already!

  5. Smashwords takes a couple of weeks to put it up at B&N, but it will be there. :)

  6. Ok Thanks I'll Keep looking for it I haven't seen it at all.