Wednesday, February 11, 2015

In Enemy Hands 4.6

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Now, for the weekly flash:

Next week's prompts are:
“I can say what I want about…” 
“Only you could pull it off.” 
“Holy moly, is that a…?” 
“Are you trying to make me look stupid?” 
“She/He works too hard.”  
“Do you ever shut up?”
“Glove up.”
“For a good time call…”
“I’m a survivor.”
or use: mask, tile, skin
or use: cream, desk, fan 
or use: hair, unit, red 
or use: diamond, bra, blender
or use: stars, Paris, bed
or have a character plan a party 
or have a character shovel snow
or have a character lick a spoon
or “Nice and easy does it…”
or “How much do you want to bet he isn’t a natural blond?”
or “Hit me with your best shot…”
or “Why does it look like the bloody Red Wedding in here?”
or “The first time ever I saw your face…”
or have a character do something for the first time
 or use baubles, bangles and beads

In Enemy Hands 4.6
Varo jerked his gaze from the shelves. “W-what?”

“We’re going to bathe. Strip.”

Those strange yellow eyes of Adlar’s pierced him. Strip? Here? In front of Adlar? He didn’t know if he could. But if he didn’t, Adlar would think he was resisting and activate that cursed collar. He knew that, he did, it was just… his body didn’t want to move.

“I-I-I…” Varo gulped, waiting for the pain to slap him to the floor.

Adlar narrowed his eyes. “Did you hear me?”

“I-I…” Varo cringed at the slight growl in Adlar’s voice. He heard, he really did. He just couldn’t move. He didn’t want to hurt as he did earlier, but his body wouldn’t respond. Struck dumb and frozen, he whimpered, waiting for the pain to come. At least that might snap him out of this.

Adlar rubbed his hand up and down his arm. “Ah, I see. You want to, yes?”

Varo nodded frantically, hoping Adlar understood.

“I told you, I won’t rape you.”

And that was why he was standing there doing a fine imitation of a statue. He wasn’t afraid of Adlar’s reaction to his naked body.

He was afraid of his own.

Adlar stepped closer, staring into his eyes. “I want you to take your uniform blouse off.”

The gentle command swept through him. Unable to resist, he lifted his hands and pulled the sleeveless vest over his head.

“Put it on the bench for me, Varo.”

He dropped it where Adlar pointed. A shudder ripped through him—he certainly couldn’t blame it on the cold this time. Oh no. It was actually very warm and slightly humid in the bathing chamber. No, the shudder came from how gently Adlar spoke to him, and his reaction to it. That velvety soft voice wound like smoke around him. Goddess, he had no idea Adlar could sound so, so… sexy. And his body reacted; he was hard.

“Good. Now, I need you to sit and take off your boots.”

Varo found his ass on the bench before he had a chance to think about it. If Adlar had shouted the command, he could’ve resisted. Fought. But he had no defense against the low, sexy voice that tempted him to want things he had no business wanting.

“You can do it, Varo.”

Hands shaking, he leaned over and unlaced his boots. Questions flitted though his mind. Was this some sort of mind control the Helkans were capable of?  He hadn’t heard of such, but then, what did any of them really know about the species as a whole? Flimsy excuses, nothing more. You know you could resist. You don’t want to.

And the truth of that scared him to the bottom of his soul.

He pulled off his socks and looked up at Adlar. “I….”

“I know. Stand for me.” Adlar held out his hand, patience written on his face. “Come on.”

Varo took his hand and let Adlar pull him to his feet.

Adlar continued to stare into Varo’s eyes. “Now the uniform pants.”

Unable to look away, Varo reached for the buttons. His mind was curiously blank—no thoughts to distract him as he unbuttoned. Those odd eyes of Adlar’s held him trapped as he finished unbuttoning and slid his pants down his legs.

“Good, very good.” Finally Adar broke eye contact.

Varo stood trembling as Adlar’s gaze slowly worked down his body. Every spot on his body Adlar paused at warmed. His cock stood proud, nearly reaching to his belly button, eager for attention.

The stupid thing never had much sense, but this was on the outer edges of ridiculous. How could he yearn for his enemy’s hands on him? An enemy who had collared him? But he did, and now Adlar knew it.

“You are….” Adlar shook his head. “Simply stunning.”

A warm flush rose on Varo’s face. No one had ever told him he was stunning. Hardheaded? Yes? Arrogant? Absolutely. But stunning? Never. His own father barely considered him worthy as the third heir to the throne. The words threatened his battered heart, and that was dangerous. As Adlar finished his examination, he looked back into Varo’s eyes. Varo was surprised at the glazed look in Adlar’s eyes.

Adlar blinked several times. A small, bemused smile lifted the corner of his lips. “And yes, I’m as surprised as you by that. Now, let’s get you cleaned.” He lifted a bottle off one of the shelves.

Still unresisting, Varo allowed Adlar to lead him to the waterfall. At a guess, he figured the falls were five feet across. He wasn’t sure there was enough force in the water coming over the edge to get his hair clean. He’d just have to make do, somehow.

Adlar flipped a hidden switch and the water stopped crashing over the edge of the fall and suddenly came tearing out of a showerhead he hasn’t noticed since it fit into the hardscape so well.

Openmouthed, Varo stared.

“Go ahead. And here, use this on your hair.” Adlar handed the bottle to Varo, then patted Varo’s ass. “You’ll learn not everything here is as it seems.”

Varo snapped his mouth closed even as he flinched at the touch on his bare ass. Indeed, he was finding that out. For one thing, he hadn’t expected Adlar to be so… nice. Maybe if he weren’t quite so nice, he wouldn’t have this problem.

Turning, he stepped into the water, relieved at the pounding warmth. Quickly he squirted the liquid in his hand, the smell pleasant and light, something else he hadn’t been expecting. Regardless, he didn’t dally. He worked up a lather. The sooner he washed his hair, the sooner he could get out of there.

So when a warm body pressed against him, he nearly jumped through the ceiling.

“Shhh,” Adlar whispered. “Let me help. I’m going to anyway, so there’s no point fighting.”

Chills raced over his skin as Adlar’s hard cock rubbed against his ass.